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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Already, the mayor is creating a cadre of business advisors to start brainstorming more ideas.
▪ But the young cadre made no such move.
▪ The cadres, under pressure, singled out alleged culprits on no pretext at all.
▪ The weekends with the cadre of sociable women must have been the happy times.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cadre \Ca"dre\, n. [F. cadre, It. quadro square, from L. quadrum, fr. quatuor four.] (Mil.) The framework or skeleton upon which a regiment is to be formed; the officers of a regiment forming the staff.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1830, from French cadre, literally "a frame of a picture" (16c.), so, "a detachment forming the skeleton of a regiment" (1851), from Italian quadro, from Latin quadrum "a square" (see quadrille). The communist sense is from 1930.


n. 1 A frame or framework. 2 (context military English) The framework or skeleton upon which a new regiment is to be formed; the officers of a regiment forming the staff.

  1. n. a small unit serving as part of or as the nucleus of a larger political movement [syn: cell]

  2. a nucleus of military personnel capable of expansion

Cadre (military)

A cadre ( or ) is the complement of commissioned officers and non-commissioned officers of a military unit responsible for training the rest of the unit. The cadre may be the permanent skeleton establishment of a unit, around which the full unit can be built if needed. In countries which have conscription, a cadre may comprise the permanent staff of a regiment who train the conscripts assigned to it. The term comes from the French expression en cadre, with the same meaning.

In the United States military, a cadre is a group or member of a group of leaders, especially in units that conduct formal training schools. In United States Army jargon, the word is both singular and plural. At the United States Military Academy, the upper-class cadets who conduct Basic Cadet Training for incoming freshmen are called the cadre.

In the British Armed Forces a cadre is a group of instructors, or a unit that trains potential instructors or non-commissioned officers (NCOs), in which case it usually also includes the trainees themselves (e.g., the Mountain Leader Training Cadre of the Royal Marines).

Adapted from the military usage, in Canadian police services, a cadre is an individual officer. It is used in place of badge number and is used in Records Management Systems for dispatching and report entry.


Cadre may refer to:

  • Cadre (military), a group of officers or NCOs around whom a unit is formed, or a training staff
  • Cadre (politics), a politically controlled appointment to an institution in order to circumvent the state and bring control to the party
  • Cadre (comics), a DC Comics supervillain group
  • CADRE Laboratory for New Media at San Jose State University
  • Professional revolutionaries or a cadre: in Leninism, an organized revolutionary vanguard aimed at moving society to the realisation of communism
  • Constructor Acquires Destructor Releases alternate name for Resource Acquisition Is Initialization programming idiom
Cadre (comics)

The Cadre is a DC Comics supervillain group, except for members of the Cadre of the Immortal, most of whom were redeemed and became heroes by story's end. They first appear in Justice League of America #235 February (1985), and were created by Gerry Conway and Chuck Patton.

Cadre (politics)

In political contexts a cadre ( or ) consists of a small group of people. The word may also refer to a single member of such a group.

Usage examples of "cadre".

You need to guide us to Amicus and to tell us how and when the Red Cadre jumped you.

Those all had partners or lovers who were from outside the notional, hereditary crew -- the cosmonaut cadre -- and who had tactfully left them to their private thoughts and conversation.

Permanent cadre are Ks deniable operators on a salaried retainer not freelancers like me, called on to carry out shit jobs that no one else wants.

Their cadre had missed the Hooey River and nobody was letting them forget it, so they were training the Second Guards as if they were going to have to win the next big fight singlehanded.

The only spoor out there was that of the wild buffalo herds, of the dainty red puku antelope, and the tracks of nine men, the same tracks that led from the crash site of the Viscount, and which Tungata and his cadre had laid only three hours previously.

Limner would be credentialed and permanently installed at the Pallaiso Millia Luminnai in Aute-Ghillas, complete with a cadre of copyists.

A cadre of alien morphologists was assigned to make an evaluation: to decide if the disgusting thing was male or female.

These paramilitary cadres were trained in basic small arms skills and the protection of Baath Party headquarters and other key sites, which was one of the missions that the Iraqi military failed to carry out in the uprising of 1991.

Sur les murs blanchis a la chaux, dans de petits cadres noirs, des images coloriees qui datent du gouvernement de Juillet, La Clemence de Napoleon envers M.

His fingers fondled the hilt of a long sword in his lap, enjoying the touch of the fine leather, already imagining himself part of these acts of terrorism that would lift sonno-joi from the present apathy that surrounded it, making certain his leadership of the newly formed shishi cadres, from now on to be dominated by himself and Satsuma.

Luke decided to let Splitter Of Stones and his cadre of Qom Jha take the point, flying up and ahead of them.

A Derzhi warrior leading his four cadre brothers, and behind them a troop of Manganar foot soldiers and mounted Thrid mercenaries, ivory talismans dangling over painted breastplates.

The men of the cadre were dragged down from their horses and marched up the steps into the dogtrot hall of the house.

Angeline, standing in the doorway, weighed the choice of sitting at the long eating table with the McCullough and several of his men or returning to the dogtrot, where the other members of the cadre were engaged in card games and a contest with their guards that involved spitting tobacco juice into the yard.

After a few months at Eastern, Deng switched to the newly opened Sun Yatsen University, where the curriculum was devoted entirely to Marxism, Leninism and other subjects designed to mold effective cadres.