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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Betime \Be*time"\, Betimes \Be*times"\, adv. [Pref. be- (for by) + time; that is, by the proper time. The -s is an adverbial ending.]

  1. In good season or time; before it is late; seasonably; early.

    To measure life learn thou betimes.

    To rise betimes is often harder than to do all the day's work.

  2. In a short time; soon; speedily; forth with.

    He tires betimes that spurs too fast betimes.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"at an early period," early 14c., from betime (c.1300, from be- + time) + adverbial genitive -s.


adv. 1 (cx dated English) In good season or time; early, especially in the morning. 2 (context archaic English) In a short time, soon.


adv. in good time; "he awoke betimes that morning" [syn: early]

Usage examples of "betimes".

Well if ye will go to the Flower de Luce and abide there this night, ye shall have a let-pass to-morn betimes.

In the morning Ludwig was to pursue his march upon the city of Naples, and all were astir betimes.

He controlled himself betimes, bethinking him that, after all, there might be some reason in what this fat fellow said.

There they lay not long, but were afoot betimes in the morning, and rode swiftly daylong, and lay down at night on the wayside with the less dread because they were come so far without hurt.

The following day I was up betimes, and on enquiring if the husband had risen I learnt that he had got up at day-break and would not be back till supper-time.

Betimes in the forenoon, a traveller--the first traveller that has come hitherward this morning-rides slowly into the street on his patient steed.

I like to think that he was happy there, meditating his fill, resisting some wonderful temptations and communing betimes with passing Anthropophagi, Cynocephali, Nisnas, Blemmyes and Sciapods.

You may safety entrust any message to my fair courier, Corson brenn Torisk by name, who can be found betimes at the ale-house called The Jugged Hare.

It fortuned on a day, that while this poore man was gone betimes in the morning to the field about his businesse, according as he accustomed to doe, his wives lover secretly came into his house to have his pleasure with her.

CHAPTER LIV Springing a Mine Refreshed by sleep, Mr. Bucket rises betimes in the morning and prepares for a field-day.

Betimes more biddable and less dangerous than wizards, and useful for fetching and carrying-but to think that such as these warmed thrones all over Darsar, while many mages were hunted and hated!

And then he said: Take your rest, and look that ye be up betimes and make you ready and your lady, for ye shall want no thing that you behoveth.

Betimes, the Erlking will call those spirits into the form of the great black hounds, and ride the winds and forests as the Wild Hunt.

A hunting engine they be, the goshawks, swift as arrows—but 'tis their wont to be peevish and contrary betimes.

Nay, child, that was never me—I but spied betimes upon your hirelings as they hammered and tore at my house, vaporing endlessly the while.