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The Collaborative International Dictionary

caesura \cae*su"ra\, n.; pl. E. caesuras, L. C[ae]sur[ae] [L. caesura a cutting off, a division, stop, fr. caedere, caesum, to cut off. See Concise.] A metrical break in a verse, occurring in the middle of a foot and commonly near the middle of the verse; a sense pause in the middle of a foot. Also, a long syllable on which the c[ae]sural accent rests, or which is used as a foot.

Note: In the following line the c[ae]sura is between study and of.

The prop | er stud | y || of | mankind | is man.

2. a pause or interruption (as in a conversation); as, after an ominous caesura the preacher continued.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1550s, from Latin caesura, "metrical pause," literally "a cutting," from past participle stem of caedere "to cut down" (see -cide).


n. 1 A pause or interruption in a poem, music, building or other work of art. 2 In Classical prosody, using two words to divide a metrical foot.

  1. n. a pause or interruption (as in a conversation); "after an ominous caesura the preacher continued"

  2. a break or pause (usually for sense) in the middle of a verse line

  3. [also: caesurae (pl)]


thumb|100px|An example of a caesura in modern western music notation. A caesura ( or , . caesuras or caesurae; Latin for "cutting"), also written c├Žsura and cesura, is a complete pause in a verse or musical composition.

Caesura (album)

Caesura is Keith Kenniff's fourth studio album under his Helios moniker.

Usage examples of "caesura".

Many probes have been sent through a caesura, but none has ever returned.

When you get to the point where a caesura can handle a planet, I want to see a demonstration.

We either have to create a caesura where we need it or move one around.

Into the caesura, one after another, went ten million separate copies of every observation ever made of Lukoris, right up to the final second.

Not even the Shiva should be able to track something through a caesura or prevent its passage.

We must install on a ship near the caesura the equipment to produce millions of identical copies of all data, with the equipment to feed those copies into the caesura at the first sign of trouble.

In almost every case, the caesura serves to eject an object that enters it into another universe.

Once in a million uses, the caesura serves as an instantaneous transportation device to a chosen location.

And sometimes, so rarely that we had assumed it would never happen in practice, the caesura may transport an object to an unknown place and time within our own universe.

Second, the caesura can cause translation through both time and space.

Even if he and the ship had done nothing but sit and wait after they passed through the caesura, eventually the extended composite would have discovered and recovered his lost individual self.

What about other universes, the ones that form the end point for caesura transfer?

Sidelight: A caesura occurring at the end of a line is not marked in the scanning process.

Minta Mae, preceding Caesura as the tail end of the Sisters of Gettysburg, kept changing her pace in an effort to throw Leather Lungs off her beat.

Ancient trunks and knotted vines, giant ferns and stippled foliage, the languid monotone of botanical patterning interrupted, at precisely the proper moment, by a sudden caesura in the greenery, bright orchids dazzling as summer clouds, flavored cups of epiphytic ice protruding from their beds of root growth thick as pubic hair up in the crotches of the stilted mangrove trees, or the swoop of incandescent plumage as a blue-throated flycatcher sailed out into the open river space and vanished, the eye barely registering its passage.