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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ The sentences may be written on the blackboard and copied down by the learners.
▪ The first morning that I walked into the class the teacher, Charles Frye, was writing on the blackboard.
▪ He stood there writing on the blackboard.
▪ That was all he had to write on his blackboard.
▪ To eat chalk is as foolish as to try to write on a blackboard with cheese!
▪ And through another he saw a classroom with lots of tiny desks and a blackboard at one end.
▪ Compatibility between components was ensured by using a structurally uniform global database, the blackboard.
▪ Mathematicians scribble equations on blackboards and program supercomputers to make the billions of calculations needed to break a tough code.
▪ Nailed to the wall was a large blackboard with a compartment for chalk attached to it.
▪ Periodically he will explain a rule or illustrate its use on the blackboard.
▪ Table 9. 1 illustrates how your blackboard might look.
▪ The screen becomes an individualised blackboard for each child.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Blackboard \Black"board`\ (bl[a^]k"b[=o]rd`), n. A broad board painted black, or any black surface on which writing, drawing, or the working of mathematical problems can be done with chalk or crayons. It is much used in schools. In late 20th century similar boards of a green slate as well as some colored white became common; wrioting on the slate bioards may be done with chalk, but writing on the white boards is done with colored pens, such as grease pens, which leaves a trace that can be easily erased. The newer boards, usualy called chalkboards are nevertheless still sometimes referred to as blackboards.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1823, from black + board (n.1). Blackboard jungle "inner-city school rife with juvenile delinquency" is from Evan Hunter's novel title (1954).


n. A large flat surface, finished with black slate or a similar material, that can be written upon with chalk and subsequently erased; a chalkboard. vb. To use a blackboard to assist in an informal discussion.


n. sheet of slate; for writing with chalk [syn: chalkboard]

Blackboard (disambiguation)

A blackboard is a reusable writing surface.

Blackboard may also refer to:

  • Blackboards (Soviet policies), signs used in the Soviet era to publicly chastise farms or factories for such things as failing to meet targets or opposing collectivisation
  • Blackboard bold, a style of typeface often used for certain symbols in mathematics and physics texts
  • Blackboard Inc., an e-learning software company
    • Blackboard Learn, a course management system by Blackboard Inc.
  • Blackboard system, an area of shared memory, or workspace, in computer science
  • Blackboards (2000), an Iranian film
  • The Blackboard, a climate change blog operated by Lucia Liljegren

A blackboard (also known as a chalkboard) is a reusable writing surface on which text or drawings are made with sticks of calcium sulfate or calcium carbonate, known, when used for this purpose, as chalk. Blackboards were originally made of smooth, thin sheets of black or dark grey slate stone.

Blackboard (design pattern)

In software engineering, the blackboard pattern provides a computational framework for the design and implementation of systems that used to integrate large and diverse specialized modules, and implement complex, non deterministic control strategies. Blackboard pattern comes under behavioral design pattern.

This pattern has been identified by the members of the HEARSAY-II project and first applied for speech recognition.

Usage examples of "blackboard".

I began to wake in the middle of the nights from the sound of chalk on blackboard rattling in my dreams.

Eleven bodies crowded along the blackboard at the side of the room, grabbing chalk from one another.

I walked away to the other side of the room and stood there next to the blackboard, looking at Luke.

Averitt placed the stub of his chalk down on the little ledge under the blackboard and tried unsuccessfully to rub the white dust of his hands.

One of the squadron enlisted men was writing the weather on the blackboard along with some general target information.

The next day as we sat on the floor under the blackboard Alice was marched past us between two nurses on her way to maximum security.

The ugly living room, the bedrooms stuffed with bureaus and chairs and blankets and pillows, an aide leaning out of the nursing station talking to Polly, the white chalk in its dish below the blackboard waiting for us to sign ourselves in: home again.

He stood at the blackboard with a piece of chalk in his hand, a little bug-eyed man of forty-five with a big bulb of head growing out on the stem of his thin neck like an overripe spring onion, to give his talk on the fourth dimension.

Everything working out to perfection with a pencil and a piece of paper, or a blackboard and some chalk.

As solid and impenetrable as the brick wall behind this blackboard in front of me.

His hand went in through the blackboard, following the swift line he had been drawing, and which had receded in.

He had drawn a three dimensional cube on the blackboard, ABCDEFGH, like the outline of a glass box seen in perspective.

Communicating with her altogether by the blackboard, he drew from her a host of examples of the beauty of his system of transcendent multiplication.

From the mountebanks point of view a pretty little deaf and dumb daughter, who could work miracles on the blackboard, was a treasure to a practical mind.

He no longer sat motionless behind his desk: like a dancing bear he hopped about between bookcase and blackboard, seized the sponge and effaced the just outlined itineraries of the Goths.