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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a flower arrangement
▪ She produced dried flower arrangements for sale.
by prior arrangement
▪ Visitors can tour the burial tombs by prior arrangement.
seating plan/arrangements
▪ the seating plan for the wedding dinner
security measures/arrangements
▪ Residents have been warned to take extra security measures following a spate of burglaries.
travel arrangements
▪ I still have to make all the travel arrangements.
▪ The second is to be prepared to try to meet the objections of those affected by alternative arrangements.
▪ Such a plan can include courses on campus or at universities, or alternative learning arrangements.
▪ What we see, however, are different forms of organization, alternative institutional arrangements.
▪ Where other levels of work are being done they will be given up as soon as satisfactory alternative arrangements can be made.
▪ One priority is access to the toilet, or alternative toilet arrangements.
▪ As an alternative to 100% ownership and control, what about alternative arrangements such as a partnership or joint venture?
▪ If there is any doubt about this, please contact me to discuss alternative arrangements.
▪ Failure of crops and transportation delays must be foreseen and alternative arrangements made quickly and efficiently.
▪ What is clear is that current constitutional arrangements do suit an authoritarian government well.
▪ He also expressed optimism that an acceptable constitutional arrangement could be agreed which would obviate the need for Quebec to seek independence.
▪ Here, the difficulty revolves around the different constitutional arrangements operative in the two jurisdictions being compared.
▪ The treaties have the potential to change our constitutional arrangements and the powers of Parliament.
▪ The only form of constitutional arrangements which socialist states took seriously after 1917 were formulas for national federation and autonomy.
▪ The great merit of our constitutional arrangements is that they have developed cautiously and case by case.
▪ Mr. Lang My hon. Friend identifies part of the problem which those who favour changes in the constitutional arrangements should address.
▪ The constitutional and organizational arrangements filter the interests of state personnel towards the long-run interests of the capitalists.
▪ Director of Social Services, Bill Bulpin said existing arrangements were inadequate, however.
▪ He argued that our existing governmental arrangements are inimical to forging a sense of fraternity.
▪ The existing arrangements of asking for police assistance when the presence of weapons is suspected are considered to be quite adequate.
▪ The existing arrangements are well established.
▪ The attention of the council was drawn to an anomaly in the existing arrangements for patients suffering from pulmonary tuberculosis.
▪ Turning now to benefit payments, marriage can, in some cases, affect existing arrangements.
▪ Some of these, like the reforms in the royal Household, were largely a matter of tidying up existing arrangements.
▪ The existing pension arrangements will continue for a transitional period.
▪ Competition is keen and candidates must offer a minimum of an upper second class honours degree together with evidence of satisfactory financial arrangements.
▪ The latest sale is contingent on to Dallas-based Empire completing financial arrangement, Ladd said.
▪ Whether the vendors' financial arrangements present any structuring opportunities?
▪ Johnston said the contract was exploitative and restrictive, with the financial arrangements much less lucrative than she'd expected.
▪ However, even at this stage the reader will appreciate that global banking is now an established feature of international financial arrangements.
▪ McGann, it seems, is opting for the financial arrangement / power axis model of marriage.
▪ No method of working, system of cropping or financial arrangement is sacred or unalterable.
▪ The financial arrangements are all in order, Samuel.
▪ What we see, however, are different forms of organization, alternative institutional arrangements.
▪ Chapter 8 will examine forms of institutional arrangements regarding such matters as executive-legislative relations, party system, and citizen democracy.
▪ Various institutional arrangements both support and reproduce cooperation such as continuous consultation with the union and the practice of delegated decision-making.
▪ This principle alone required institutional arrangements, regulation and supervision.
▪ Evidence of closer and longer-term institutional arrangements between business interests and local government at this time is far more limited.
▪ The scheme is designed to further personal development and to encourage reflection on institutional arrangements.
▪ Consequently, the best institutional arrangement to use depends on the nature of the transaction.
▪ It is impossible to make any such comparison without knowing what the institutional arrangements of the system would be.
▪ But I wish he'd civilize his living arrangements.
▪ While hardly ideal, our living arrangements were suitably ascetic, and conducive to inner preparation.
▪ Also information about vocational functioning and living arrangements was gathered by interview.
▪ In doing so they will not only be dealing with grief and loss, but also rethinking their own daily living arrangements.
▪ Among the refugee communities, new forms of collective living arrangements have been organized.
▪ Separate living arrangements for the couple are under negotiation, according to a newspaper report.
▪ The diplomats were merely called upon to make the necessary arrangements.
▪ Our Priest agreed, and the necessary arrangements were made for the boy's adoption and transfer to Eire.
▪ The council made many of the necessary arrangements for the changeover and told pupils which schools they would be going to.
▪ Brook will also make all the necessary arrangements for its young clients to obtain abortions.
▪ They will also attend to all necessary arrangements and papers.
▪ Just call at your branch who will make the necessary arrangements.
▪ Decisions must be reached regarding the type of activity and all necessary arrangements made.
▪ We shall make the necessary arrangements to meet with you in due course.
▪ This will probably be one of the flash points as the new joint arrangements for assessment and care management become established.
