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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Brie cheese \Brie" cheese`\ (br[=e]" ch[=e]z`). A kind of soft French cream cheese; -- so called from the district in France where it is made; it is milder than Camembert; -- called also fromage de Brie, Brie and brie (uncapitalized).

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

type of soft cheese, 1848, from name of district in department Seine-et-Marne, southeast of Paris, famous for its cheeses. The name is from Gaulish briga "hill, height."


n. A variety of soft, mild French cheese made from cow's milk.


Brie (; ) is a soft cow's milk cheese named after Brie, the French region from which it originated (roughly corresponding to the modern département of Seine-et-Marne). It is pale in color with a slight grayish tinge under a rind of white mold. The whitish moldy rind is typically eaten, with its flavor depending largely upon the ingredients used and its manufacturing environment.

Brie (region)

Brie is a historic region of northern France notable in modern times for Brie cheese. It was once divided into three sections ruled by different feudal lords: the western Brie française, corresponding roughly to the modern department of Seine-et-Marne in the Île-de-France region; the eastern Brie champenoise, forming a portion of the modern department of Marne in the historic region of Champagne (part of modern-day Champagne-Ardenne); and the northern Brie pouilleuse, forming part of the modern department of Aisne in Picardy.

The Brie forms a plateau with few eminences, varying in altitude between roughly in the west, and in the east. Its scenery is varied by forests of some size—the chief being the Forêt de Sénart, the , and the . The surface soil is clay in which are embedded fragments of siliceous sandstone, used for millstones and constructional purposes; the subsoil is limestone. The Marne and its tributaries the Grand Morin and the Petit Morin are the chief rivers, but the region is not abundantly watered and the rainfall is only between .

Main towns:

  • Brie-Comte-Robert
  • Château-Thierry
  • Coulommiers
  • Crécy-la-Chapelle
  • La Ferté-Gaucher
  • Meaux
  • Nangis
  • Melun
  • Provins

Main rivers:

  • Marne
  • Grand Morin
  • Petit Morin

Main forests:

  • Forêt d'Armainvilliers
  • Forêt de Crécy-la-Chapelle
  • Forêt de Ferrières
  • Forêt de Notre-Dame
  • Forêt de Sénart
  • Forêt de Villefermoy

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Brie (disambiguation)

Brie is a variety of soft cheese.

Brie may also refer to:

Brie (name)

Brie is both a given name and a surname. Notable people with the name include:

  • Brie Gertler, American philosopher
  • Brie Howard (born 1949), American musician and actress
  • Brie Larson (born 1989), American actress and pop singer
  • Brie Rippner (born 1980), American retired tennis player
  • Alison Brie (born 1982), American actress
  • André Brie (born 1950), German politician
  • Brie Bella, ring name of one of the Bella Twins, a professional wrestling tag team

Usage examples of "brie".

I hoped Brie enjoyed having the rest of her high school life organized by the Hair Club set.

What I really wanted to do was scope out the area so that I could maneuver Brie into a spot where the trick seemed effortless and unplanned.

When Brie finally looked back up at me, I could tell by the steel in her eyes that at that moment she hated me more than anything in the world.

You know, what really galled me most was that Brie had figured out my disappearing act.

When I was under the delusion I was going to show Brie up with my Houdini act, all I could think about was how I was going to smack her down a second time with some sharp and cutting comment.

Vick the superior who was not going to react to anything Brie had to say.

I sat down next to Brie on the porch, and for a moment we listened to the leaves of the bean trees rustling overhead in the dark.

I was startled to see that Brie was looking at me as if a second head had popped out between my eyebrows.

I doubted Brie, exactly, but I knew how possible it was for the new kid in school to get paranoid.

It took a lot of restraint on my part not to call Brie a cheese name at that point, but I managed.

While she was seeing Bart, Addy had spilled the beans to Brie that I was using street magic.

When Brie seemed to be after me, Addy felt guilty and turned to Gio for help.

Farther back, Brie was staring from Addy to me, puzzlement written all over her face.

By early evening, the central cauldron was full of soup or stew and all available surfaces were covered with brie tart, humble, galantine, and eel pie, haslet for the hunters, leek dishes for the lustful as well as meat laid out ready for the spit and an odd assortment of other viands depending on who was in town for what religious festival.

He began replacing the Bibb lettuce and Brie and strawberries and French bread in the paper bag.