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Aron may refer to:

Aron (comics)

Aron the Rogue Watcher is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character is depicted as an extraterrestrial supervillain of the race known as the Watchers, in the fictional Marvel Universe.

Aron (name)

Aron (/ærən/) is a masculine given name and a surname. It is an alternate spelling of Aaron, prominent biblical figure in the Old Testament. The name means "mountaineer", or "mount of strength". There are given name and surname variants. People with the name Aron include:

Aron (Loire)

The Aron is a long river in central France. It is a right tributary of the Loire, which it meets in Decize. It flows through the département Nièvre.

Aron (bishop of Kraków)

Aron was an 11th-century Polish Bishop of Krakow, then Archbishop and the first Abbot of the Benedictine house in Tyniec.

His name is known from the 13th century chronicle “Sede Vacante with krakowski” which lists the names of the first nine Bishops but which does not provide years. He arrived in Poland probably from Cologne, where the Archbishop was Hermann, uncle of Casimir the Restorer, or from Leodium.

He was at first the abbot of the Benedictine monastery in Tyniec but in 1046 he was made Bishop of Krakow. He was Bishop in Kraków from 1046 to 1059.

Because of the collapse of the Gniezno Bishopric during the dynastic struggles for the Polish Throne and the Czech invasion by Duke Bretislaus Piast in 1039, the Pope raised the see of Kraków to be an archbishopric around 1049.

Prince Casimir the Restorer considered moving the capital of the Polish church to Kraków during his reconstruction of the church. Some researchers speculate, however, that Aron received the Pallium as a personal badge of honour rather than a restructuring of the church.

He was a strong supporter of Duke Casimir the Restorer, and an organizer of the Church in Kraków and a supporter of the Clunic movement. He is also credited with founding the library at Kraków. The chapter of Kraków has adopted for his personal coat of arms.

He died either 15 may or October 9 in 1059. Bishop Aron is a character in the historical novel, Silver Eagles by Theodora Parnickiego.

Usage examples of "aron".

Alice Aron was hosing out the big freestanding stockpot where Pigpen had been found sauced on Tuesday.

Aron speaks of an operation for pilous dermoid of the ovary in a woman of seventy-five.

Alice Aron and Barbara Carollo were two members of the Que Queens who were also on official competition barbeque teams.

His Holiness walked between the staring people -- past Cardinal Mustafa and Father Farrell, past Cardinal Lourdusamy and Monsignor Oddi, past Cardinal Du Noyer and the unnamed monsignor behind her, past the empty pillows where the Pax Fleet officers had been, past CEO Aron and CEO Hay-Modhino and CEO Anna Pelli Cognani, to where Isozaki knelt, close to vomiting, black dots dancing in his vision.

They had been feted privately by the White House and by Aron Goldstein at his estate, welcomed by Grover Wilman at Mind Over Madness, and briefed by a four-star general at the Pentagon.

MOM was now buying the entire production run of stun batons, shock-boxes and chem-sprays from five different personal defense companies - all but one owned by Aron Goldstein.

Terabyte Laboratories issued to its employees was a Celestial 3000 Personal Office - which, by no coincidence, incorporated Terabyte solid-state memory and was built in a factory owned by Aron Goldstein.

When Agnalain died so suddenly, it was whispered that Prince Erius and his brother, Aron, had had a hand in it.

Finally Philippa says she'll be on the committee, and Aron browbeats Cord into saying he'll join.

For a very short time he tried to join Abra and Aron, but they didn’t want him.

And as Abra became more radiant, more pure and beautiful, Aron took an increasing joy in a concept of his own wicked­ness.

Aron Goldstein was on his way to North Sioux City, South Dakota, where the closing of a computer assembly plant had left a technically skilled workforce and a hundred twenty thousand square feet of work floor idle.