▪ Some people place stickers with the new key arrangement over the standard lettering.
▪ The early deadline gave little time for meetings and collaborative effort, or a very considered response to the new timetabling arrangements.
▪ The new arrangement caused much criticism of the administrative board members, who maintained a discreet silence.
▪ It introduces new arrangements for degree-awarding powers and for achieving university status.
▪ Companies aide still trying to find how best to describe these new work arrangements for people.
▪ He owns an international credit-card company in London. New to travel arrangements?
▪ Better still, customers took well to the new arrangement.
▪ I have vetoed other business arrangements you have cooked up - nothing new about that!
▪ Various other questions concerning arrangements here in the house during my absence will need to be settled.
▪ If an Assembly were given tax-raising powers, how would that fit in with the other fiscal arrangements?
▪ Relationship to other instruments Finally, three Articles of the Convention deal with other international arrangements which may be used.
▪ In other triangles are arrangements of triple peltae and series of small, filled, superposed triangles.
▪ This will involve the sending of rejection letters or invitations to interview detailing time, place and other arrangements.
▪ The Deputy Fuhrer had made other arrangements, it seems.
▪ She let Herbert know, and he cabled her to cancel all other arrangements and catch the next ship back.
▪ Simply that you need to be aware of all the various factors before opting out of your present arrangements.
▪ Some one had to overturn the present political arrangements in the Limousin if he was ever to lay his hands on Hautefort.
▪ Even if you are confident that your present arrangements are adequate can you be sure that nothing has been overlooked?
▪ It is clear that the present arrangements will not survive.
▪ Thus, the present arrangements are working reasonably well.
▪ It is the Tribunal's view that the present arrangements regarding Shift Allowance etc. should apply. 2.
▪ It rejected evidence from government witnesses that present management arrangements were working well and has called for a radical reorganization.
▪ They may recommend a structure based on unitary authorities or the present two-tier arrangements.
▪ Light snacks or full catering by prior arrangement for party bookings.
▪ House rules: Limited smoking; pets permitted by prior arrangement and $ 10 charge.
▪ Vegetarian meals are provided by prior arrangement.
▪ Although many of these transactions and services already occur electronically, they require dedicated lines or prior arrangements.
▪ A four-course dinner is available, by prior arrangement.
▪ This procedure will be run once in any 24 hour period, unless special prior arrangements have been made.
▪ Back stage tours by prior arrangement.
▪ Evening meals are by prior arrangement only, and generally Marypen likes to cook for her guests three times a week.
▪ The proximity, both geographically and chronologically, of such similar structural arrangements is, clearly, very significant.
▪ All school systems are going to have to make similar innovative arrangements if school-to-work programs are to have a future.
▪ A similar bizarre arrangement occurs in all the chapters.
▪ J., where a similar arrangement allegedly occurred.
▪ Private sector organisations have had difficulty making similar arrangements work effectively.
▪ The Super Bowl in Minneapolis had similar arrangements.
▪ Wishing to capitalise on this success, Langan suggested a similar arrangement in Los Angeles.
▪ Scientific analysis of society was considered an essential preliminary to the effective reform of social and political arrangements.
Social contracts are strictly hypothetical-no one has ever actually signed one-but they provide a useful way of thinking about social arrangements.
▪ Although social arrangements constrain and control us, they are still constructed and reproduced by human action.
▪ One view is that the highest value in social arrangements is individual freedom of action.
▪ However, in terms of social arrangements, you are not too far off the track.
▪ Is that the social arrangement we really want?
▪ The legitimate pursuit of competing interests can balance and preserve social and organisational arrangements.
▪ Something was wrong with the family, the economy, social arrangements, even religious competition.
▪ A number depend upon special arrangements with one or more local schools, in either the state or the independent sector.
▪ She went so far as to make special transportation arrangements for some students to stay after school to finish their assignments.
▪ As in teaching by example, special arrangements do not need to be made for individual supervision.
▪ Within the deceptively small establishment are numerous and unique fresh flower arrangements, from small desktop bouquets to massive special occasion arrangements.
▪ Apart from watching two ex-music pupils shine Mr Livingstone will hear some of his special arrangements for the choir performed.
▪ Appendix 1 species are banned from all international trade, except where special licensing arrangements apply.
▪ This procedure will be run once in any 24 hour period, unless special prior arrangements have been made.
▪ In Bolton the education authority made special arrangements for clients with a learning difficulty to go to local colleges.
▪ The Financial Statement was a voluntary arrangement, which aimed to avoid court action.
▪ Firstly, why should a voluntary arrangement have to mimic an Administration Order?
▪ If a voluntary arrangement has been proposed or is in force, this must also be stated.
▪ Note that a s34 order can not be made in respect of a child accommodated by a local authority under a voluntary arrangement.
▪ If a voluntary arrangement is anticipated, the recommendation should be as open as possible.
▪ The Brewers Society code which is a voluntary arrangement says tenants should be paid compensation if their tenancy is terminated.
▪ That legislation was the Medicines Act 1968 which made statutory the previously voluntary arrangements.
▪ The next day, she was in church at Farnham Road, doing flower arrangements for a wedding.
▪ Some flower arrangements, valued at more than $ 100, were placed near the rock.
▪ Alexander demonstrates simple flower arrangements for table centerpieces, holiday centerpieces and silk flowers.
▪ The flower arrangement from the Society is beautiful and will give pleasure and remembrance for a long time.
