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n. A type of semi-thick Chinese wheat noodle, or a dish chiefly composed of them.


Bakmi consists of two Hokkien Chinese words literally translated to English as "meat noodles" (, ). Bakmi is a wheat based noodle which was brought to Southeast Asia by Chinese immigrants with Fujian or Hokkien origin, generally prepared and topped with minced pork seasoned in soy sauce and few sliced of char siu (叉燒) or barbecued pork, with addition of Chinese green vegetables and a bowl of broth.

Today, bakmi become one of common noodle dish, and especially in Southeast Asia which have significant Chinese populations. The dish has also been further developed to more closely align with the local tastes. Bakmi is between Chinese style wheat noodles and Japanese udons in thickness, and there are several variants of bakmi in Indonesia. Although the name bakmi literally translate to "pork noodle", different types of meat might be used, including chicken and beef. Variation includes mie ayam (chicken noodle) and mie goreng (stir fried noodle in sweet soy sauce).