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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ The station had at its beck and call a talented pool of musicians, singers, actors, actresses and conductors.
▪ Do you really want to give up the relative ease of having a whole accounting department at your beck and call?
▪ Or take a portfolio manager who has worked for a large company with 30 analysts at her beck and call.
▪ Cross the beck by the bridge and turn right, down to the shore of Crummock Water.
▪ Do you really want to give up the relative ease of having a whole accounting department at your beck and call?
▪ He looked out across the darkening moor, its becks and mires, its hills d bony ridges of granite.
▪ He was obliged to eat with the servants, and was completely at the archbishop's beck and call.
▪ Or take a portfolio manager who has worked for a large company with 30 analysts at her beck and call.
▪ The water mill was sited at Mill beck and it continued in use until the 1860s.
▪ With such an awesome technology at our beck and call we tend to view television like any other appliance.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Beck \Beck\, n. See Beak. [Obs.]


Beck \Beck\, n. [OE. bek, AS. becc; akin to Icel. bekkr brook, OHG. pah, G. bach.] A small brook.

The brooks, the becks, the rills.


Beck \Beck\, n. A vat. See Back.


Beck \Beck\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Becked; p. pr. & vb. n. Becking.] [Contr. of beckon.] To nod, or make a sign with the head or hand. [Archaic]


Beck \Beck\, v. t. To notify or call by a nod, or a motion of the head or hand; to intimate a command to. [Archaic]

When gold and silver becks me to come on.


Beck \Beck\, n. A significant nod, or motion of the head or hand, esp. as a call or command.

They have troops of soldiers at their beck.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., "mute signal," from noun use of bekken (v.), variant of becnan "to beckon" (see beckon). Transferred sense of "slightest indication of will" is from late 15c.


c.1300, shortening of beckon. (v.).


n. (surname: English)


n. a beckoning gesture

Beck (disambiguation)

Beck (born 1970) is an American singer and songwriter.

Beck may also refer to:

Beck (manga)

is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Harold Sakuishi. It was originally serialized in Monthly Shōnen Magazine from 1999 to 2008, with the 103 chapters later published into 34 tankōbon volumes by Kodansha. It tells the story of a group of Japanese teenagers who form a rock band and their struggle to fame, focusing on 14-year-old Yukio "Koyuki" Tanaka, who until meeting guitar prodigy Ryusuke Minami was an average teen with a boring life.

It was adapted into a 26-episode anime television series, titled BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad, by Madhouse and aired on TV Tokyo from October 2004 to March 2005. A live-action film adaptation was released in 2010 and stars Takeru Satoh as Koyuki and Hiro Mizushima as Ryusuke. The series has also spawned three guidebooks, four soundtracks, a video game and a line of guitars.

The original manga was licensed for an English-language release in North America by Tokyopop. Volume 1 was published in July 2005, but the series was discontinued after the release of the 12th volume in June 2008. The anime was licensed for an English-language release by Funimation. The first DVD was released in 2007, and the last in January 2008.

Beck (EP)

Beck (also known as B-Sides) is the self-titled, official debut and second overall EP by American artist Beck which consists of b-sides from the Midnite Vultures era. The EP was only available on Beck's website, and only 10,000 copies were printed. The EP was an enhanced CD and it also included the "Nicotine and Gravy" video.

Beck (film)

Beck, later called Beck – Lockpojken, is a 1997 film about the Swedish police detective Martin Beck directed by Pelle Seth.

Beck (bus maker)

C. D. Beck & Company, of Sidney, Ohio was an intercity motorcoach and transit bus manufacturing company based in the United States that was founded in 1934.

In 1953 Beck acquired Ahrens-Fox Fire Engine Company, maker of fire apparatus and transferred its production from Cincinnati to Sidney. In 1956 Mack Trucks bought Beck and closed it in 1958.

Total Beck bus and coach production was around 3150 units.


Beck Hansen (born Bek David Campbell; July 8, 1970), known by stage name Beck, is an American singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist. He is mostly known for his musical composition, as well as a palette of sonic genres.

He rose to fame in the early 1990s with his sonically experimental and lo-fi style, and became known for creating musical collages of wide genre styles. Today, he musically encompasses folk, funk, soul, hip hop, alternative rock, country and psychedelia. He has released 12 studio albums (3 of which were independently released), as well as several non-album singles and a book of sheet music.

