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Atmel Corporation is an American-based designer and manufacturer of semiconductors, founded in 1984. The company focuses on embedded systems built around microcontrollers. Its products include microcontrollers ( 8-bit AVR, 32-bit AVR, 32-bit ARM-based, automotive grade, and 8-bit Intel 8051 derivatives) radio frequency (RF) devices including Wi-Fi, EEPROM, and flash memory devices, symmetric and asymmetric security chips, touch sensors and controllers, and application-specific products. Atmel supplies its devices as standard products, application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs), or application-specific standard product (ASSPs) depending on the requirements of its customers.

Atmel serves applications including consumer, communications, computer networking, industrial, medical, automotive, aerospace and military. It specializes in microcontroller and touch systems, especially for embedded systems.

Atmel's corporate headquarters is in San Jose, California. Other locations include Trondheim, Norway, Colorado Springs, Colorado, Chennai, India, Shanghai, China, Taipei, Taiwan, Rousset, France, Nantes, France, Patras, Greece, Heilbronn, Germany, Munich, Germany, Whiteley, United Kingdom, Cairo, Egypt. Atmel makes much of its product line at vendor fabrication facilities. It owns a facility in Colorado Springs, Colorado that manufactures its XSense line of flexible touch sensors.

In 2016, Microchip agreed to buy Atmel for $3.6 Billion in a deal brokered by JPMorgan Chase and Qatalyst.