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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
Noah's ark
went out with the ark (=is very old-fashioned)
▪ This kind of entertainment went out with the ark.
out of the Ark
▪ Hers, said her husband, was not like an ark; it was an ark.
▪ Like Noah in his ark, they had traveled across the vast oceanic flood to carry out their holy mission.
▪ The ark is vast, designed to float, not sail - and there were no launching problems!
▪ The body of the ark was green, with painted heads of animals peering from the portholes.
▪ They came up with several designs for giant arks of sanity.
▪ Very little activity in the ark, either natural or man-made, happened without the distributed computer knowing about it.
▪ Yet the significance for the ancient Israelites of the capture of the ark went beyond the scope of such attachments.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ark \Ark\ ([aum]rk), n. [OE. ark, arke, arche, AS. arc, earc, earce, fr. L. arca, fr. arcere to inclose, keep off; akin to Gr. 'arkei^n to keep off.]

  1. A chest, or coffer. [Obs.]

    Bearing that precious relic in an ark.

  2. (Jewish Hist.) The oblong chest of acacia wood, overlaid with gold, which supported the mercy seat with its golden cherubs, and occupied the most sacred place in the sanctuary. In it Moses placed the two tables of stone containing the ten commandments. Called also the Ark of the Covenant.

  3. The large, chestlike vessel in which Noah and his family were preserved during the Deluge.
    --Gen. vi. Hence: Any place of refuge.

  4. A large flatboat used on Western American rivers to transport produce to market.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Old English earc, mainly meaning Noah's but also the Ark of the Covenant, from Latin arca "large box, chest" (see arcane). Also borrowed in Old High German (arahha, Modern German Arche). From the Noachian sense comes extended meaning "place of refuge" (17c.). As the name of a type of ship or boat, from late 15c. In 19c. U.S., especially a large, flat-bottomed river boat to move produce, livestock, etc. to market.


n. 1 A large box with a flat lid. 2 (context Judaism Christianity Islam English) The ship built by Noah to save his family and a collection of animals from the deluge. 3 Something affording protection; safety, shelter, refuge 4 A spacious type of boat with a flat bottom. 5 (context Judaism English) A consecrated container.


ARK may refer to:

  • Absolute Return for Kids, charity
  • Netherlands Court of Audit (Algemene Rekenkamer)
  • Ararat International Airlines, ICAO airline designator
  • Archaeological Recording Kit, a database and GIS web-based recording system for archaeology
  • Archival Resource Key, persistent identifier given to information objects of any type
  • Arkadelphia (Amtrak station), Amtrak station code ARK
  • Armoured Ramp Carrier, a specialist armoured vehicle
  • IATA airport code for Arusha Airport
  • Autonomous Region of Krajina, or Serbian Autonomous Oblast of Bosanska Krajina, was a Serbian autonomous region in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Northern Ireland Social and Political Archive in collaboration with Queens University Belfast and the University of Ulster
  • Space Colony ARK, a fictional space station in the Sonic the Hedgehog series of video games
  • ARK Music Factory, a musical composition and production company based in Los Angeles, California
  • ARK Theatre Company, an actor-driven repertory theatre ensemble working in Los Angeles, California
  • ARK: Survival Evolved, An early access open world survival game
Ark (L'Arc-en-Ciel album)

Ark is the sixth album by L'Arc-en-Ciel, released on July 1, 1999, simultaneously with Ray. It reached number one on the Oricon chart and sold over two million copies, being certified by the RIAJ.


ARK may refer to:

Ark (software)

Ark is a file archiver and compressor developed by KDE and included in the KDE Applications software bundle. It supports various common archive and compression formats including zip, 7z, rar, lha and tar (both uncompressed and compressed with e.g. gzip, bzip2, lzip or xz).

Ark (British band)

Ark, stylized as arK, are a musical group formed around Birmingham and The Black Country, England. Originally active from c.1985 to c.1995, the band reformed in 2010. The group's sound is a mixture of progressive rock and pop rock styles.

