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burp gun

n. (context US slang English) A small submachine gun

burp gun

n. a fully automatic pistol; a small submachine gun [syn: machine pistol]

Usage examples of "burp gun".

He put the parts together, and when he was done there was a burp gun on the table.

The German tank commander, about eighteen years old, opened his hatch and levelled his burp gun at Rose, yelling at him to surrender.

Chumpy, getting out a burp gun, went over and sat down on the floor back of an island of boxes, in profile and in full view of Heller.

She grabbed up the little burp gun from the floor, prepared to release her safety harness.

A solid stream of tracers shot up the creek, provoking a duel with a German burp gun which hosed just as steady a stream of tracers back at D Company from the protection of an undamaged cellar.

I walked on, listening for the sound of a round snapping into the chamber of that burp gun on the tower.

Next up the scale ought to be a burp gun or possibly a fully-fledged machine-gun.

I thought of the poor bastards who were out there on the line, crouched in icy foxholes, looking for movement, waiting for a bush to turn into an SS man in a white camouflage cape, aiming a burp gun at them.

At once they heard the sharp crack of the rifles out front, then the stuttering sound of a Chinese burp gun.

If my try with the burp gun had not done the job, the cutter would be looking up alongside in another few seconds.