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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Aura \Au"ra\, n.; pl. Aur[ae]. [L. aura air, akin to Gr. ?.]

  1. Any subtile, invisible emanation, effluvium, or exhalation from a substance, as the aroma of flowers, the odor of the blood, a supposed fertilizing emanation from the pollen of flowers, etc.

  2. (Med.) The peculiar sensation, as of a light vapor, or cold air, rising from the trunk or limbs towards the head, a premonitory symptom of epilepsy or hysterics.

    Electric aura, a supposed electric fluid, emanating from an electrified body, and forming a mass surrounding it, called the electric atmosphere. See Atmosphere, 2.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1870 in spiritualism, "subtle emanation around living beings;" earlier "characteristic impression" made by a personality (1859), earlier still "gentle breeze" (late 14c.), from Latin aura "breeze, wind, air," from Greek aura "breath, breeze," from PIE root *awer- (see air (n.1)).


alt. (given name female from=Latin) shortened from Aurelia. n. (given name female from=Latin) shortened from Aurelia.

  1. n. a sensation (as of a cold breeze or bright light) that precedes the onset of certain disorders such as a migraine attack or epileptic seizure

  2. an indication of radiant light drawn around the head of a saint [syn: aureole, halo, nimbus, glory, gloriole]

  3. a distinctive but intangible quality surrounding a person or thing; "an air of mystery"; "the house had a neglected air"; "an atmosphere of defeat pervaded the candidate's headquarters"; "the place had an aura of romance" [syn: air, atmosphere]

  4. [also: aurae (pl)]


AurA was a rock band formed in April 2007 in Worcestershire, England.

The line up was Dave Small (Vocals), Jamie Guggenheim (Guitar), Blake Probert (Bass), and Jesse Lee Garcia (Drums/percussion)

Aura (satellite)

Aura (EOS CH-1) is a multi-national NASA scientific research satellite in orbit around the Earth, studying the Earth's ozone layer, air quality and climate. It is the third major component of the Earth Observing System (EOS) following on Terra (launched 1999) and Aqua (launched 2002). Aura follows on from the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS).

The name " Aura" comes from the Latin word for air. The satellite was launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base on July 15, 2004, aboard a Delta II 7920-10L rocket.

The Aura spacecraft has a mass of about . The body is long with the extended single solar panel about long.

Aura (Archipelago Sea)

The Aura ( Finnish Aurajoki; Swedish Aura å) is a river in south-western Finland. Its sources are in the town of Oripää, and it flows through Pöytyä, Aura and Lieto before discharging into the Archipelago Sea in the middle of the city of Turku. The waters of the Aura river are brown. The total length of the river is about , and it contains eleven rapids, the biggest of which is Nautelankoski at Lieto. The reserve tap water for Turku Region is drawn from the Aura, the city's secondary waterworks being situated by the Halinen rapids.

The word "Aura" appears to come from an archaic Swedish word for waterway (aathra, which is still current in the form ådra), but in Finnish it translates as "plough," a name the river lives up to. Situated in an agricultural zone, it is made turbid by surface runoff from nearby farms with eutrophication as the biggest threat. Its condition has been improving since the 1970s and the Aura river is now clean enough to support salmon.

The banks of the river have been inhabited on locations at least 6,000 years ago. It is notable for the cultural heritage in Finland. The archdiocese of Finland has been situated near the river since the thirteenth century.

Aura (Miles Davis album)

Aura is a concept album by Miles Davis, produced by Danish composer/trumpeter Palle Mikkelborg, released in 1989. All compositions and arrangements are by Mikkelborg, who created the suite in tribute when Davis received the Léonie Sonning Music Prize in December 1984, the year Decoy was released.

Aura (Asia album)

Aura is the ninth studio album by British rock band Asia, recorded in 2000 at Loco Studios, South Wales and first released in 2001.

Aura (woreda)

Aura is one of the woredas in the Afar Region of Ethiopia. Part of the Administrative Zone 4, Aura is bordered on the southwest by Ewa, on the west by Gulina, on the north by Teru, and on the east by Administrative Zone 1; the Logiya River defines part of its southeastern boundary. The largest settlement in Aura is Derayitu.

Aura (novel)

Aura is a short novel by Carlos Fuentes, first published in 1962 in Mexico. Its narrative is completely carried out in second person. The first English translation, by Lysander Kemp, was published in 1965 by Farrar, Straus and Giroux. It was adapted to the screen in 1966 in La Strega in Amore, starring Richard Johnson, Rosanna Schiaffino and Gian Maria Volontè.

Aura (The Mission album)

Aura is the eighth studio album by The Mission. Released in 2001, it was their first studio album since Blue in 1996. The album was also released as a slipcased limited edition 2-CD set. The bonus disc features the original version of "In Denial", two videos - "Evangeline" and "Deliverance" (live), interview footage and a weblink. The album was re-released in November 2014 together with its accompanying Aural Delight.

