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Artia (publisher)

Artia was a Cold War-era government-run company in Prague, Czechoslovakia, that is best known today for publishing books and fairy tales for children.


Artia may refer to:

  • Artia, Virginia
  • Artia (plant), a genus of Apocynaceae
  • Artia (publisher), a Czech publisher
Artia (plant)

'Artia ' is a genus of plant in family Apocynaceae first described as a genus in 1941. The entire group is endemic to New Caledonia Territory in the SW Pacific, including the nearby Loyalty Islands.

  • Artia amieuensis Guillaumin
  • Artia balansae (Baill.) Pichon ex Guillaumin
  • Artia brachycarpa (Baill.) Boiteau
  • Artia francii (Guillaumin) Pichon
  • Artia lifuana (Baill.) Pichon ex Guillaumin - C New Caledonia + Loyalty Islands
Formerly included

Artia penangiana (King & Gamble) Pichon, syn of Parsonsia penangiana King & Gamble