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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a potential customer/buyer/client
▪ Advertisers want to reach as many potential customers as possible.
a prospective buyer (also a prospective purchaserformal)
▪ He said that he had a prospective buyer for the boat.
buyer's market
first-time buyer
▪ Supplies to consumers will not be hit, because the big buyers get most of their fish from outside the North Sea.
▪ Sizzling sectors like the Internet brought big gains to buyers of Netscape.
▪ Calling cold on big company buyers is unlikely to be successful, however.
▪ The bigger buyers don't trust us right away.
▪ Glasgow has six or eight of these big buyers and about two dozen first-division dealers.
▪ National mutual funds were among the biggest buyers, according to an underwriter at A. G. Edwards.
▪ Analysts forecast an extra fillip to early water dealing with a wave of institutional buying from foreign buyers starved of stock.
▪ Of course, some foreign buyers are blowhards who end up destroying companies and themselves.
▪ The price can be set below the competitors to attract foreign buyers who have to pay in hard currency.
▪ Prodrive Motorsport make rally cars and parts, and low sterling rates are attracting foreign buyers like never before.
▪ In alternate weeks the auction is wholly devoted to domestic buyers or to foreign buyers.
▪ The index, at 1,834.83, is now 138 percent up since the market was opened to foreign buyers on 9 August.
▪ And they say any spare cars are being snapped up by foreign buyers.
▪ There was a large contingent of buyers from Eire who took 32 rams in total.
▪ The sellers were scared off by a large buyer.
▪ Gee, sorry, seems about all we have left is miles from the largest concentrations of buyers.
▪ We assume competition the presence of a larger number of buyers and sellers.
▪ Ask your estate agent to send a representative with potential buyers.
▪ As in other auctions, potential buyers can preview the items.
▪ Your estate agent will negotiate with potential buyers, keeping you informed of offers and how the sale is progressing.
▪ And it counts on the jet-propelled feel of its bicycles' ride to appeal to the youthful dreams of potential buyers.
▪ A market is a group of existing and potential buyers or users of a product or service. 6.
▪ Registration for the sale has been repeatedly postponed to accommodate potential buyers, officials said.
▪ Market segmentation is especially important in consumer markets, where the numbers of potential buyers can be measured in millions.
▪ The Stoughton, Mass. company did not name any potential buyers for Avia.
▪ These provide compensation for faulty concrete construction in council homes sold to private buyers.
▪ When no private buyers turned up, Visalia did just what Santa Clara did.
▪ The big fleet operators get the biggest discounts - putting the dealers under pressure to maintain higher prices for private buyers.
▪ What could give a prospective house buyer more confidence?
▪ In University City, some agents issue similar warnings to prospective buyers.
▪ We will have to arrange for advance publicity, set up an office and make arrangements to show prospective buyers around.
▪ Though, as we discuss below, this provision has been modified, the nationalistic sentiment was clearly registered by prospective buyers.
▪ The only way they can market their products is to produce literature detailed enough to convince the prospective buyer.
▪ The following is a check-list for prospective puppy buyers: 1.
▪ Voice over Around 1,000 prospective buyers are likely to turn up for tomorrow's sale.
▪ The prospect has got prospective buyers drooling.
▪ And today's book buyers agree.
▪ The sooner car maker take this development seriously, the happier the car buyer will be.
▪ It is just one, however, of several that have sprung up to assist car buyers.
▪ Video guide to new cars CAR buyers could soon choose their new models by watching a video at home.
▪ There is no charge to the car buyer.
▪ Recession has concentrated the minds of car buyers both private and corporate on the economics of running costs.
▪ Super Bowl newcomers include AutoBy-Tel, which hooks up car buyers with dealers via the Internet; eyewear maker Luxotica.
▪ But gas prices remained low, and car buyers focused on comfort and performance rather than fuel-efficiency.
▪ Mitsubishi Motors Corp. hopes car buyers think so.
▪ Initially this was given to both individual home buyers and investors, although this policy was later reviewed to exclude investors.
▪ The lowest median income for home buyers was $ 52, 900 in Cleveland.
▪ This would save a home buyer with a thirty thousand pound mortgage just over eleven pounds a month.
▪ Current builder contracts are more sophisticated and worse than ever before for the home buyers.
▪ But for today at least estate agents, and home buyers are celebrating.
▪ He also wants to shift funds to first-time home buyer programs.
▪ The company claims the machines are aimed at the bulk-buy corporate market, schools and home buyers.
▪ Thrifts in the Sun Belt had small deposits and a lot of demand for money from home buyers.
▪ What could give a prospective house buyer more confidence?
▪ Good luck to first-time house buyers, particularly during these troubled times.
▪ First-time house buyers are the last people who need assistance.
▪ As a man he became a compulsive house buyer.
▪ Radical breaks on stamp duty are planned to entice house buyers into rundown areas.
▪ The general economic uncertainties, and particularly high unemployment damaged the confidence of prospective house buyers.
▪ The lull in the housing market means that mortgage lenders are more desperate than ever to attract first-#time buyers.
▪ The first time buyers recognise the opportunities in the market place.
▪ This compares to an average UK-wide price of £44,050 and an average advance of £37,865 to first time buyers.
