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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a beach bag (=to take to the beach)
▪ I bought a big striped beach bag.
a beach ball (=a large light ball used on the beach)
▪ Dad, will you blow up the beach ball?
a beached/stranded whale (=one that is stuck on land)
▪ The beached whales are quite obviously very distressed.
a seaside/beach resort
▪ We stayed in a relaxed beach resort on the east coast.
bath/beach/kitchen towel
▪ She dried her hands on the kitchen towel.
beach ball
beach chair
beach umbrella
▪ I spent the day on the beach, lying under a beach umbrella, reading.
nude beach (=a beach where people wear no clothes)
▪ I have no desire to go to a nude beach.
secluded garden/spot/beach etc
▪ We sunbathed on a small secluded beach.
shingle beach
▪ a shingle beach
▪ A beautiful hippie beach is Arambol, right in the north of the state.
▪ Their destinations are often countries which have excellent weather, beautiful beaches and scenery and abundant wildlife, but few other resources.
▪ Neckar had four beautiful beaches, abundant vegetation and wildlife - but no fresh water supply.
▪ She had stood out in the crowd even amongst the beautiful beach children of San Francisco.
▪ I came back to the beautiful beach house from shopping.
▪ It was an almost empty theatre in Long Beach, Long Island, a tourist spot with a boardwalk and beautiful beaches.
▪ It was a beautiful beach, and Breeze's fingers itched for a paintbrush.
▪ The blissfully peaceful hotels we have selected are all on Mahe Island and well situated for the beautiful beaches.
▪ Lefkas has golden sandy beaches, mountainous scenery and lush vegetation.
▪ Why the desert, when you could be strolling along the golden beaches of California?
▪ From Mount Ampenan, and over the rocky coastline and long golden beaches is a sight to behold.
▪ There are narrow, golden beaches and beautiful countryside for the day and cafés and restaurants and some discotheques for the night.
▪ How could she find this scene so enchanting after her years on the golden beaches of California?
▪ Lush valleys, reddish-brown canyons and golden sandy beaches make this island a vision to behold.
▪ A gentle stroll through the gardens led down to the beautiful long, wide beach.
▪ Starting early in the morning-you know, all day long, a beach party!
▪ By day the general atmosphere is tranquil, dreamy and unspoilt with long, sandy beaches and clear waters.
▪ This village is noted for the amount of sun it receives and for its long pebble beach.
▪ The cliffs soon give way to miles of long sandy beaches.
▪ Douglas, the capital, is a busy town by island standards with a long beach and traditional Victorian promenade.
▪ One of its buildings is actually right next to the fabulous long sandy beach.
▪ There are also sanctioned nude beaches and unsanctioned beaches, where you go buff at your own risk.
▪ Martinique, she thought, what the heck, why not give the nude beach a try?
▪ No I have not been to the nude beach.
▪ You should come over to the nude beach.
▪ Guy Sterne's magnificent villa stood alone, on its own private crescent of beach.
▪ A gate leads to a private beach.
▪ There is a lush tropical garden, swimming pool and a small private beach.
▪ Your private beach Enjoy a cool aperitif Can you think of anywhere better for breakfast?
▪ Ten minutes later I was down on the private beach.
▪ Every morning she sunbathed naked on her private beach, although the water was still too cold for swimming.
▪ Before me lay a deep gulley choked with oleanders and thorny scrub, which descended precipitously down to the private beach.
▪ Through the cool and shady pine trees, there is a private beach with bar.
▪ You can hear the faint roar of the breakers on its empty sandy beaches.
▪ Finally the sea encroached on this topography producing steep cliffs, inlets, sea stacks and sandy or shingly beach deposits.
▪ Iowa may not have sandy beaches, but it does have blacktop.
▪ Lytham St Annes, a short distance to the south, has sandy beaches and several excellent golf courses.
▪ The beach there is stony; the sandy beach is two blocks to the north.
▪ The sandy beach stretches for over four miles and is very popular with watersports enthusiasts.
▪ Above the bed was a painting of a sunset over waves crashing on a visually impossible sandy beach.
▪ There is a lush tropical garden, swimming pool and a small private beach.
▪ On the mainland, the small beaches were faintly visible, the surf like a tiny ruffle of white lace.
▪ There is a small beach nearby and all the excitement of Bodrum by night is on the doorstep.
▪ I had a small beach searchlight but was not allowed to switch it on at night.
▪ I nosed the boat through one, to discover a small sandy beach.
▪ We picnicked one day on a small secluded beach and, after, lay sunbathing on the hot sand.
▪ For sunbathing guests can use a small beach 10 minutes walk away.
▪ Garda has small beaches just outside town.
▪ Close by are 70 miles of white, sandy beaches - the kind that inspired the Beach Boys.
▪ I can almost feel the blazing sun, the blinding white beaches, although they are not in the picture.
▪ Behind it the water looked tantalisingly calm with a gorgeous white sand beach fringed with coconut palms.
▪ In dOing 80, he had crossed an invisible line that separated the white and black beaches.
▪ Quickly rising in popularity due to its magnificent white sand beach, Kuantan is one of the east coast's finest resorts.
▪ The spray ran white on the beach below me.
▪ In fact, yachts are much in evidence in Formentera especially off the glorious white beach of Illetas.
▪ Vast stretches of white sandy beaches, most of them empty of people, fringed by coconut palms and mangroves.
▪ Prop yourself up on your elbows and place a beach ball between your knees.
▪ A beach ball fell from the overhead luggage-tray.
▪ Place the beach ball on to your left leg inner thigh and raise you leg.
