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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ A network of subsidized cargo barges and water taxis would be introduced on the city's canals to compensate.
▪ Each barge weighs about 850 tons and carries about eleven hundred tons of steel.
▪ It seemed that he was not, after all, a true barge dweller.
▪ It was even better than going by barge.
▪ No one had seen them lift themselves from the barges or soar upward.
▪ The Columbia River was a traffic jam of barges carrying bauxite to the smelters in Longview, Washington.
▪ There must be lots of barge owners wanting similar gang-planks.
▪ A couple of kids barged past the guards at the door.
▪ A woman carrying a large basket barged past me to the front of the line.
▪ She just barged into me, without even apologizing.
▪ He took a glass of water till the Home Guard barged in and waved a muckle pistol in his face.
▪ He was lonely and broke and had already barged in for the loan of a cupful of Quaker oats.
▪ Made his name barging into their clubs and smashing up their meeting halls.
▪ The others are always barging about the kitchen and the living-room.
▪ They were wild like animals, free-falling 15 feet or barging through the monuments.
▪ What am I, crazy, barging in on strangers trying to have a peaceful meal?
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Barge \Barge\, n. [OF. barge, F. berge, fr. LL. barca, for barica (not found), prob. fr. L. baris an Egyptian rowboat, fr. Gr. ?, prob. fr. Egyptian: cf. Coptic bari a boat. Cf. Bark a vessel.]

  1. A pleasure boat; a vessel or boat of state, elegantly furnished and decorated.

  2. A large, roomy boat for the conveyance of passengers or goods; as, a ship's barge; a charcoal barge.

  3. A large boat used by flag officers.

  4. A double-decked passenger or freight vessel, towed by a steamboat. [U.S.]

  5. A large omnibus used for excursions. [Local, U.S.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1300, "small seagoing vessel with sails," from Old French barge, Old Provençal barca, from Medieval Latin barga, perhaps from Celtic, or perhaps from Latin *barica, from Greek baris "Egyptian boat," from Coptic bari "small boat." Meaning "flat-bottomed freight boat" dates from late 15c.


"to journey by barge," 1590s, from barge (n.). The form barge into and the sense "crash heavily into," in reference to the rough handling of barges, dates from 1830s, American English. Related: Barged; barging.


n. 1 A large flat-bottomed towed or self-propelled boat used mainly for river and canal transport of heavy goods or bulk cargo 2 A richly decorated ceremonial state vessel propelled by rowers for river processions 3 A large flat-bottomed coastal trading vessel having a large spritsail and jib-headed topsail, a fore staysail and a very small mizen, and having leeboards instead of a keel 4 One of the boats of a warship having fourteen oars 5 The wooden disk in which bread or biscuit is placed on a mess table 6 (context US English) A double-decked passenger or freight vessel, towed by a steamboat. 7 (context US dialect dated English) A large omnibus used for excursions. vb. 1 To intrude or break through, particularly in an unwelcome or clumsy manner. 2 (context transitive English) To push someone.


n. a flatbottom boat for carrying heavy loads (especially on canals) [syn: flatboat, hoy, lighter]

  1. v. push one's way; "she barged into the meeting room" [syn: thrust ahead, push forward]

  2. transport by barge on a body of water


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Barge (disambiguation)

Barge or barges may refer to:

Barge (song)

Barge (Polish:Barka) is the most liked music of John Paul II. The music is Spanish, Polish text was created by a Salesian of Don Bosco Stanisław Szmidt in 1974.

Usage examples of "barge".

Rel is navigable for sizeable vessels as far as Abray and barges could penetrate even further, virtually to Dalasor.

He passed two other barges tied alongshore, then the first watchtower showed dark against the sky.

The angareb and its burden had been carried on board early that morning at Korosko by two Arabs, who now sat laughing and chattering in the stern of the barge.

He and Astell said goodbye to the others as they climbed out at the harbour, and the barge turned back towards the lake.

Merlin had declared that he should not die, he bade the knight lay him in a barge, all hung with black, wherein he would find Morgana the fay, the Queen of Northgallis, and the Queen of the Westerlands.

Hence, if we are mining it further away, we will be collecting the bauxite with pickaxe and shovel, carrying it out of the mine by wheelbarrow, hoist, or mine car, and shipping it to the processing plant by pack mule, wagon, barge or ship.

For weeks Claude worked hard at a study of some lightermen unloading a cargo of plaster, carrying white sacks on their shoulders, leaving a white pathway behind them, and bepowdered with white themselves, whilst hard by the coal removed from another barge had stained the waterside with a huge inky smear.

The barge and the false rendezvous was the ruse by which we secured the Terran Colonel Bogey fur the sport.

Empress Miram and her children were on the barge that took Colonel Bogey to Avida.

Trader Tarri at Crom Hold, Pellar found passage on one of the barges heading downstream from Crom Hold, continuing his search for Master Aleesa.

He sent word to Master Zist, returned to Crom Hold, and took passage once more on a barge downriver.

Ceinwen Rees seized the bowl and with a tight nod turned and went out through the back door just as Dai Fargo barged his way through the front door and slammed it noisily.

At that moment the door burst open and Corrie Swanson came barging into the diner, tossing back her purple hair, all the little chains and doohickeys pinned to her tank top astir.

Very large preparations should be made at the embarkation ports, and the assembly of the greatest amount of barges and invasion craft should be made, culminating in July and August.

Those in front shot side to side, those behind tried to drop back as, bearing straight down on the royal barge, there came a log of black wood twenty feet long and as thick as the mainmast of an old three-decker.