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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ I went to work on the trains as a bellhop.
▪ Into this single chamber three permanent guests are to be introduced by the bellhop, one by one.
▪ On the morning of Dobson's funeral a bellhop knocked on 3D and handed Jed a big square box.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also bell-hop, by 1906, American English, shortening of slang bellhopper (1899), from bell (n.) + hop (v.). The notion is one who "hops" into action when the bell is rung.


n. An employee of a hotel who carries guest's luggage and runs errands.


n. someone employed as an errand boy and luggage carrier around hotels [syn: bellboy, bellman]


A bellhop (North America) or hotel porter (international) is a hotel porter, who helps patrons with their luggage while checking in or out. Bellhops often wear a uniform (see bell-boy hat), like certain other page boys or doormen. This occupation is also called bellman and bellboy in North America.

Bellhop (disambiguation)

Bellhop may refer to:

  • Bellhop, a hotel porter
  • The Bell Hop, a 1921 film
  • Hop, the Bellhop, a 1919 film

Usage examples of "bellhop".

The bellhop, waiting at the turboshaft for the Vator to come back, threw her a curious glance.

He followed behind Boosra and the two bellhops as they walked to the door.

The two bellhops picked him up by the legs and under his armpits and hustled him away.

He had recognized them as the two muscular bellhops who had carried their luggage to their rooms.

The bellhops were all smiles as they disappeared into a service chute.

Maids and bellhops came and went, phone and computer lines went through central switch gear.

The bellhop showed him the attachment on the wire, and Simon removed it and examined it cautiously.

Perhaps they overdid it a bit in actually showing the bellhop the gizzmo on the telephone wire.

The old bellhop is packing up his lunchbox and changing into his streetclothes.

Lavern, with a bellhop in tow with her luggage, was almost at the elevator.

Finally he says he will take her to his own home and let her sleep there while he is deciding what is to be done about her, so Sorrowful takes Marky in his arms and lugs her over to a fleabag in West Forty-ninth Street where he has a room for many years, and afterward a bellhop tells me Sorrowful sits up all night watching her while she is sleeping.

The same black bellhop walked skilfully into the room with the silver trays on his tense fingertips.

Pornographic slapstick, custard pie, the comic relief with the landlady or bellhop before the real fucking resumes elsewhere.

When the captain and five bellhops paraded in with his purchases, it was like the opulence of a lost age.

Of course you could always have the automatic cook send the eggs up raw and the automatic bellhop soft-boil them right in your room, except that that would eventually lead to people coming in and out with their own chicken coops.