Aura (CMX album)

Aura (1994) is an album by the Finnish rock group CMX. The album gained the band its first near-hit single and some commercial airplay with "Ruoste". Although many people consider Aura to be the band's seminal record, at this point many older fans were already scoffing at the more streamlined, acoustic songs and mellow soundscapes as compared to their earlier hardcore steamrolling. However, Aura pretty much defines the band's sound up to this day, with a mixture of heavy and light elements and songwriting reminiscent of 1960s and 1970s progressive rock.

Aura (paranormal)

In parapsychology and spiritual practice, an aura is a field of subtle, luminous radiation surrounding a person or object like the halo or aureola in religious art. The depiction of such an aura often connotes a person of particular power or holiness. It is said that all objects and all living things manifest such an aura. Often it is held to be perceptible, whether spontaneously or with practice: such perception is at times linked with the third eye of Indian spirituality. Various writers associate various personality traits with the colors of different layers of the aura. It has also been described as a map of the thoughts and feelings surrounding a person.

Skeptics such as Robert Todd Carroll contend that people may perceive auras because of effects within the brain: synesthesia, epilepsy, migraines, or the influence of psychedelic drugs such as LSD. Other causes may include disorders within the visual system provoking optical effects. Eye fatigue can also produce an aura, sometimes referred to as eye burn.

Attempts to prove the existence of auras scientifically have repeatedly met with failure; for example people are unable to see auras in the dark, and auras have never been successfully used to identify people when their identifying features are otherwise obscured in controlled tests.

Aura (symptom)

An aura is a perceptual disturbance experienced by some with migraines or seizures before either the headache or seizure begins. It often manifests as the perception of a strange light, an unpleasant smell, or confusing thoughts or experiences. Some people experience aura without a subsequent migraine or seizure (see silent migraine). Auras vary by individual experience; some people experience smells, lights, or hallucinations. Less known symptoms of the eye include disturbances, where the eyes roll in the back of the head caused by photosensitivity. A sufferer of this type of aura may experience tearfulness of the eyes and uncontrollable sensations of light followed by reduced symptoms after approximately 20 minutes; it is the rarest type of aura.

When occurring, auras allow people who have epilepsy, time to prevent injury to themselves and/or others. The time between the appearance of the aura and the migraine lasts from a few seconds up to an hour. The aura can stay with a migraine sufferer for the duration of the migraine; depending on the type of aura, it can leave the person disoriented and confused. It is not uncommon for migraine sufferers to experience more than one type of aura during the migraine. Most people who have auras have the same type of aura every time.

Auras can also be confused with sudden onset of panic, panic attacks or anxiety attacks creating difficulties in diagnosis. The differential diagnosis of patients who experience symptoms of paresthesias, derealization, dizziness, chest pain, tremors, and palpitations can be quite challenging.

Aura (Toronto)

The Aura is a mixed-use skyscraper completed in 2014. in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is the final phase of a series of new condominiums near College Park in Toronto's Downtown Yonge district. It is part of the Residences of College Park project. Construction began in January 2010. As of 2016, it is the 6th tallest residential building outside of Asia and the 23rd tallest residential building in the world.

Aura (comics)

Aura is the code name of the Malibu Comics superheroine Morgan DuBay.

Aura (Sinn)

The Aura is an tributary of the Sinn River in Bavaria, Germany.

Aura (The Alpha Conspiracy album)

Aura is the second studio album by The Alpha Conspiracy, released in 2004.

In a review for Splendid E-zine, Melissa Amos wrote:

Andrew Sega incorporated his vocals on some of Aura's songs, a practice which he wasn't previously known for. Ned Kirby of Stromkern contributed vocals in "Accelerating".

Aura appeared at #17 in the June 2004 edition of the French Alternative Charts.

Aura (Norway)

The Aura is a river in Nesset Municipality in Møre og Romsdal county, Norway. It starts from Lake Aursjøen and flows first to the west, then north-west through the village of Eikesdalen, and empties into the large lake Eikesdalsvatnet.

The river is long and has a catchment area of . Under natural conditions the river has an average water flow at the mouth of , but this is now greatly reduced because of power development. In the 1950s, both the main river and most tributaries were transferred to the Aura plant in Sunndal Municipality.

Aura (song)

"Aura" is a song by American recording artist Lady Gaga, taken from her third studio album, Artpop (2013). It was written by Gaga herself, along with Zedd and psychedelic trance duo Infected Mushroom. The song was performed live during Gaga's iTunes Festival headlining and it was used in the trailer for Robert Rodriguez's Machete Kills, in which Gaga co-stars. Even though it was not released digitally, nor to the radio, "Aura" managed to enter the US Billboard Dance/Electronic Songs.

