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n. (alternative spelling of borscht English)


n. a Russian soup usually containing beet juice as a foundation [syn: borsh, borscht, borsht, borshch, bortsch]

Borsch (disambiguation)

Borsch, or borscht, is a beetroot soup of East European origin.

Borsch, borscht, borsh or borshch may also refer to:

  • Bœrsch, a commune in France
  • Borsh, a village in Albania
  • BORSCHT or BORSHT, a telecommunications technology

Usage examples of "borsch".

Blue raincoat buried himself into an article headlined 'Bliz Boffs Borscht Biz' and chewed on a toothpick.

The others, Councilors Organa Solo, Xin, and Borsch were permitted for their potential political value.

There ain't no rules but theirs and they get a story in this Cyrillic borsch house?

The world's leaders ponder the future of mankind and debate how much money to give Russia while we eat our potatoes and borsch.

Beet greens grew down one row and cabbage down another, a veritable borsch on the hoof.

The object of her curiosity, who was uniformed in jeans, jersey and longish hair, spooned sour cream into his borsch and took his time over replying.