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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a bloody/bloodless coup (=with or without killing and violence)
▪ In 1974, the regime was overthrown in a bloodless coup.
▪ Chatichai Choonhaven in a bloodless coup on Feb. 23.
▪ After a succession of Presidents, in 1964 the military took control following a bloodless coup.
▪ a bloodless invasion
▪ But he also wanted the battle to be as bloodless as possible.
▪ But other days are bleak; a cold, bloodless woman hovers nearby sneering derisively at me.
▪ I scratch my face to feel a bloodless mound.
▪ In such a revolution, even if it is bloodless, complete justice can never be attained.
▪ It was soon discovered, by conversation, that it was a bloodless battle.
▪ She was bloodless and the bones of her face had risen up against the fabric of her skin.
▪ The nails had dug deeply into the palms, leaving bloodless, crescent-shaped depressions behind.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

nonhuman \nonhuman\ adj. not human. Opposite of human. [Narrower terms: anthropoid, anthropoidal, apelike; bloodless; dehumanized, unhuman; grotesque, monstrous, unnatural; mechanical]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Old English blodleas; see blood (n.) + -less. The figurative sense in Middle English was "powerless." Related: Bloodlessly.


a. 1 Lacking blood; ashen, anaemic. 2 Taking place without loss of blood. 3 Lacking emotion, passion or vivacity.

  1. adj. destitute of blood or apparently so; "the bloodless carcass of my Hector sold"- John Dryden [syn: exsanguine, exsanguinous]

  2. free from blood or bloodshed; "bloodless surgery"; "a bloodless coup" [ant: bloody]

  3. without vigor or zest or energy; "an insipid and bloodless young man"

  4. devoid of human emotion or feeling; "charts of bloodless economic indicators"

  5. ash-colored or anemic looking from illness or emotion; "a face turned ashen"; "the invalid's blanched cheeks"; "tried to speak with bloodless lips"; "a face livid with shock"; "lips...livid with the hue of death"- Mary W. Shelley; "lips white with terror"; "a face white with rage" [syn: ashen, blanched, livid, white]


Usage examples of "bloodless".

Turks encountered no resistance, their bloodless hands were employed in selecting and securing the multitude of their prisoners.

His bloodless lips twitched faintly as he fixed Taran with his unlidded eyes.

His clothes were unrumpled, his eyes were bloodless, his teeth were all there, and his corncob was still intact.

And in so doing he could make it appear - he, who, alone in Europe, had mastered the new technique of bloodless conquest, as the Anschluss and Munich had proved - that the President of Czechoslovakia had actually and formally asked for it.

Gaines was beginning to feel somewhat hopeful of a reasonably bloodless victory, when he noticed a change in the pervading throb of machinery which penetrated even through the heavy antinoise pads of his helmet.

And Balder too, the bloodless god looked down On me with frowning glances full of threats.

On the opposite flank stood Captain Eames, his bloodless countenance that of a man preparing to face his execution with forced dignity.

Not like the beggar, humbly imploring for a crust in the name of the Lord, nor like the jeweller displaying his precious stones to dazzle and tempt the eye, he comes to the world,--nay, in accents of Tyrtaeus this commoner of Nizhni Novgorod spurs on his troops of freedom-loving heroes to conquer, as it were, the placid, selfsatisfied literatures of to-day, and bring new life to pale, bloodless frames.

He was joined by his nephew, the Duke of Urbino, at Orvieto, and made a bloodless conquest of Perugia.

Power was a bloodless mating with one who could never be a Marshall, never my Pairling, never my equal.

If a mere British copy of Sarin could accomplish this silent, bloodless slaughter, then in Soman the Germans possessed a weapon of truly apocalyptic power.

It had the look of a semidomesticated creature, and I took care to leave a coin beside the bloodless carcass to reimburse its owners for my nourishment.

His long, bloodless fingers flexed and unflexed dramatically, and the dead man grinned at her.

She had felt the presence of the Ascendants, the cold, bloodless attention plucking and prodding at the ship and all who were upon it.

Nor was it a bloodless victory upon the part of the Boers, for there was evidence that their losses, though less than those of the British, were still severe.