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Batey (game)

Batéy was the name given to a special plaza around which the native Caribbean Taino Indians built their settlements. It was usually a rectangular area surrounded by stones with carved symbols known as petroglyphs.

The batey was the area in which batey events (e.g. ceremonies, the ball game, etc.) took place. The batey ceremony (also known as batu) can be viewed from some historical accounts as more of a judicial contest rather than a game. Because historical accounts of the game and court space come from (mostly Spanish) European explorers, the true nature, history, and function of the batey is still contested. Neighboring tribes may have used batey matches to resolve differences without warfare.


Batey can refer to:

  • Batey (game), a plaza for community events in the Caribbean Taino culture
  • Batey (sugar workers' town)
  • Batey (surname)
Batey (sugar workers' town)

A batey (plural is bateyes) is a settlement around a sugar mill. They can be found in Cuba and the Dominican Republic.

In Cuba and the Dominican Republic, the basic conglomerate unit of a sugar production is usually called an ingenio. An ingenio consists of a central administrative office, a sugar cane mill, a sugar refinery, the town around the office and refinery, sugar fields (campos de caña), and miscellaneous production equipment like trucks, trains, tractors, weighing scales, and housing for workers, usually in what is called a batey.

A batey is a company town consisting of barracks and a few houses. Bateyes vary in size considerably. They are located close to cane fields so that groups of workers can live nearby to the site of their labor.

Batey (surname)

Batey is a surname of British origin, which may have multiple meanings. The name Batey can be a diminutive of the name Bartholomew. Alternatively, Batey may be an occupational surname for a boatman or fisherman, deriving from the Old English 'bāt' and the suffix '-ey', which loosely means "small boat". Related surnames include Bateman, Bates, and Bate. The name Batey may refer to:

  • Bob Batey (1912–1988), British football player
  • Carol S. Batey (born 1955), American writer
  • Derek Batey (1928–2013), British television presenter
  • William Baty (born 1933-2015), Cyclist
  • Joseph Batey (1867–1949), British politician
  • Kelvin Batey (born 1981), British BMX racer
  • Lisa Batey (born 1978), American video blogger
  • Keith Batey (1919–2010), British codebreaker
  • Mavis Batey (1921–2013), British codebreaker
  • Peter Batey (born 1958), British businessman