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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ A heavily padded bank account tends to muffle the most obnoxious burping.
▪ Are you sure he doesn't need burping?
▪ But suddenly, that funny feeling in your stomach is stronger, and you feel like you will have to burp.
▪ It is as though I've burped during Evensong.
▪ It was nearly twelve when Mama began to burp the baby.
▪ San Francisco fed and burped his football career.
▪ She burped surreptitiously, still churning.
▪ Suddenly, she burped loudly three times.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

burp \burp\ v. i. to same as belch; as, In China it is polite to burp at the table.

Syn: bubble, belch, eruct, expel gas.


burp \burp\ v. t. to cause to belch; -- used especially of actions parents take to relieve stomach gas in infants; as, mother fed and burped the baby, and put her to bed.


burp \burp\, burping \burping\n. a reflex that expels wind noisily from the stomach through the mouth.

Syn: belch, belching, burping, eructation.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1932, noun and verb, American English, apparently imitative. The transitive sense of the verb is first recorded 1940. Related: Burped; burping. Burp gun attested from 1945.


n. a belch vb. 1 (cx intransitive English) To emit a burp. 2 (cx transitive English) To cause someone (such as a baby) to burp.

  1. n. a reflex that expels wind noisily from the stomach through the mouth [syn: belch, belching, burping, eructation]

  2. v. expel gas from the stomach; "In China it is polite to burp at the table" [syn: bubble, belch, eruct]

Burp (disambiguation)

Burp or BURP may refer to:

  • Burping, release of gas from the digestive tract through the mouth
  • Big and Ugly Rendering Project, distributed computing project using BOINC
  • BURP domain, group of amino acid proteins
  • Burp suite, computer security application
  • Harry Hill's TV Burp, British television comedy programme
  • TV Burp (Australian TV series), Australian television comedy program
  • Basic Using Reverse Polish, programming language used on the PSI Comp 80 (computer)
  • brioche-purl stitch, a kind of stitch in brioche knitting
  • "Burp", a comic strip by Jeremy Banks in Oink!
  • BackUp and Restore Program, network backup and restore.

Usage examples of "burp".

I watched with fascination as Rita burped him and then eased him down to the layer of soft pillows on the lounger she had ready for him.

Indian girl, it would have been a sneeze, a hiccup, a burp, compared to what Mr.

A bundle that squirmed, cooed, then let out a resounding burp more suitable to a burly ale master.

When she cradled it against her shoulder, it would burp in her ear and spit milk down her back.

His unburnable possessions were melted beyond recognition before joining the bone balls, and drifted down through the water to the accompaniment of piscine burps and belches.

I wondered, as I burped up Broadway, I wondered how this town ever got put together.

Every few seconds I burped bleakly, and waited for that tooth to nut me in the face.

Warm water bubbled and burped over a small peat fire in preparation for their baths.

A cloying smell of burned sugar burped out of the exhaust, swirling around the vehicle.

The gun in her free hand burped almost before she realized that a human had emerged from a door just three steps away.

He burped his siren to make them pull to the side, then waved himself through the blockade.

After a time, her face eased from its white, strained lines, and she burped the baby and laid her sleeping in her basket.

And then, on some night or other, as you sit there burping and scratching your armpit and thinking about money you get the lot.

They wore long silver robes of a plain gauzy material, their feet bare but apparently immune to the heat as they circled five separate burping lava pits.

Bannor stole a sidelong glance at his son, only to discover he was still burping up bubbles.