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n. (plural of merchant English)

Merchants (video game)

Merchants is a graphic adventure game created by Gamelearn to be training for negotiation skills. Merchants uses the g-learning methodology, which incorporates game-based learning, gamification techniques, and simulation.

Together with Triskelion and Pacific, Merchants is one of the two games developed by Gamelearn for soft skills training.

Usage examples of "merchants".

This person was Premislas Zanovitch, who afterwards became as famous as his brother who cheated the Amsterdam merchants, and adopted the style of Prince Scanderbeck.

This would have been ample for the whole journey if I had not been so foolish as to reduce it by half at a party of pleasure with some young merchants at Dantzic.

Soon, merchants trundled in their wares, narrow handcarts jostling in the tight marketplace aisles.

Chiozza is a peninsula, a sea-port belonging to Venice, with a population of ten thousand inhabitants, seamen, fishermen, merchants, lawyers, and government clerks.

In a capital that would not have been considered a large sum, but in a commercial and industrial city like Lyons it raised the alarm amongst the merchants, and the Ultramontanes thought of taking their leave.

Vicenza, and to give in payment to the merchants these letters of exchange.

The merchants with whom he had dealt came to dine with us, and the dinner was remarkable for its extreme profusion.

We reached the concert-room, where Esther found many of her young friends--all daughters of rich merchants, some pretty, some plain, and all curious to know who I was.

I went there again, but as Zaandam is well known as the haunt of the millionaire merchants who retire and enjoy life there in their own way, I will say no more about it.

Already, buyers swarmed, pressed close against each other as late-arriving merchants choked the pathways with their trestle tables.

The men bellowed when customers or merchants got in their way, and neither hesitated to apply a hammy fist to ease their passage.

Rordi claims she trampled his squash, but two other merchants say he damaged his own goods, hoping for a Council verdict and a free afternoon.

Council should not announce its verdict, binding you and the merchants you have wronged today?

If she recalled correctly, the pair of cheese merchants were husband and wife, although they looked enough alike to be brother and sister.

Rani still remembered his boastful pride, especially that he had been chosen over merchants who sold their goods in the marketplace.