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Bon \Bon\, a. [F., fr. L. bonus.] Good; valid as security for something.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

French, literally "good" (adj.), from Latin bonus "good" (see bene-). It has crossed the Channel in phrases such as bon apétit (1860), literally "good appetite;" bon-ton (1744) "good style;" bon mot.


abbr. 1 business object notation, notation for high-level object-oriented analysis. 2 (context medicine English) bisphosphonate-associated osteonecrosis of the jaws.


Bon or Bön is a Tibetan religion, being distinct from Tibetan Buddhism although they share similar teachings, Tibetan terminology and rituals. It arose in the eleventh century and established its scriptures mainly from termas and visions by tertöns such as Loden Nyingpo. Though Bon terma contain myths of Bon existing before the introduction of Buddhism in Tibet, "in truth the 'old religion' was a new religion."

Bon (disambiguation)

BON, Bon, or bon may refer to: Places:

  • Cap Bon, a peninsula in Tunisia
  • Flamingo International Airport, Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles (IATA code BON)
  • North Station, Boston (Amtrak station code BON)
  • Bon, Iran (disambiguation), places in Iran


  • Bon (surname)


  • Bon or Bön, a Tibetan religious tradition
  • Bon Lamaism, the religion tradition of Tamang people.
  • Bon Festival, Japanese Buddhist holiday to honor the spirits of deceased ancestors


  • Bon (programming language), used on MULTICS systems
  • Business Object Notation, notation for high-level object-oriented analysis


  • Band Ohne Namen (B.O.N.), German music group
  • Bon (finance), a type of paper currency used in the 19th century
  • The Bon Marché, a famous department store in Seattle also known as The Bon
  • Bon Ice, Latin American liquid candy product
  • Bisphosphonate-associated osteonecrosis of the jaw, aka BON of the jaw
  • Bankon language, also known as Bon, Abo, Abaw, Bo
  • Blue Ocean Network, an English-language television news channel based in China
Bon (currency)

The bon (French Canadian, Polish) was a type of paper currency issued by merchants to meet the need for small change. Bon is an abbreviation for bon pour (French for "good for"). These notes were in wide use in the early part of the 19th century. They were sometimes referred to as "shin plasters" by English Canadians. Because of their widespread use, they are considered to be the precursor to modern banknotes.

Bon (surname)
  • Anna Bon, Russian/Italian composer and singer.
  • Bartolomeo Bon, Italian sculptor and architect
  • Bhakti Hridaya Bon, Indian guru
  • François Bon, French novelist
  • Louis André Bon, French general
  • Marcel Bon, French mycologist
  • Michel Bon, French businessman and politician
  • Naftali Bon, Kenyan runner
  • Piet Bon (b. 1946), Dutch rower
  • Simon Bon (1904–1987), Dutch rower, father of Piet
  • Bon Scott, deceased singer with AC/DC
  • Léon van Bon, Dutch cyclist
  • Jon Bon Jovi, American Singer with Bon Jovi
  • William Bon Mardion, French ski mountaineer

Usage examples of "bon".

Gardiner, Tonstal, and Bonner, who had been confined for their adhering to the Catholic cause, appeared before her, and implored her clemency and protection.

All these reports were alarming, and especially that of General Bon, in which no reserve was made.

Il entra dans son salon le sourire aux levres, decide a se montrer bon prince et a ne pas abuser des avantages de sa position: malgre tout elle etait la mere de Corysandre.

We were standing on the summit of Byrsa Hill, with the city of Tunis around us, the water of the Gulf of Tunis behind, and the hills of Cap Bon across the gulf.

As I have never seen it in print, or heard it related by any one since, you shall have it instanter: It is well known that our present laughter-loving monarch was, in earlier years, often surrounded, when in private, by a coruscation of wit and talent, which included not only the most distinguished persons in the state, but also some celebrated bon vivants and amateur vocalists, among whom the names of the Duke of Orleans, Earl of Derby, Charles James Fox, Richard Brinsley Sheridan, the facetious poet laureat to the celebrated Beefsteak club, Tom Hewardine, Sir John Moore, Mr Brownlow, Captain Thompson, Bate Dudley, Captain Morris, and Colonel George Hanger, formed the most conspicuous characters at the princely anacreontic board.

Tu cours en amour comme un chien fou, tu te cognes partout, tu exiges, tu pleures, tu mords, mais tu es si bon que me viennent des larmes de tendresse et de fierté, quand je te vois cherchant ainsi le bien.

Philippe le Bon, who granted him 3000 gold florins a month, and the castle of Genappe as a residence.

She was of the noble family of Bon, and had married Count Romili de Bergamo, who left her free to do whatever she liked.

Gore, Johnny Keems, Dol Bonner, Sally Corbett were operatives used by Wolfe at various times.

Naples soixante mille lazzaroni, bien portants, solides, ayant de bons bras, de bonnes jambes et de bons yeux.

Ce roi bon bourgeois aimait mieux la Bastille avec une chambrette et une couchette.

On demande bon ouvrier pour monter la chaussure en atelier, 7, rue des Chats-Bossus.

On demande un bon ouvrier pour faire le finissage pour hommes et femmes, pour travailler en atelier, rue des Chats-Bossus, 7.

Je ne peux fouiller la boite a deux sous sans me sentir aussitot envahi par une paisible et douce tristesse, et sans me dire: A quoi bon ajouter a tout ce papier noirci quelques pages encore?

Gerboise etait bon gentilhomme, avec un air paysan et un parler rustique.