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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Blear \Blear\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Bleared; p. pr. & vb. n. Blearing.] [OE. bleren; cf. Dan. plire to blink, Sw. plira to twinkle, wink, LG. plieren; perh. from the same root as E. blink. See Blink, and cf. Blur.] To make somewhat sore or watery, as the eyes; to dim, or blur, as the sight. Figuratively: To obscure (mental or moral perception); to blind; to hoodwink.

That tickling rheums Should ever tease the lungs and blear the sight.

To blear the eye of, to deceive; to impose upon. [Obs.]


Blear \Blear\, a. [See Blear, v.]

  1. Dim or sore with water or rheum; -- said of the eyes.

    His blear eyes ran in gutters to his chin.

  2. Causing or caused by dimness of sight; dim.

    Power to cheat the eye with blear illusion.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1300, blere "watery, rheumy," perhaps related to blur. Compare Middle High German blerre "having blurred vision."


"to dim (of vision); to have watery or rheumy eyes," early 14c., of uncertain origin, possibly from an Old English *blerian, from the same source as blear (adj.). Related: Bleared; blearing.

  1. 1 (context of eyes or vision English) dim, unclear from water or rheum. 2 Causing or caused by dimness of sight. v

  2. To make blurred or dim, especially the eyes.


adj. tired to the point of exhaustion [syn: bleary, bleary-eyed, blear-eyed]


v. make dim or indistinct; "The drug blurs my vision" [syn: blur] [ant: focus]

Usage examples of "blear".

If, as has chanced to others--as chanced, for example, to Mangan-- outcast from home, health and hope, with a charred past and a bleared future, an anchorite without detachment and self-cloistered without self-sufficingness, deposed from a world which he had not abdicated, pierced with thorns which formed no crown, a poet hopeless of the bays and a martyr hopeless of the palm, a land cursed against the dews of love, an exile banned and proscribed even from the innocent arms of childhood--he were burning helpless at the stake of his unquenchable heart, then he might have been inconsolable, then might he have cast the gorge at life, then have cowered in the darkening chamber of his being, tapestried with mouldering hopes, and hearkened to the winds that swept across the illimitable wastes of death.

As I passed a hand over my bleared vision, I sat that my palm bore imprinted on it the pattern of the rattan chair arm.

Yet Argustal passed a bird sitting on a cairn, its hooded eye bleared with a million years of danger.

His eyes bleared and troubled him as tears of exhausted rage collected in the rims and gave a misty view.

If his eyes are not too bleared to see me, I fancy the sight of me will sober him.

Now I found myself upon an apparently abandoned road which I had chosen as the shortest cut to Arkham, overtaken by the storm at a point far from any town, and confronted with no refuge save the antique and repellent wooden building which blinked with bleared windows from between two huge leafless elms near the foot of a rocky hill.

I listened to the rain, and to the rattling of the bleared, small-paned windows, and marked a rumbling of approaching thunder quite unusual for the season.

Idiots, with blear eyes and protending underlips, gibbered and whined.

When he looked up at me, I saw nothing in his face, just bleared eyes and a provisionary smile.

But by my thrift yet shall I blear their eye, For all the sleight in their philosophy.

Just that one bleared glance from the Holiest was the commencement of my wisdom.

Skardon had aged twenty years, gained a dignified limp, eyes bleared with very dilute vinegar and the slight tremor of the hands signaling approaching parkinsonism.

Through bleared eyes, he saw that he was alone on the bridge with Jax and Lon.

He turns away, gazes at his face in the night window, hollow-eyed, framed by his wet-looking hair, the skin greenish black, bleared with soot and the dark shapes of trees rushing past behind it.

The groggy Soul Mate groping for its Twin, The burgling free verse Blear, the Hobo Pote, Clairvoyant, Cubist bug and Burlapped Greek, Souse Socialists and queens with bright green hair, Ginks leading barbered Art Dogs trimmed and Sleek, The Greenwich Stable Dwellers, Mule and Mare, Pal Anarchs, tamed and wrapped in evening duds, Philosophers who go wherever suds Flow free, musicians hunting after eats, And sandaled dames who hang from either ear Strange lumps -- "art jools" -- the size of pickled beets, Writers that write not, hunting Atmosphere, Painters and sculptors that ne'er paint nor sculp, Reformers taking notes on Brainstorm Slum, Cave Men in Windsor Ties, all gauche and glum, With strong iron jaws that crush their food to Pulp, And bright Boy Cynics playing paradox, And th' inevitable She that knitteth Belgian socks -- A score of little groups !