▪ The only cloud on the immediate horizon is raising a mortgage - especially if you are a first time buyer.
▪ And she revealed that first time buyers in Northern Ireland have the most affordable housing in Britain.
▪ First time buyers can borrow up to 95% of the valuation or purchase price; product fee is £150.
▪ The company says catering for first time buyers is boosting sales at a time when other builders are reporting big losses.
▪ We appreciate what a stumbling block this can be and will lend you 100% as a first time buyer.
▪ Generally, it is not possible to act for both a buyer and a seller, for their interests vary.
▪ Requests for the metal are made in telexes in the names of banks or solicitors acting for the buyer.
▪ As mentioned earlier in the text, it is important to proceed with caution when acting for joint buyers.
▪ Property should come under the Trades Description Act and contracts should allow buyers to back out if they discover undeclared defects.
▪ He was equally tolerant when it came to allowing buyers to choose colours that would go with their interior decoration.
▪ Porsche claims the scheme allows buyers to finance a new 968 for less than £500 a month.
▪ The lull in the housing market means that mortgage lenders are more desperate than ever to attract first-time buyers.
▪ And it allows the auction company more time to put together items and produce a bigger auction, which attracts more buyers.
▪ The collection of earrings, brooches and necklaces have attracted widespread interest from buyers at the International Spring Fair.
▪ Reverse splits make a stock appear more expensive and can attract buyers who will not purchase shares that sell for a pittance.
▪ The price can be set below the competitors to attract foreign buyers who have to pay in hard currency.
▪ Much desired, and disturbingly handsome, the Passat attracts all sorts of buyers.
▪ Prodrive Motorsport make rally cars and parts, and low sterling rates are attracting foreign buyers like never before.
▪ Q.V. stamps of Great Britain failed to attract a buyer, and is safely stored away for next year.
▪ Eighty-nine lots were sold for a total of £1.55 million, with a further sixty-three lots failing to find buyers.
▪ Recovery of the purchase price Where the consideration has totally failed, the buyer can recover any payments he has already paid.
▪ Q.V. stamps of Great Britain failed to attract a buyer, and is safely stored away for next year.
▪ If an order was cancelled we would have difficulty finding another buyer.
▪ Still, sellers have faced trouble finding buyers.
▪ But his video may not find as many overseas buyers as his rivals think.
▪ You could probably sell the slate, if you can find a buyer.
▪ They may find no buyers for the hamburgers they plan to sell.
▪ Eighty-nine lots were sold for a total of £1.55 million, with a further sixty-three lots failing to find buyers.
▪ Touche Ross have three months in which to find a new buyer before reporting to Quietwaters creditors.
▪ In the more meaningful deadweight trade signals from the continent also offer buyers encouragement.
▪ In spite of this, the Court of Appeal held that the parties intended risk to pass when the buyers accepted the delivery note.
▪ Thus, sometimes a seller will find himself still in possession of goods after the ownership in them has passed to the buyer.
▪ These savings are passed to buyers.
▪ In that case ownership will not pass to the buyer before the seller has himself succeeded in acquiring that ownership.
▪ The seller is concerned about being paid and the buyer about getting hold of the goods.
▪ If price cuts have to be paid to all buyers this reduces their profitability as well as increasing their detectability.
▪ The stake was sold to a single buyer through Warburg Securities.
▪ Public goods are indivisible, involving such large units that they can not be sold to individual buyers.
a buyer's/seller's market
prospective employee/candidate/buyer etc
▪ Abele also will provide prospective buyers with e-mail updates of new listings that meet their criteria.
▪ In University City, some agents issue similar warnings to prospective buyers.
▪ It's putting off prospective buyers.
▪ Not only does a company interview prospective employees, the would-be employees are supposed to interview the company.
▪ Once you have a list of prospective candidates, you need to do a bit of research.
▪ Requiring drug tests of this discrete group of citizens is an intrusion, a humiliation and a subtle deterrent to prospective candidates.
▪ The élite squads work more intensively and aim to produce at least three prospective candidates in each weight division.
▪ The only way they can market their products is to produce literature detailed enough to convince the prospective buyer.
▪ Lower house prices should attract more buyers.
▪ They've had a lot of enquiries about the company - there's no shortage of potential buyers.
▪ We couldn't find a buyer for our house, so we weren't able to move after all.
▪ Access to the Internet did not much excite these older buyers either.
▪ But what will happen when the holders of all those assets outnumber the buyers?
▪ It is the force which subjects producers and resource suppliers to the dictates of buyer or consumer sovereignty.
▪ One is perfect for the first-time buyer or those seeking a second base, and the other is an ideal family home.
▪ Secondly, there is a buyer credit where a bank in the exporter's country provides a loan to the importer.
▪ This will be the position provided the goods perished before any had been delivered to the buyer.
▪ Whether that will be enough to convince buyers to stick around remains to be seen.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Buyer \Buy"er\ (b[imac]"[~e]r), n. One who buys; a purchaser.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1200, biggere "one who purchases," agent noun from buy (v.). Meaning "one whose job is to buy goods for a store" is from 1884. Buyer's market attested from 1886.


