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a. (en-comparative of: bloody)

  1. adv. extremely; "you are bloody right"; "Why are you so all-fired aggressive?" [syn: damn, all-fired]

  2. [also: bloodied, bloodiest, bloodier]

  1. v. cover with blood; "bloody your hands"

  2. [also: bloodied, bloodiest, bloodier]

  1. adj. having or covered with or accompanied by blood; "a bloody nose"; "your scarf is all bloody"; "the effects will be violent and probably bloody"; "a bloody fight" [ant: bloodless]

  2. (used of persons) informal intensifiers; "what a bally (or blinking) nuisance"; "a bloody fool"; "a crashing bore"; "you flaming idiot" [syn: bally(a), blinking(a), bloody(a), blooming(a), crashing(a), flaming(a), fucking(a)]

  3. [also: bloodied, bloodiest, bloodier]


See bloody

Usage examples of "bloodier".

They came more frequently, and bloodier, as he saw his oneiric shadows rampage through the streets.

Britain into even bloodier chaos from which there might be no deliverance.

The longer the fight continuesand the bloodier it becomesthe more cash changes hands.

And when he heard the crash of nations fleeing A bloodier power than ruled thy ruins then, O sacred Hellas!

There will be bloody battle, my lord king, far bloodier than you wish to contemplate.

Dutch had said that his rescue mission was hush-hush stuff because of the risk of starting a war, and at the time, this particular pair of banana republics had been closest to escalating their perpetual disagreements and border incidents into something bloodier and more formal.

Otherwise Skinners Farm might have witnessed another and even bloodier murder.

Cal got up, searched through the pockets of his stinking, bloody jacket and fished out the bloodier handkerchief with its fancy, embroidered letter F.

He let his mind drift over some of the bloodier aspects of Church history, drawing on a vastness of anecdote.

She examined a second garment of undyed wool, bloodier even than the lion cloth, that lay crumpled to one side.