Born in Los Angeles in 1970, Beck grew towards hip-hop and folk in his teens and began to perform locally at coffeehouses and clubs. He moved to New York City in 1989 and became involved in the city's small fiery anti-folk movement. Returning to LA in the early 1990s, he cut his breakthrough single " Loser", which became a worldwide hit in 1994, and released his first major album, Mellow Gold, the same year. Odelay, released in 1996, produced hit singles, topped critic polls and won several awards. He released the psychedelic Mutations in 1998, and the funk-infused Midnite Vultures in 1999. The soft-acoustic Sea Change in 2002 showcased a more serious Beck, and 2005's Guero returned to Odelay's sample-based production. The Information in 2006 was inspired by electrofunk, hip hop, and psychedelia; 2008's Modern Guilt was inspired by '60s pop music; and 2014's folk-infused Morning Phase won Album of the Year at the 57th Grammy Awards on February 8, 2015. He is reportedly working on a 13th studio album, with the singles " Dreams" and " Wow" having already been released.

With a pop art collage of musical styles, oblique and ironic lyrics, and postmodern arrangements incorporating samples, drum machines, live instrumentation and sound effects, Beck has been hailed by critics and the public throughout his musical career as being among the most idiosyncratically creative musicians of 1990s and 2000s alternative rock. Two of Beck's most popular and acclaimed recordings are Odelay and Sea Change, both of which were ranked on Rolling Stone list of the 500 greatest albums of all time. The four-time platinum artist has collaborated with several artists and has made several contributions to soundtracks.

Beck is married to actress Marissa Ribisi, and is an active Scientologist.

Beck (surname)

Beck is a surname of Germanic descent, meaning " brook" or " stream" (related to Old Norsebekkr), and is fairly common in English-speaking countries, Germany and Denmark. The German name can also be a variant of Becker, which is an occupational surname meaning "baker." In Hebrew, it exists as an abbreviated form of B'nei Kiddoshim ("sons of the martyrs"). Notable people with this surname include:

  • Aaron T. Beck, founder of modern cognitive therapy
  • Adam Beck (1857–1925), Canadian politician and hydro-electricity advocate
  • András Beck (1911–1985), Hungarian sculptor
  • Andreas Beck (footballer), (born 1987), German football player
  • Andreas Beck (tennis), German tennis player
  • Audrey P. Beck (1931-1983), American educator and politician
  • Bill Beck (1900–1965), American college sports coach
  • C. C. Beck, American cartoonist
  • Charlie Beck – appointed Police Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department
  • Christophe Beck, Canadian composer for film and TV, most notable for his work on Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Claude Beck (1894–1971), American cardiac surgeon who invented the defibrillator
  • Clifford W. Beck, American politician
  • Corey Beck (born 1971), American basketball player
  • Dr. Beck, named taken by the Count de Werdinsky (1803–1856)
  • Edward S. Beck (born 1946) Head, Susquehanna Institute, President, Scholars for Peace in the Middle East
  • Franz Ignaz Beck, (1734-1809), German classical composer
  • Gad Beck (1923-2012), German educator, author, activist, and survivor of the Holocaust
  • George Beck (artist), artist and poet
  • Gina Beck, English actress and singer
  • Glenn Beck (actor), Canadian actor
  • Glenn Beck, American conservative radio/TV talk show host and comedian
  • Günther von Mannagetta und Lërchenau Beck, German botanist
  • Hans Beck (1929–2009), German inventor
  • Harry Beck (footballer)
  • Harry Beck, designer of the London Underground map
  • Jakob Sigismund Beck, German philosopher
  • James M. Beck (1861–1936), United States Solicitor General and US Congressman from Pennsylvania
  • Jeff Beck (born 1944), British electric guitarist
  • John Beck (actor) (born 1943), American actor
  • John Beck (American football player), NFL player and former BYU quarterback
  • John Beck (footballer), British football manager
  • John Brodhead Beck, 19th-century United States physician
  • Jonathan Mock Beck (1935–2006), American mathematician
  • Joko Beck, an American Zen teacher
  • Józef Beck, Polish diplomat and military officer, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland (1932-1939)
  • Jozsef Beck, a mathematician
  • Justin Beck, American guitarist
  • Karol Beck, Slovakian tennis player
  • Kent Beck, major proponent of Extreme Programming
  • Kimberly Beck (born 1956), American actress
  • Kristin Beck
  • Kurt Beck, (born 1949), German politician (SPD)
  • Laetitia Beck (born 1992), Israeli golfer
  • Lewis Caleb Beck, 19th-century United States naturalist and physician
  • Ludwig Beck, German general and participant in the failed attempt to assassinate Adolf Hitler
  • Michael Beck (born 1949), American actor
  • Mikkel Beck, Danish ex professional football player
  • Paul W. Beck, American military aviation pioneer
  • Robert Beck, alias of African American writer Iceberg Slim
  • Robert Beck, alias of former D-12 rapper Karnail Pitts
  • Robert Nason Beck, pioneer radiologist
  • Robin Beck (born 1954), American singer
  • Rod Beck (1968–2007), former relief pitcher in Major League Baseball
  • Rollo Beck (1870–1950), American bird collector
  • Shayla (née Osborn) Beck, American musical theatre actress
  • Theodore Beck, first principal of the MAO College at Aligarh, India
  • Theodric Romeyn Beck, forensic scientist
  • Peter Beck (cleric) (born c. 1948/1949), dean of ChristChurch Cathedral in Christchurch, New Zealand
  • Peter Beck (politician) (born 1952), politician from Ohio
  • Rick Beck (born 1956), member of the Arkansas House of Representatives
  • Ulrich Beck, (1944-2015), German sociologist
  • W. Raymond Beck, former member of Maryland House of Delegates