Ark (The Animals album)

Ark is an album by the original members of The Animals. Released in 1983 on I.R.S. Records, it was the second and last reunion attempt of the band's initial lineup. The album subsequently was followed by a tour by the band.

Ark (charity)

Ark, formerly ARK (Absolute Returns for Kids), is an international children's charity based in the United Kingdom.

Ark is a registered charity under English law and is based in London. In 2013–14 it had a gross income of £12.95m.

Ark was co-founded by a group of hedge fund financiers including Paul Marshall and Ian Wace of Marshall Wace and Arpad Busson of EIM Group, who is founding chairman of its board of trustees.

Ark (Brendan Perry album)

Ark (2010) is the second solo album by Brendan Perry, the male half of the band Dead Can Dance. It was Perry's first studio album in 11 years. It was first made available to the public as part of a limited 2,000-copy autographed pre-release offered at a concert in Prague on 31 March 2010 and subsequent shows. It was officially released worldwide by Cooking Vinyl on 7 June 2010.

Ark (Norwegian band)

Ark was a progressive metal band from Norway founded by guitarist Tore Østby ( Conception, DC Cooper, Frankie's Playground, Redrum) and drummer John Macaluso ( TNT, Riot, Spread Eagle, Alex Masi, Yngwie Malmsteen, Powermad), who later joined up with singer Jørn Lande to record two albums. Lande, Østby and Macaluso were joined by Randy Coven ( Steve Vai, Steve Morse) on bass and Mats Olausson ( Yngwie Malmsteen) on keyboards for their second effort.

Ark (2005 film)

Ark is a 2005 American-South Korean computer-generated imagery film directed by Kenny Hwang, animated by Digital Rim. It is the flagship project for both the director and the studio.

Attempting to address the failures of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, the film is an attempt to merge anime-style visuals with a faster, action-oriented plot more palatable to Western audiences.

The film's plot features many archetypes taken from Final Fantasy-style Japanese console RPGs; a young male resistance fighter, a young girl with special powers who unknowingly is her planet's Messiah, an evil "right-hand man", and a small, cute pet mascot.

Ark (river boat)

An ark was a temporary boat used for river transport in eastern North America before canals and railroads made them obsolete. Arks were built primarily to carry cargo downriver on the spring freshet to carry lumber or logs and agricultural produce to a port city downriver. Upon arrival, the cargo was sold, the ark was dismantled and its lumber was also sold, and the ark pilots returned home on foot or horseback. Despite the slowness of the craft, it was stable and with a skilled crew was capable of maneuvering through fairly narrow points. Other river craft, usually the batteau or bateau worked alongside the arks, ferrying the workers while the horses and bunks and supplies floated down the larger, stable structures. Some arks in the Susquehanna River system were up to long. The arks within the Greenbrier River in West Virginia averaged sixty feet save for the larger cooking arks used to feed loggers four times a day.

The village of Arkport, New York derives its name from this type of transport.

The river ark was once a common sight along the Greenbrier River in West Virginia with the spring floods bringing miles of white pine logs from Pocahontas County to Greenbrier County. Photographs of these massive vessels were posted along the Greenbrier River Trail at the town of Caldwell, West Virginia. These photographs illustrate integral scenes in W. E. Blackhurst's book, Riders of the Flood. The author based the plot along the world of the river logging era at the turn of the century within the area of the yet-to-be-created Monongahela National Forest. He had a meticulous interest in historical detail. In it he gives one of the clearest written descriptions of the river ark:

"The ark was built on a solid platform of logs. The heavy logs laid side by side formed a raft sixty feet long and twenty-four feet wide. Running crosswise at each four-foot interval, lash poles ( lashing of hickory or locust) were placed. These were about six inch in diameter. At the point where the lash pole crossed each foundation log, a strong, U-shaped bow of bent white oak pinned it firmly to the log. The bows had been worked from straight lengths of oak one and a half inches square and bent to the U-shape. Both open ends were left square, and the body of the bow was shaved down and rounded. On each side of the lash pole, square holes had been cut deep into the foundation logs. Into these holes the squared ends were driven, thus bringing the bow down tight against the lash pole. A strong wedge of ash wood held each squared end tightly in place.