▪ Within the deceptively small establishment are numerous and unique fresh flower arrangements, from small desktop bouquets to massive special occasion arrangements.
▪ Why not use some of them to make a lovely flower arrangement.
▪ I delivered plastic flower arrangements to pubs.
▪ His benefit package may include the payment of school fees for his children and the continuation of pension arrangements.
▪ Obviously, the purpose is to ensure that the best possible pensions arrangements are reached.
▪ Some people, therefore, need make no changes to their pension arrangements.
▪ House and car provided as well as salary, expenses and appropriate pension arrangements.
▪ It is for employers to set up suitable pension arrangements for their employees.
▪ In December I learned my pension arrangements had turned to dust.
▪ And the pension arrangements are remarkably good.
▪ What is the point of meeting to discuss pension arrangements when Hon. Members are deciding what the pension arrangements are to be?
▪ She caused upset by demanding that her own bodyguards handle security arrangements during the ceremony, a request that was flatly refused.
▪ Related issues include the security arrangements necessary to prevent future hostilities between the two countries.
▪ But the prison says it's satisfied with its security arrangements.
▪ It also argued for collective security arrangements as a means of building confidence and security in the region.
▪ Patrick escaped from the party on the excuse that he needed to check up on some security arrangements.
▪ In effect, however, it can not continue to exclude non-Arab states from the security arrangements it hopes to create.
▪ Nation states could only coexist peaceably if a strong collective security arrangement were respected by all.
▪ Much to my surprise she agreed, on condition that we had separate rooms and made our own travel arrangements.
▪ Third, get yourself some travel arrangements and plane tickets.
▪ The travel arrangements were efficient and comfortable; the Hotel Tatry was first rate and we had a room with matchless views.
▪ Cook rationalized and simplified travel arrangements with his innovations.
▪ If you have any queries about the travel arrangements Betty Syrett or Hilda Hewitt will be happy to advise you. 7.
▪ Confusion causes problems in any travel arrangements Wednesday.
▪ This will help our local Representative to quickly resolve any query you may have about your travel arrangements.
▪ The inclusive tour, in which every item of travel arrangement was paid for in advance, was Thomas Cook's invention.
▪ Only Diana's deep sense of patriotic duty made her agree to the arrangement, it told its readers.
▪ A minority-owned bank had agreed to the arrangements and several nonprofit housing sponsors were lined up to participate in the program.
▪ I am glad to say that the Council of Mortgage Lenders has agreed to such an arrangement.
▪ In late 1989, he agreed to an interim arrangement that was extended to two years.
▪ She then shows me the various x-rays, and we discuss the discharge arrangements.
▪ It is also possible to discuss arrangements with the funeral directors in advance - requests will be lodged with the company.
▪ Their function was to discuss arrangements for forthcoming events, such as trips, holiday arrangements, structured activities, and so on.
▪ What is the point of meeting to discuss pension arrangements when Hon. Members are deciding what the pension arrangements are to be?
▪ She discussed the arrangements with me not long before she died.
▪ If there is any doubt about this, please contact me to discuss alternative arrangements.
▪ Wonder if this might be right moment to make arrangements for my own.
▪ All school systems are going to have to make similar innovative arrangements if school-to-work programs are to have a future.
▪ He decided to fill in the day by making arrangements for his departure from the city.
▪ We made arrangements to give several talks as a way of paying some of our expenses.
▪ I'd make my own arrangements.
▪ They made no formal arrangements, but he wanted her to move in with him.
▪ Buyers need to tell some one close to them they have made the arrangements, otherwise the policy will be worthless.
▪ But they successfully made all the essential arrangements.
living arrangements
▪ Also information about vocational functioning and living arrangements was gathered by interview.
▪ But I wish he'd civilize his living arrangements.
▪ In doing so they will not only be dealing with grief and loss, but also rethinking their own daily living arrangements.
▪ It was unclear Thursday whether there would be any change in Sun Bonds' living arrangements.
▪ Kelly moved him to another school for a year before her living arrangements required her to put him back in West University.
▪ Make sure your children feel involved Children should be consulted about living arrangements, not just presented with an ultimatum.
▪ Unfortunately for many of those affected, the amount provided was not nearly enough to pay for more expensive living arrangements.
▪ While hardly ideal, our living arrangements were suitably ascetic, and conducive to inner preparation.
▪ A small flower arrangement on the kitchen table can brighten up the room.
▪ Our chef was never happy until the arrangement of vegetables on each plate was just right.
▪ seating arrangements
▪ The clinics provide an opportunity for cooperative arrangements between health departments and academic centers.
▪ A number depend upon special arrangements with one or more local schools, in either the state or the independent sector.
▪ Security arrangements for the opening of mail etc have to be made watertight.
▪ Somehow she managed to get across that she would be in Exeter tomorrow morning as soon as she could make arrangements.
▪ Things took their course and all the arrangements for the wedding were made.
▪ This procedure will be reviewed and evaluated and may be amended when the arrangements for future sessions are established.
▪ Was it the pattern of politics or the future of Britain's trading arrangements which he wished primarily to influence?
▪ When both of us were back the new arrangements would come into full working.
▪ Within the deceptively small establishment are numerous and unique fresh flower arrangements, from small desktop bouquets to massive special occasion arrangements.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Arrangement \Ar*range"ment\, n. [Cf. F. arrangement.]