▪ Arthur Smith, once a slender man, now was slender still except for the beach ball he sported under his shirt.
▪ Sitting crossed legged place the beach ball between your elbows at shoulder level and squeeze 20 times. 9.
▪ Well, the example reminds me distinctly of a beach ball seen end-on.
▪ Eventually that contest was supplanted by a wonderfully violent game played in the same small space, but with a beach ball.
▪ The beach house was huge, well-lit, secluded from the road by lush plants and trees.
▪ Huong would also rent you a ski or paint your beach house.
▪ They stayed at a friend's beach house and enjoyed ten days of peace and seclusion.
▪ He sailed past the President's beach house before coming over on to the other track.
▪ Naturally, that something less than attractive fringe also found its way to the beach house.
▪ I came back to the beautiful beach house from shopping.
▪ Trent spied the President and his granddaughter on the end of the dock below the President's beach house.
▪ Days 10-15 Mombasa 5 days in the glorious beach resort of Mombasa in the hotel of your choice.
▪ El Salvador has only one major beach resort.
▪ Days 12-15 Mombasa At leisure in your beach resort.
▪ From a tough neighbourhood, they spend their first summer playing a rich beach resort club.
▪ We stayed in the relaxed beach resort on the east coast of the island called Kamari.
▪ Behind it the water looked tantalisingly calm with a gorgeous white sand beach fringed with coconut palms.
▪ The shoreline was black gravel, occasionally interrupted by a sand beach.
▪ Swimming is also available at the Lido, where there is a large sand beach, and at the swimming pool.
▪ Quickly rising in popularity due to its magnificent white sand beach, Kuantan is one of the east coast's finest resorts.
▪ There is a pier, a busy soft sand beach and some beautiful public gardens.
▪ The place fascinated me - narrow country roads, little lost villages, great shingle beaches and lonely salt marshes.
▪ The concealed flakes must have reminded him of hunting for food on a shingle beach.
▪ Taking courage in both hands, I began to steer the fish towards the shingle beach.
▪ On the shingle beach, where the burnet rose grows, ringed plovers incubate eggs in shallow scrapes.
▪ There is a shingle beach in the town, with bathing facilities.
▪ The tide was high, he could hear the sound of waves on the shingle beach.
▪ Bardolino is just five minutes by local bus from Garda and the shingle beaches are a ten minute walk from the village.
▪ Colourful parasols dot its fine shingle beach and, inland, rolling rural landscapes await those who like to explore.
▪ One night, without notice, he was told to go to a beach at Oued Laou, just across from Tarifa.
▪ So he cries and he goes back to the beach.
▪ We all went to the beach, but it was another few weeks before I got her back to my house.
▪ I had a horse who loved going on the beach and in the sea at Weston-Super-Mare but hated puddles and tiny streams.
▪ Sun for Sail Bored with lying on a beach?
▪ The next thing I knew, it was dark and I was lying in the beach cold and sick and sore.
▪ Elena Fonti lay on the beach soaking up the sun.
▪ I think they thought they would find the treasure lying around on the beach!
▪ We lie on the beach, jamming with the world.
▪ We danced, we drank, we lay on the beach telling stories.
▪ When he woke he was on dry land, lying on a beach.
▪ Fighting against the wind we ran along the beach and watched a steel grey North Sea crashing in.
▪ I parked off the road and ran to the beach area.
▪ I ran around the beach looking for the perfect stone.
▪ Large breakers thundered in through a line of rocks, running ashore on to a beach of coarse shingle.
▪ You just want to tuck the board under your arm, run down the beach, paddle out and have fun.
▪ We got tired, and sunburnt as we ran over the beach stones without shoes.
▪ It's becoming more free - more location work and running along beaches.
▪ The spray ran white on the beach below me.
▪ As soon as I walked on to the beach behind the resort where I was staying, I realised its potential.
▪ We talked as we walked the beach and peeked at the funky houseboats along the waterfront.
▪ She walks back along the beach.
▪ Jay walked down to the beach.
▪ There won't be any fun in walking on the beach unless you enjoy doing battle with the storm.
▪ He walked as far as the beaches and along the deserted sea front.
▪ I get nervous when I walk on the beach.
beach/ski etc bum
▪ Parke Puterbaugh and Alan Bisbort are beach bums and proud of it.
▪ You envision a California beach bum.
▪ By nine o'clock the beach was already crowded with people.
▪ Let's go to the beach tomorrow.
▪ The area has miles of unspoiled sandy beaches..
▪ We sat there watching the waves breaking on the beach.
▪ A lavish breakfast buffet, included in the room rate, is served on a patio overlooking the beach.
▪ Bring a lawn chair or beach chair for comfortable seating, and leave the alcoholic beverages at home.
▪ High tide is often positively dangerous, with vicious dumping waves breaking on the steep slope of the upper beach.
▪ Lagoons, creeks, islands, coves and deserted sandy beaches abound.
▪ Lucy envies a young couple she sees on the beach, imagining the passionate love they will make.
▪ Rip A strong current, commonly experienced on surf beaches.
▪ The beach there is stony; the sandy beach is two blocks to the north.
▪ Your private beach Enjoy a cool aperitif Can you think of anywhere better for breakfast?
▪ But her fears were groundless: the generation gap in this instance had him beached on a far shore.
▪ Others were deliberately beached by crews that knew they had no chance to reach harbor.
▪ We beach briefly to relieve the pain in our nether portions!
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Beach \Beach\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Beached (b[=e]cht); p. pr. & vb. n. Beaching.] To run or drive (as a vessel or a boat) upon a beach; to strand; as, to beach a ship.


