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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ A few minutes later in the nearby bazaar, some one taps the visitor on the shoulder, offering tea and conversation.
▪ But to sit around in a house, organising bazaars, having my hair done, that sort of thing?
▪ Hallaj and his ideas were discussed in the streets and bazaars of Baghdad.
▪ Harte and his stable of writers saw California as a nexus, with San Francisco as its central bazaar.
▪ I visited the underground cisterns. spent hours in the covered bazaar and a whole morning among the treasures of the Seraglio.
▪ It was only partly the men he had out on the streets and in the bazaars, the special agents like Georgiades.
▪ Now, in a healthy exercise of democracy and the idea bazaar, the tower of economic doctrine is quivering.
▪ There is a window at which I sit and look down into the bazaar.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Bazaar \Ba*zaar"\ Bazar \Ba*zar"\(b[.a]*z[aum]r"), n. [Per. b[=a]zar market.]

  1. In the East, an exchange, marketplace, or assemblage of shops where goods are exposed for sale.

  2. A spacious hall or suite of rooms for the sale of goods, as at a fair.

  3. A fair for the sale of fancy wares, toys, etc., commonly for a charitable purpose.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1580s, from Italian bazarra, ultimately from Persian bazar (Pahlavi vacar) "a market."


n. 1 A marketplace, particularly in the Middle East, and often covered with shops and stalls. 2 A shop selling articles that are either exotic or eclectic. 3 A fair or temporary market, often for charity. 4 (misspelling of bizarre English)

  1. n. a shop where a variety of goods are sold [syn: bazar]

  2. a street of small shops (especially in Orient) [syn: bazar]

  3. a sale of miscellany; often for charity; "the church bazaar" [syn: fair]


A bazaar is a permanently enclosed marketplace or street where goods and services are exchanged or sold. The term originates from the Persian word bāzār, from Middle Persianwāzār, from Old Persianvāčar, from Proto-Indo-Iranian*wahā-čarana. Souq is another word used in the Middle East for an open-air marketplace or commercial quarter. The term bazaar is sometimes also used to refer to the "network of merchants, bankers, and craftsmen" who work in that area. Although the current meaning of the word is believed to have originated in native Zoroastrian Persia, its use has spread and now has been accepted into the vernacular in countries around the world. The rise of large bazaars and stock trading centers in the Muslim World allowed the creation of new capitals and eventually new empires. New and wealthy cities such as Isfahan, Golconda, Samarkand, Cairo, Baghdad, and Timbuktu were founded along trade routes and bazaars. Street markets is the European and North American equivalents.

Bazaar (disambiguation)

A bazaar or landa bazaar is a permanent marketplace or street of shops.

Bazaar may also refer to:

  • Bazaar, Kansas, an unincorporated community in the United States
  • Bazaar (1949 film), a 1949 Indian Hindi language family-drama film directed by K. Amarnath
  • Bazaar (1982 film), a 1982 Indian film directed by Sagar Sarhadi
  • Bazaar (band) a Danish band
  • Bazaar (software), a distributed revision control system
  • Bazaar (supermarkets), a supermarket chain in Greece
  • Bazaar, an open source software development model from The Cathedral and the Bazaar
  • " The Bazaar", a 1995 song by Canadian rock band The Tea Party
  • Harper's Bazaar, a fashion magazine
  • Namche Bazaar, Nepal
Bazaar (band)

Bazaar (1976) is a Danish band. Their music, which features improvisation, has been classified as world, folk and jazz.

Bazaar (supermarkets)

Bazaar supermarkets is a discount supermarket chain in Greece. As of 2006, it operates around 60 stores. It belongs to the Veroukas Group of companies.

Bazaar (1949 film)

Bazaar is an Indian Hindi language family-drama film of year 1949. The film is directed by K. Amarnath and produced under the banner Madhukar Pictures. The story was written by K. Amarnath, while the dialogue and lyrics were by Qamar Jalalabadi with music by Shyam Sunder.

Bazaar (album)

Bazaar is an album by Wampire.

Bazaar (2014)

001 - The Amazing Heart Attack 03:31

002 - Bad Attitude 03:05

003 - Fly on the Wall 04:00

004 - Wizard Staff 03:52

005 - Too Stoned 03:32

006 - Millennials 04:47

007 - Sticking Out 03:06

008 - Life of Luxury 02:53

009 - People of Earth 03:26

Bazaar (1982 film)

Bazaar (; ) is a 1982 Indian film directed by Sagar Sarhadi and starring Naseeruddin Shah, Farooq Shaikh, Smita Patil and Supriya Pathak. The film set in Hyderabad, India, highlights the issue of bride buying in India, through the tragedy of a young girl being sold by needy parents to affluent expartraite Indians in the Gulf.

The film has sterling performances from almost all the cast and is akin to some other movies in the 1980s which highlighted oppression by the rich and powerful. Bazaar ('marketplace') is a realistic portrayal and highlights a system which is difficult to change.

Usage examples of "bazaar".

Assantikkan and did business in the Assantikkan quarter, Almered al zef Bakkuran had a shop in the Cassorin style rather than an open stall in the bazaar.

To the west rose the laval peak of Ancon Hill, sitting above the blend of modern and Spanish colonial buildings, above the busy new roads and the ancient maze of alleys and bazaars, above the living pot-pourri of Mestizos and Negroes, Chinese, Hindus and Europeans.

Not only was it a busy week, but the hospital was to hold its biannual bazaar at the weekend.

The sand-diviner of the red bazaar, slipping like a reptile under the waving arms and between the furious bodies of the beggars, stood up before her with a smile on his wounded face, stretched out to her his emaciated hands with a fawning, yet half satirical, gesture of desire.

But early in the evening of that same day, at the corners of quiet streets, in the covered ways, by the doors of bazaars, among the horses tethered in the fondaks, wheresoever two men could stand and talk unheard and unobserved by a third, one secret message of twofold significance passed with the voice of smothered joy from lip to lip.

The ladies she saw was to do with business, 42 like, arranging bazaars and gymkhanas, if you know what I mean.

Each day he and Hakeem took turns wandering the bazaars, waiting for the informer who knew also-Kareem to come from the black tents of Aleppo, near Antioch.

By the time the privy councillors started drifting in, the long table was heaped with feathers and gold, jade labrets and glass-edged swords, a rainbow hodgepodge like wares in some bizarre bazaar.

Carter also went ashore, and looked curiously upon the rutted streets where wooden ox carts lumbered and feverish merchants cried their wares vacuously in the bazaars.

A ship, too, has earthenware dishes, and when a storm throws them about and breaks them to shards, they must be mended and refired because pirate cooks cannot hasten to a bazaar to buy new.

The great bazaar quarter ran the entire street of the Mese, an area of nearly two miles, with shops and forums located beneath ornate porticoes.

The population is made up of Circassians, Armenians, and Russians, and a few Ossets at the bazaars, for the natives made off long ago.

And at last the strawberry glass perpetually bathed the town in roseate warmth, carpeted the world in pink sunrise, and made the cut lawn seem imported from some Persian rug bazaar.

Lin would meander through the bazaar until she came to Sheck, dense and chaotic with intricate streets and sprawling brick apartment buildings.

When therefore the seafaring merchant of the Vier Marchi, whose massive, brass-studded bahue had been as a gay bazaar where the gentry of Jersey refreshed their wardrobes, with one eye closed--when he was transferred to the Vier Prison, little wonder he should become a dreadful being round whom played the lightnings of dark fancy.