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Bon Homme -- U.S. County in South Dakota
Population (2000): 7260
Housing Units (2000): 3007
Land area (2000): 563.338373 sq. miles (1459.039627 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 17.979221 sq. miles (46.565966 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 581.317594 sq. miles (1505.605593 sq. km)
Located within: South Dakota (SD), FIPS 46
Location: 42.996689 N, 97.869746 W
Bon Homme
Bon Homme, SD
Bon Homme County
Bon Homme County, SD

Usage examples of "bon homme".

He and the surgeon of the Bon Homme Richard, an especially companionable man named Bourke, discussed everything from mathematics to rheumatism, Paris, London, the war at home, the war at sea, medicine at sea, the absence of profanity on French ships, and the nuances of the French language.

If you don't know what I mean, go read 'Horatius at the Bridge' or 'The Death of the Bon Homme Richard'.

Uncovered, he did not salute, but he stood at attention with his eyes focused on the big print of the Bon Homme Richard fighting the Serapis on the bulkhead at Coburn's back.

These were great sailing ships, men-o-war and frigates, one-half life-size replicas of such famous seagoers as John Paul Jones's Bon Homme Richard, Captain Kidd's Adventure, and Sir Francis Drake's The Golden Hind.