  1. The act of arranging or putting in an orderly condition; the state of being arranged or put in order; disposition in suitable form.

  2. The manner or result of arranging; system of parts disposed in due order; regular and systematic classification; as, arrangement of one's dress; the Linn[ae]an arrangement of plants.

  3. Preparatory proceeding or measure; preparation; as, we have made arrangement for receiving company.

  4. Settlement; adjustment by agreement; as, the parties have made an arrangement between themselves concerning their disputes; a satisfactory arrangement.

  5. (Mus.)

    1. The adaptation of a composition to voices or instruments for which it was not originally written.

    2. A piece so adapted; a transcription; as, a pianoforte arrangement of Beethoven's symphonies; an orchestral arrangement of a song, an opera, or the like.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1727, from French arrangement, from arranger "arrange" (see arrange).


n. 1 The act of arrange. 2 The manner of being arranged. 3 A collection of things that have been arranged. 4 A particular way in which items are organized.

  1. n. the thing arranged or agreed to; "they made arrangements to meet in Chicago" [syn: agreement]

  2. an orderly grouping (of things or persons) considered as a unit; the result of arranging; "a flower arrangement"

  3. an organized structure for arranging or classifying; "he changed the arrangement of the topics"; "the facts were familiar but it was in the organization of them that he was original"; "he tried to understand their system of classification" [syn: organization, organisation, system]

  4. the spatial property of the way in which something is placed; "the arrangement of the furniture"; "the placement of the chairs" [syn: placement]

  5. a piece of music that has been adapted for performance by a particular set of voices or instruments [syn: musical arrangement]

  6. the act of arranging and adapting a piece of music [syn: arranging, transcription]


In music, an arrangement is a musical reconceptualization of a previously composed work. It may differ from the original work by means of reharmonization, melodic paraphrasing, orchestration, or development of the formal structure. Arranging differs from orchestration in that the latter process is limited to the assignment of notes to instruments for performance by an orchestra, concert band, or other musical ensemble. Arranging "involves adding compositional techniques, such as new thematic material for introductions, transitions, or modulations, and endings.... Arranging is the art of giving an existing melody musical variety".