Beach \Beach\ (b[=e]ch), n.; pl. Beaches (-[e^]z). [Cf. Sw. backe hill, Dan. bakke, Icel. bakki hill, bank. Cf. Bank.]

  1. Pebbles, collectively; shingle.

  2. The shore of the sea, or of a lake, which is washed by the waves; especially, a sandy or pebbly shore; the strand.

    Beach flea (Zo["o]l.), the common name of many species of amphipod Crustacea, of the family Orchestid[ae], living on the sea beaches, and leaping like fleas.

    Beach grass (Bot.), a coarse grass ( Ammophila arundinacea), growing on the sandy shores of lakes and seas, which, by its interlaced running rootstocks, binds the sand together, and resists the encroachment of the waves.

    Beach wagon, a light open wagon with two or more seats.

    Raised beach, an accumulation of water-worn stones, gravel, sand, and other shore deposits, above the present level of wave action, whether actually raised by elevation of the coast, as in Norway, or left by the receding waters, as in many lake and river regions.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1530s, "loose, water-worn pebbles of the seashore," probably from Old English bæce, bece "stream," from Proto-Germanic *bakiz. Extended to loose, pebbly shores (1590s), and in dialect around Sussex and Kent beach still has the meaning "pebbles worn by the waves." French grève shows the same evolution. Beach ball first recorded 1940; beach bum first recorded 1950.