AURA (United Artists for African Rap)

AURA (Artistes Unis pour le Rap Africain / United Artists for African Rap) is a collective of 17 hip hop artists (plus one griot) coming from ten different countries in West Africa (Benin, Burkina Faso, Gambia, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Niger, Mali, Mauritania, Senegal and Togo) and who are committed to use their voices and music for Africa’s development. With the support of the Non Governmental Organization PLAN International, they are engaged in a public awareness campaign relating to Children’s rights and youth problems. With respect, they realized in 2006 the first ever hip hop musical comedy show “The extraordinary Stories of Poto-Poto Children”.

Aura (mythology)

Aura, in ancient Greek and ancient Roman religion, is the divine personification of the breeze. The plural form, Aurae, "Breezes," is often found.

The velificatio, a billowing garment that forms an arch overhead, is the primary attribute by which an Aura can be identified in art. A pair of velificantes (figures framed by a velificatio) that appear on the Augustan Altar of Peace have sometimes been identified as Aurae. Pliny describes statues of the Aurae velificantes sua veste, "making a sail with their garment," at the Porticus Octaviae in Rome. Aurae can resemble Nereids, from whom they are distinguishable mainly by the absence of marine imagery.

The Augustan poet Ovid introduces Aura into the tragic story of Cephalus and Procris, playing on the verbal similarity of Aura and Aurora, the Roman goddess of the dawn who was the counterpart of Greek Eos.

The Dionysiaca of Nonnus (early 5th century) presents the most extended mythology of Aura, though Nonnus is both late and idiosyncratic. In the Dionysiaca, Aura was the daughter of Lelantos and Periboa and mother of Iacchus by Dionysus.

Aurae are also said to partially resemble ghosts, and can become part of the breeze, or can prevent it. They appear to disappear into the air, which, along with the fact that they glide, is why they are often mistaken for spirits of the departed. They are also said to sometimes work with Aeolus, Master of Winds, and are the more gentle cousins of the Harpies.

Aura, the goddess of such breezes, appears in Sandro Botticelli's painting The Birth of Venus.

Aura (Yvonne Catterfeld album)

Aura is the fourth studio album by German recording artist Yvonne Catterfeld, released by Sony Music on October 20, 2006 in German-speaking Europe.

Aura (composition)

Aura (In memoriam Witold Lutosławski) is a composition for orchestra by the Finnish composer Magnus Lindberg. The work was commissioned by Suntory for the 1994 Suntory International program for music composition. Its world premiere was given on June 11, 1994 in Tokyo by the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Kazufumi Yamashita. The piece is dedicated in memoriam of the Polish composer Witold Lutosławski, who died partway through its composition.

Usage examples of "aura".

I could sense his power and he, unlike Adeem, had fire and ice beneath his aura.

Nest, but she had given glowing details, cloaked it with such an aura of glamour they had been agog with excitement.

And there were so many: homeopathy, acupuncture, bipolarized interferon, amygdalin, ion rebalance, meditation, chelation, Kirlian aura manipulation, biofeed-back, quantum energy .

Cassandra said, fixing Auger with an expressionless stare from within her aura of twinkling machines.

Their bond made Tarrant sensitive to her aura, but turning her focus inward dimmed her auric energy as if she was really sleeping.

As they drove slowly to the river Ralph Bales watched the aura of lights rising up from St.

Partly in the hope that I could somehow clarify those foggy, clairvoyant perceptions of danger and see exactly what violence lay ahead, and partly because I was determined not to be intimidated by the aura of evil that clung to the big machine, I shrugged off the backpack I had been carrying, unrolled my sleeping bag, and made ready to pass the last hours of the night right there in the faint patchwork of purple-black shadows and ash-gray moonlight, with the wheel looming over me.

Alice Lee Langman was a perfected presence, an enameled lady marked with the androgynous quality, that sexually ambivalent aura that seems a common denominator among certain persons whose allure crosses all frontiers-a mystique not confined to women, for Nureyev has it, Nehru had it, so did the youthful Marlon Brando and Elvis Presley, so did Montgomery Clift and James Dean.

Inspired, no doubt, by the mysterious daily production of the information and by the aura of sorcery and the occult that has always enveloped cryptology, he called it magic.

First the clash of cymbals and then the cloaked figures, shielded by parasols and borne by slaves, steeped in the erotic aura of mystery.

Les articles sous le coup desquels elle vous place sont les 354, 355, 356, 357 du code penal, qui disent que quiconque aura enleve ou detourne une fille au-dessous de seize ans subira la peine des travaux forces a temps.

When you act like you already possess it, then like a magnet, your aura of confidence and positivity will attract more Fabulosity to you.

The faie were monotheists, worshipping only Illior, whom they called Aura.

I, personally, like that tailored, well-groomed, reeking-of-money-and-success aura that Harad projects.

Alpini Boreae nunc hinc nunc flatibus illinc Eruere inter se certant, it stridor et altae Consternunt terram concusso stipite frondes, Ipsa haeret scopulis et quantum vertice ad auras Aetherias tantum radice in Tartara tendit: Haud secus adsiduis hinc atque hinc vocibus heros Tunditur et magno persentit pectore curas, Mens immota manet, lacrimae volvuntur inanes.