Arrangement (space partition)

In discrete geometry, an arrangement is the decomposition of the d-dimensional linear, affine, or projective space into connected open cells of lower dimensions, induced by a finite collection of geometric objects. Sometimes these objects are of the same type, such as hyperplanes or spheres. An interest in the study of arrangements was driven by advances in computational geometry, where the arrangements were unifying structures for many problems. Advances in study of more complicated objects, such as algebraic surfaces, contributed to "real-world" applications, such as motion planning and computer vision.

Of particular interest are the arrangements of lines and arrangements of hyperplanes.

More generally, geometers have studied arrangements of other types of curves in the plane, and of other more complicated types of surface. Arrangements in complex vector spaces have also been studied; since complex lines do not partition the complex plane into multiple connected components, the combinatorics of vertices, edges, and cells does not apply to these types of space, but it is still of interest to study their symmetries and topological properties.

Arrangement (disambiguation)

In music, an arrangement is a reconceptualization of a previously composed work

Arrangement may also refer to:

  • Marriage arrangement
  • Arrangement (space partition), a partition of the space by a set of objects of a certain type
    • Arrangement of hyperplanes
    • Arrangement of lines
  • Vertex arrangement
  • Flower arrangement
    • Korean flower arrangement
    • Ikebana, Japanese flower arrangement
  • Sentence arrangement

Usage examples of "arrangement".

Belgium, however, now refused to accede to the arrangement, by resolving not to cede Luxembourg.

Paris the Pope, who was still at Fontainebleau, determined to accede to an arrangement, and to sign an act which the Emperor conceived would terminate the differences between them.

The proposed acquiescence of the National Executive in any reasonable temporary State arrangement for the freed people is made with the view of possibly modifying the confusion and destitution which must at best attend all classes by a total revolution of labor throughout whole States.

At the gate we met by previous arrangement the fourth member of our party, a young man whose surname I did not hear but whom Mr Mompesson addressed as Harry.

While Constantius made arrangements for our transport up the Rhenus, I was free to explore the marketplace that adjoined the port, the faithful Philip at my side.

Venn lingered with his patrollers to make his arrangements for the stunner ambush of the ba, should it appear, and Miles led Roic, Greenlaw, and the adjudicator aboard the ship.

The exterior of the western aisle of this transept is very curious in arrangement.

In the background, they could see Akers hop-skipping toward the tripod-and-wrench arrangement above the pit.

More locks, more tools, rough chunks of metal and wood, and a number of devices whose uses Alec could not guess were mixed indiscriminately among masks, carvings, musical instruments of all descriptions, animal skulls, dried plants, fine pottery, glittering crystals-there was no rhyme or reason apparent in the arrangement.

In such an arrangement, bubbles that are close to the edges of the band miss altogether the emanations that are in the center of the band, which are shared only by bubbles that are aligned with the center.

As arrangements were already in progress for the purchase of Barnton Spinnies, Sir Alured could not possibly leave his own house.

I hoped nothing would occur to retard the progress of the work, and that the present arrangement might continue without changes of any kind, because I knew that when you were dictating your mind was completely absorbed by your mental labors, and that any alteration in your hours of work, or the necessity of explaining your methods to a new amanuensis, annoyed and impeded you.

But Phaethon saw anachronism, since the Bellipotent Composition was not composed until ninety years after the anti-Warlock weapons had been superseded by far deadlier arrangements.

Committee of Arrangements of the New England Society respectfully invite you to be present at the seventy-fifth anniversary of the Society, and the two hundred and sixtieth of the landing of the Pilgrims at Metropolitan Concert Hall.

For years, whenever she and Flash moved in anyplace new, in a reflex superstition by now like sprinkling salt and water in every room, her thoughts would go to Prairie, and to where, in each new arrangement, she would sleep sometimes the baby, sometimes a girl she was free to imagine.