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The Collaborative International Dictionary

borsh \borsh\ n. [Yiddish borscht, fr. Russian] a Russian soup usually containing beet juice as a foundation, and often served with sour cream. Also, as used in the U.S., a sour cabbage soup, called in Russian shchi.

Syn: borsch, borscht, borsht, borshch, bortsch.


n. a Russian soup usually containing beet juice as a foundation [syn: borsch, borscht, borsht, borshch, bortsch]


Borsh is a maritime village, in the Albanian Riviera, in the former Lukovë municipality, Vlorë County, Albania, At the 2015 local government reform it became part of the municipality Himarë. The village is inhabited by Muslim Albanians.

Borsh borders with Fterra, Qeparo, Piqerras and has a population of 2500 inhabitants.

Borsh (disambiguation)

Borsh is a village in Albania. Borsh may also refer to:

  • Borscht, a Ukrainian soup