"to haul or run up on a beach," 1840, from beach (n.). Related: Beached; beaching.


n. The shore of a body of water, especially when sandy or pebbly. vb. To run (something) aground on a beach.


v. land on a beach; "the ship beached near the port"


n. an area of sand sloping down to the water of a sea or lake

Beach, ND -- U.S. city in North Dakota
Population (2000): 1116
Housing Units (2000): 570
Land area (2000): 1.828545 sq. miles (4.735909 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 0.000000 sq. miles (0.000000 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 1.828545 sq. miles (4.735909 sq. km)
FIPS code: 05420
Located within: North Dakota (ND), FIPS 38
Location: 46.915774 N, 104.004450 W
ZIP Codes (1990): 58621
Note: some ZIP codes may be omitted esp. for suburbs.
Beach, ND

A beach is a landform along a body of water. It usually consists of loose particles, which are often composed of rock, such as sand, gravel, shingle, pebbles, or cobblestones. The particles comprising a beach are occasionally biological in origin, such as mollusc shells or coralline algae.

Some beaches have man-made infrastructure, such as lifeguard posts, changing rooms, and showers. They may also have hospitality venues (such as resorts, camps, hotels, and restaurants) nearby. Wild beaches, also known as undeveloped or undiscovered beaches, are not developed in this manner. Wild beaches can be valued for their untouched beauty and preserved nature.

Beaches typically occur in areas along the coast where wave or current action deposits and reworks sediments.

Beach (disambiguation)

A beach is a geological formation consisting of loose rock particles along the shoreline of a body of water.

Beach, Beaches or beaching may also refer to:

Usage examples of "beach".

A roar went up from the crowd on the beach as Abo turned the shark over to the slaughterers and held up his arms in triumph.

Skin acrawl with urgency, Taverik strode down to the beached boat and muffled the badly mismatched oars.

But as I watched from that seaward beach it seemed to me that never had I been aware of it so acutely as now.

I was too awestruck to know fear, too adulatory in my awe, but I knew the open area of the beach was not safe, and I hurried away from Espinal and the motionless column of blackhearts.

Harding, the banker and local magnate of Sandy Beach, whose money it was that had financed the new aeroplane concern.

Slowly the squad of fifty Hadati hillmen reached the summit, and at last Erik and Akee were alone on the beach.

Ad Lib club, 132-4, 139 Adams, John and Marina, 126, 254 Aitken, Jonathan, 228 Albufeira, Portugal, 204 album sleeve designs, 333-48, 500-506, albums, by the Beach Boys, 280-81 by the Beatles Abbey Road, 550-59, 565 Beatles: Love Songs, Beatles for Sale, 38, 173 Let It Be, 470, 534-9, 549-51, 575, 578 Magical Mystery Tour, Please Please Me, 93, 95, 153, 583 Revolver, 190, 268, 281, 290-92 Rubber Soul, 268, 278, 290 Sgt.

That evening, after their frolic on the beach, I intend to bring all the Chatterford alumnae home -- except Eva.

When they anchored in the deepest part of the channel, Hal dropped a hand line over the side, the hooks baited with crabs they had taken from their holes on the sandy beach.

When he looked back the way he had come he could see the Gull of Moray anchored not far off a tiny rind of beach that clung precariously to the foot of the soaring rocky cliffs where the mountains fell into the sea.

When they had made their tallies other gangs of seamen rolled the great barrels down to the beach and loaded them into the largest pinnace to be taken out to the galleon, which lay anchored out in the channel, under her new mainmast and rigging.

In the sunset they studied the two ships anchored in the channel and watched the activity on the beach.

Beautiful rocky cliffs, full of caves, enclosed a little beach of colored pebbles, and then a strip of golden sand scattered over with rocks that held pools full of scarlet sea anemonies, and shells, and colored seaweeds like satin ribbon.

He wound up on the Beach at Sigma End, where he hung out with guys like the legendary Billy Anker, at that time obsessed with Radio RX1.

Opposite the islet, the beach consisted first of sand, covered with black stones, which were now appearing little by little above the retreating tide.