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beach huts

n. (beach hut English)

Usage examples of "beach huts".

I resented the topless sunbathers, the palm trees and aloe vera plants, the shingly beaches and the exquisite blue sea, the casino and the hotels, the villas on the hills, the skyscraper apartment blocks, the suntanned youths on motorbikes, the wind surfers and paraskiers, the speedboats, pedalos and beach huts.

Leaning steeply into the wind, I trudged along the beach in the posture of someone shouldering a car up a hill, passing in front of a long crescent of beach huts, all of identical design but painted in varying bright hues.

Little jetties poked out into the leisurely water, and there were a few small beach huts dotted across the sandy areas.

The coffee tasted just as it had so many years ago, when her parents had taken late holidays on cold Cornish beaches where beach huts were on the point of being dismantled for the winter.

A small album of photographs seemed a typical record of family life in back gardens and beach huts.

As I did so I felt a breeze flap against my face like a warm, wet sheet and saw coils of lamplit mist swirl like languid smoke round the end of a row of beach huts.