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Bipes (genus)

Bipes is a genus of amphisbaenians found only in Mexico, the sole living member of the family Bipedidae. Commonly known as ajolotes, they are carnivorous, burrowing reptiles, but unlike other species of amphisbaenians, they possess two stubby forelimbs placed far forward on the body. The shovel-like limbs are used to scrape away soil while burrowing through the soil, in a manner similar to a mole. Evidence for their occurrence in the United States is reviewed by Somma (1993).


Bipes may refer to:

  • Bipes (genus), a genus of burrowing lizards with no hind limbs and front limbs reduced to stumps
  • Lerista bipes, a skink lizard species in the genus Lerista endemic to Australia
  • Nebalia bipes, a species of leptostracan crustacean