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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ A tyre blow-out destroyed his first attempt, injury ended the second.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

blowout \blowout\ n.

  1. a gay or lavish festivity. [colloq.]

    Syn: gala, gala affair, jamboree.

  2. the sudden deflation of an inflatable tire due to a puncture or rupture, often accompanied by a bang.

  3. the sudden escape of gas or liquid confined under pressure, such as in a gas or oil well, or in a system containing pressurized air or steam.


n. 1 a sudden puncturing of a pneumatic tyre / tire 2 a sudden release of oil and gas from a well 3 a social function, especially one with large quantities of food 4 (context slang sports English) A sporting contest that is decidedly one-sided and whose outcome is no longer in doubt. Often occurs when one team is superior to the other. 5 (context geology English) A sandy depression in a sand dune ecosystem caused by the removal of sediments by wind. 6 (context AU English) an extreme and unexpected increase in costs, such as in government estimates for a project. 7 The cleaning of the flues of a boiler from scale, etc., by a blast of steam.

  1. n. an easy victory [syn: runaway, romp, laugher, shoo-in, walkaway]

  2. a sudden malfunction of a part or apparatus; "the right front tire had a blowout"; "as a result of the blowout we lost all the lights"

  3. a gay festivity [syn: gala, gala affair, jamboree]


BlowOut is a 2004 side-scrolling action video game developed by Terminal Reality and published by Majesco, released for the GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox, and PC. It is a run-and-gun shoot-em-up in the tradition of games such as Contra and Metal Slug, with a power-up-based exploration structure akin to Metroid. In the game, the player takes the role of John "Dutch" Cane, a space marine sent to check up on researchers on the space platform "Honour Guard" only to discover that they have been horribly mutated.

On January 26, 2009, the game was released on the Xbox Live Marketplace as part of the Xbox Originals program.

Blowout (geomorphology)

Blowouts are sandy depressions in a sand dune ecosystem ( psammosere) caused by the removal of sediments by wind.

Commonly found in coastal settings and arid margins, blowouts tend to form when wind erodes into patches of bare sand on stabilized vegetative dunes. Generally, blowouts don’t form on actively flowing dunes due to the fact that they need to be bound by some extent, such as plant roots. These depressions usually start on the higher parts of the stabilized dunes on the account that desiccation and disturbances are more considerable which allows for greater surface drag and sediment entrainment when sand is bare. Most of the time, exposures become quickly re-vegetative before they could become blowouts and expand; however, when the opportunities are given, wind erosion can lower the exposure surface and create a tunneling affect, which increases the wind speed. The depression may continue until it hits a non-erodible substrate or morphology limits it. The eroded substances climbs the steep slopes of the depression and become deposited on the downwind side of the blowout which can form a dune that covers vegetation and lead to a larger area of depression; a process that helps create parabolic dunes.

Blowout (well drilling)

A blowout is the uncontrolled release of crude oil and/or natural gas from an oil well or gas well after pressure control systems have failed. Modern wells have blowout preventers intended to prevent such an occurrence.

Prior to the advent of pressure control equipment in the 1920s, the uncontrolled release of oil and gas from a well while drilling was common and was known as an oil gusher, gusher or wild well. An accidental spark during a blowout can lead to a catastrophic oil or gas fire.

Blowout (tire)

A blowout is a rapid loss of inflation pressure of a pneumatic tire leading to an explosion. The primary cause for this is encountering an object that cuts or tears the structural components of the tire to the point where the structure is incapable of containing the pressurized air, with the escaping pressurized air adding to further tear through the tire structure.

It is also fairly common for tread separations to be termed “blowouts” - even those where the inflation pressure is not compromised. Because of this confusion, the term is rarely used by experts in tire failures, where the term "impact damage" is more frequently used.

Tire blowouts have been a concern since the dawn of the motoring age. First generation automotive tires suffered from frequent problems until technology developed.

Blowout (sports)

A blowout is an easy or one-sided victory. It occurs when one athletic team or individual performer outscores another by a large margin or in such a fashion that allows the second team or individual little chance of a victory from a point early in a competition, game, contest or event, e.g. Team A defeats Team B 75-10. The term is often used in reference to athletic competition, but it is used in other contexts such as electoral politics (see also the synonym landslide).

During blowouts, sports play-by-play announcers are challenged to maintain viewing and listening audience interest and ratings. The announcers attempt to keep a stock of relevant informative discourse for such events.

Usage examples of "blowout".

The 747, still weighing over six hundred thousand pounds, shuddered and slowed, the antiskid system working hard to prevent any tire blowouts as Phil stood on the brakes, finally bringing them to a halt at the western end of the runway with five hundred feet left to spare.

Perkins anticipated a blowout, but Fagin was remarkably self-contained.

Encountering chuckholes, cracks, and patches in the pavement, the tires stuttered as hard as rapping hammers, and Dylan worried about the consequences of a blowout at this lightning pace, but he pressed the Expedition to 96, taxing the shock absorbers, torturing the springs, onward to 97, with engine screaming and wind of their own manufacture shrieking at the windows, to 98, between bracketing big rigs, around a sleek Jaguar with a cruise-missile whoosh that elicited a disapproving blast of the sports car's horn, to 99.

As well as the blowouts decompressing entire tubes, suited Mosdva shot at each other with beam and projectile weapons as they struggled to penetrate their enemy’s territory and disable critical systems.

No lack of I tumbleweeds there, every one is the leader of the herd, and only the evil have blowouts.

They had gone along with no more trouble than blowouts here and there.

Then when I got here, about two days later, Major Delinn suffered an arterial blowout and had to be put in cryosuspension because there’s no medical facility here that can handle that kind of thing.

If she had detonated when she hit, the blowout of her drive tubes’ escaping plasma would probably have vaporized most of her.

Though how Joe could see out the spider-web cracks decorating the windshield was a mystery to Herbie Goldfarb, and why they didn't suffer three or four blowouts on the way to the ball field the VISTA volunteer never knew.

Without the dual blowout and the fortuitous day ticket, I wouldn't be here at all.

But hatches leading up have a passive power assist to make it easy to get away from the blowout.

It mean us keep you pen up for five days, and then skin you out for a old-fashioned tribal blowout.

He paused at the wind erosion blowouts, examining the exposed stones.