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The Collaborative International Dictionary

borshch \borshch\ n. [Yiddish borscht, fr. Russian] a Russian soup usually containing beet juice as a foundation, and often served with sour cream. Also, as used in the U.S., a sour cabbage soup, called in Russian shchi.

Syn: borsch, borsh, borscht, borsht, bortsch.


n. (alternative spelling of borscht English)


n. a Russian soup usually containing beet juice as a foundation [syn: borsch, borsh, borscht, borsht, bortsch]

Usage examples of "borshch".

We begin with Spanish olives, then a borshch, then more olives and a bird of some kind, and a rather enticing Rhenish wine, not at all expensive as wines go in this country, but still quite laudable in its way.

A beautifully constructed borshch, such as you are going to experience presently, ought not only to banish conversation but almost to annihilate thought.