n. 1 A person who makes one or more purchases. 2 (context retailing English) A person who purchases items for resale in a retail establishment. 3 (context manufacturing English) A person who purchases items consumed or used as components in the manufacture of products.


n. a person who buys [syn: purchaser, emptor, vendee]

For a name, see Bayer or Beyer or Beyers. For the occupation in the fashion industry, see Buyer (fashion).

A buyer is any person who contracts to acquire an asset in return for some form of consideration.

When someone gets characterized by their role as buyer of certain assets, the term "buyer" gets new meaning:

A "buyer" is a person who purchases finished goods, typically for resale, for a firm, government, or organization. (A person who purchases material used to make goods is sometimes called a purchasing agent.)

In product management, buyer is the entity that decides to obtain the product.

A buyer's primary responsibility is obtaining the highest quality goods at the lowest cost. This usually requires research, writing requests for bids, proposals or quotes, and evaluating information received.

Buyer (fashion)

In the retail industry, a buyer is an individual who selects what items will be stocked in a store, based on his or her predictions about what will be popular with shoppers. Retail buyers usually work closely with designers and their designated sales representatives and attend trade fairs, wholesale showrooms and fashion shows to observe trends. They may work for large department stores, chain stores or smaller boutiques. For smaller independent stores, a buyer may participate in sales as well as promotion, whereas in a major fashion store there may be different levels of seniority such as trainee buyers, assistant buyers, senior buyers and buying managers, and buying directors. Decisions about what to stock can greatly affect fashion businesses.

Buyer (disambiguation)

A buyer is someone engaged in purchasing assets. The term may also refer to:

  • Buyer (fashion)
  • Franklin Pierce Buyer (1878–1963), traveling salesman and city counsellor
  • Steve Buyer (born 1958), former US Congressman from Indiana

Usage examples of "buyer".

This man was her friend, buyer of unneeded pickups, acceptor of her erotic video collection.

When IBM started making the boxes, the smart buyers bought IBM iron because they knew there was a good chance the apps they wanted would follow.

Hennessys continued on to the Continental Hotel to meet with Monsieur Jules Barat, the pearl buyer.

When the old bibliomaniac died, aged eighty, Halliwell was energetic in repairing the roof of Middle Hill, finding a buyer for it, and breaking the entail on the estate.

Domenico Micheli the right to moneys which could not belong to the buyer till after the father of the seller was dead.

With the closing down of the ratting ring, Thomas Tooth and George Betteridge had taken it into their minds to find another buyer for their Bank of England bill paper, no longer trusting Marybelle Firkin as their intermediary.

They had a buyer for their place: but they had been gazumped on the flat they wanted to buy.

With Hakeem now prowling ahead on foot, leading his horse, Tancred leisurely rode Apollo through the throngs of merchants and buyers.

The plate-glass doors swung open and the trio plunged bravely into the jostling throng of buyers and loiterers.

Find buyers for all the young stock you can, except for that two-year-old stud out of that San Peppy mare.

Cars of spectators and buyers were already arriving at the auction when Pilar located the turnoffto the old, rambling house.

San Francisco had written to warn him that the Railroad might be able to take advantage of a technicality, and by pretending that neither Quien Sabe nor Los Muertos were included in the appeal, attempt to put its dummy buyers in possession of the two ranches before the Supreme Court handed down its decision.

But as I was on the point of leaving, that segundo of the buyers arrived and tried to stir up a little trouble.

The heavy seigniorage tax on gold and silver, and the costs of transportation by way of Panama, also sent a stream of contraband metal from Charcas to Buenos Aires, where it found eager buyers among the Portuguese traders from Brazil, who even founded the town of Colonia on the opposite bank of the estuary to facilitate their hazardous traffic.

No one complained about this marketing deception, as it was understood by buyers and sellers alike that Gables-by-the-sea sounded much more toney than Gables-on-the-Canal.