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n. A sweetfish, an amphidromous fish of East Asia, the only member of its genus, (taxlink Plecoglossus altivelis species noshow=1), named and prized for its sweet-tasting flesh. It is a game fish and is also subject to extensive aquaculture.


The or sweetfish, Plecoglossus altivelis, is a species of fish. It is the only species in the genus Plecoglossus and family Plecoglossidae. It is a relative of the smelts and other fish in the order Osmeriformes.

Native to the Palearctic ecozone, it is distributed in the northwestern Pacific Ocean along the coast of Hokkaidō in Japan southward to the Korean Peninsula, China, and Hong Kong. It is amphidromous, moving between marine and freshwater bodies. It can be found in local rivers and lakes. It is an introduced species in Taiwan.

The name "sweetfish" was inspired by the sweetness of its flesh. In reference to its typical one-year lifespan, it is also written as ("year-fish"). Some individuals live two to three years. The ayu is the prefectural fish of Gunma Prefecture and Gifu Prefecture.

Ayu (disambiguation)

The ayu is a species of fish.

Ayu may also refer to:

  • Ayu (given name)
  • ayu, a local name for the African manatee
  • Ayu (singer) or Ayumi Hamasaki, Japanese singer
  • Ayu Islands, a small archipelago in Indonesia
  • Ayu, Dawei, a village in Burma

AYU refers to:

  • Aiyura Airport's IATA code
Ayu (given name)

Ayu may refer to:

  • Ayu Tsukimiya, a character in the visual novel Kanon
  • Ayu Tateishi, a character from the manga and anime Ultra Maniac
  • Ayu, a nickname of Japanese singer Ayumi Hamasaki

Usage examples of "ayu".

There were low couches along the walls, covered with draperies of native weaving, or the skins of the ayu, a sort of fresh-water seal found in the Benuwe.

The largest was a flat lacquer dish with two grilled, salted ayu poised on their bellies as though they were swimming down the river together.