Usage examples of "beck".

For ourselves, while whatever in us belongs to the body of the All should be yielded to its action, we ought to make sure that we submit only within limits, realizing that the entire man is not thus bound to it: intelligent servitors yield a part of themselves to their masters but in part retain their personality, and are thus less absolutely at beck and call, as not being slaves, not utterly chattels.

General Beck made his last-minute preparations for directing the coup until Stauffenberg could return by air from his murderous deed.

A fine Greek scholar as well as eminent economist, he, along with General Beck and Hassell, was a member of the Wednesday Club, a group of sixteen intellectuals who gathered once a week to discuss philosophy, history, art, science and literature and who as time went on - or ran out - formed one of the centers of the opposition.

August 14, Hassell dined alone with Beck, and recorded their feeling of frustration in his diary.

Berlin Ambassador von Hassell used the holidays to confer with his fellow conspirators, Popitz, Goerdeler and General Beck, and on December 30 recorded in his diary the latest plan.

And also some differences, for Stauffenberg was not satisfied with the kind of stodgy, conservative, colorless regime which the old rusty leaders of the conspiracy, Beck, Goerdeler and Hassell, envisaged as soon as National Socialism was overthrown.

Returning to Germany and forced to retire, he joined the opposition circle led by General Beck, Goerdeler, Hassell and others and for a time was marked to become Foreign Minister of an anti-Hitler regime.

Vhen der war hef godt over, I go beck to Ulm und gedt marriet, und den I gedt demn sick von der armie.

He got out his wallet and peeled off the equivalent of three hund mi dollars--about twenty bills--knowing that would buy a beck of a lot of joy juice.

Beck rang several upward-lilting arpeggios on his little bells as Autumn levitated from her split, slowly scissoring her legs together again and levering herself upright on the rope.

CHAPTER VI Politeness required that General Ople should not appear to rejoice in his dismissal as a suitor, and should at least make some show of holding himself at the beck of a reconsidering mind.

The sea party was composed of Nilsen, Gjertsen, Beck, SundBeck, Ludvig Hansen, Kristensen, Ronne, Nodtvedt, Kutschin, and Olsen.

Thinking like an animal, Beck wailed a Sasquatch wail of alarm, loud and throaty, again and again, grabbing roots and small bushes to pull herself away from those hands, those teeth, those glaring eyes.

The Taker, however, has an army of sahuagin, morkoth, and koalinth at his beck and call that are already invading lands that can be used as staging arenas to attack Eadraal.

So now, since Beck has not yet taught dirad to distinguish between a live tangling and a dead huttown child, we will have to sanctify this death ourselves.