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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
bossa nova

1962, Brazilian style of music, from Portuguese, literally "new tendency."

bossa nova

n. 1 A lively Brazilian dance that is similar to the samba 2 The music of that dance.

Bossa nova

Bossa nova is a genre of Brazilian music, which developed and was popularized in the 1950s and '60s and is today one of the best-known Brazilian music genres abroad. The phrase bossa nova means literally "new trend" . A lyrical fusion of samba and jazz, bossa nova acquired a large following in the 1960s, initially among young musicians and college students.

Bossa nova (disambiguation)

Bossa nova is a style of music.

Bossa Nova or Bossanova may also refer to:

  • Bossa Nova (dance), a dance form associated with the music
Bossa Nova (dance)

Bossa nova was a fad dance that corresponded to the bossa nova music. It was introduced in 1960 and faded out in the mid-sixties.

Bossa nova music, soft and with sophisticated vocal rhythms and improvisations, is well suited for listening but failed to become dance music despite heavy promotion as yet another dance craze of the 1960s.

The style of basic dance steps suited the music well. It was danced on soft knees that allowed for sideways sways with hip motions. It could be danced both solo and in pairs.

There were about ten various simple step sentences published.

A variant of basic 8-beat pattern was: step forward, tap, step back, step together, repeat from the opposite foot.

A variation of this pattern was a kind of slow samba walk, with "step together" above replaced by "replace".

In fact, box steps of rhumba and whisk steps of nightclub two step could be fitted with bossa-nova styling.

Embellishments included placing one arm onto one own's belly and waving another arm at waist level in the direction of the sway, possibly with finger click.

Category:Novelty and fad dances

Bossa Nova (film)

Bossa Nova is a 2000 Brazilian-American romantic comedy film directed by Bruno Barreto. It deals with several interwoven stories about people finding and losing love in Rio de Janeiro. It stars Amy Irving (Barreto's wife and star of his earlier films A Show of Force, Carried Away, and One Tough Cop) as an English language teacher named Mary Ann.

Bossa Nova (John Pizzarelli album)

Bossa Nova is a 2004 Brazilian jazz album by jazz guitarist John Pizzarelli, who is typically known for his swing guitar skills. While not Brazilian, he has always enjoyed the music and therefore wanted to record this album. Some of the selections are penned by Tom Jobim, such as the classic tune " The Girl From Ipanema".

Bossa Nova (Eddie Harris album)

Bossa Nova is an album by American jazz saxophonist Eddie Harris, featuring some early compositions by Lalo Schifrin, recorded in 1962 and released on the Vee-Jay label.

Bossa Nova (Ramsey Lewis album)

Bossa Nova is an album of Bossa nova compositions by Ramsey Lewis' Trio featuring tracks recorded in 1962 and released on the Argo label.

Bossa Nova (Bola Sete album)

Bossa Nova is an album by Brazilian guitarist Bola Sete, released in 1962 through Fantasy Records.

Usage examples of "bossa nova".

Listen to the Bossa Nova, and go dance with the Drug Lord and his select minions.

But we had the best time at the break when the band went into Bossa Nova.

The Federation Horns were playing a bossa nova while a holodeck-created bird watched them with curiosity.

Each couple on the floor danced whatever was in the fellow's head: tango, two-step, bossa nova, slop.