"Lengthwise to the long platform, and resting across the lash poles, ran six-by-six sawed timbers. These formed the foundation for the low building that was erected on the raft. They were also the support for its plank floor. The building was a plain rectangular hut of sawed lumber nailed lengthwise to upright studding. The roof was not wedged, but rounding, an effect gained by the simple expedient of bending roof boards across in a distinct bow.

"The building did not cover the entire raft floor. At each end, a six-foot length of space was left open, and along each side the walls were set in a scant two feet, leaving a narrow pathway alongside the building. On each of the four corners of the raft stood a sturdy post of peeled wood. These were the snubbing posts, and were thus placed so that the ark might be tied up from any corner. Seeing Duncan look closely at the posts, Warwick explained, "That's apple wood—-the only wood we can find that won’t grow rough from the chafing of a rope."

"Duncan's interest was keenly aroused by the steering arrangement. On each end of the log platform was placed a short length of log, which was securely fastened to the logs beneath. Projecting upright on this base was a smooth, strong wooden pin. The top of the pin thrust up into the handle of the long steering sweep, thus forming a pivot point. The sweep could be swung from side to side, but always it rested securely on the smooth, upright pin.

The sweep itself was a long, tapered pole of about twenty-foot length. Six feet of the length at the small end projected across the pivoting pin onto the deck. The larger end lay out over the water. To the water end had been attached a broad wooden blade nearly ten feet long. To swing the heavy sweep and guide the cumbersome ark required the strength of two men at each of the sweep handles.

The little building was divided roughly into three parts. At each end were two stalls for horses. The center space was for the carrying of horse feed, harness, and tools, and for the sleeping quarters of the teamsters.

Every September the town of Ronceverte, West Virginia hosts the play Riders of the Flood, based on the book of the same name. In it, a scaled-down mock-up version of a river ark is part of the set and is a backdrop for the historical accuracy of the project.

Ark (Transformers)

The Ark is the name of several Autobot spacecraft in the Transformers franchise. It has appeared as a central fixture of the Transformers storyline ever since its creation, as the Autobots' main method of transport to Earth and as a base once they arrive.

Ark (Bangladeshi band)

Ark is a Bangladeshi rock band formed in 1991 by keyboardist Ashikuzzaman Tulu. As of 2014, the band line-up re-consists of keyboardist and vocalist Ashikuzzaman Tulu, lead vocalist Hasan, lead guitarist Faisal, bassist Morshed, keyboardist Tinku and drummer Rumi. Since their debut album Muktijuddho in 1991, the band has released five studio albums and some contributed albums. These have included the songs " Bhule Gechi", " Sweety", " Eto Koshto Keno Bhalobashay", " Paharer Churay", " Jare Ja", " Durey Bohu Durey", and " Harale Kothay", which have all been top hits in Bangladeshi rock music.

Ark rose to mainstream fame in 1990s and is one of the "Big Three of Rock" along with Nagar Baul and LRB, who were responsible for developing and popularizing rock music in Bangladesh.

Ark (novel)

Ark is a 2009 hard science fiction novel by English author Stephen Baxter. It is a sequel to his 2008 novel Flood. Ark deals with the journey of the starship Ark One, and the continuing human struggle for survival on Earth after the catastrophic events of Flood. The series continues in three pendant stories, which are described in the plot summary below.

Being hard SF, Ark contains many references to unrealised or hypothesised technology ( Project Orion, the Alcubierre drive), physics ( antimatter), and hypotheses about extraterrestrial life. Baxter credits several books and academic works in an afterword: See Scientific background below.

Ark (search engine)

Ark is a personal search engine that uses filters such as hometown, current city, high school, college, gender, relationship status, employee, and interests, to search for new people, old classmates, old friends or acquaintances, and new business contacts. Features include managing users' inboxes from their mobile devices, and syncing data from their Yahoo, Aol, Gmail or Google Apps email accounts, while also finding information about whom they are communicating with.

The service aggregates "ghost profiles" from social media outlets such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Angel list.

The company was founded by Patrick Riley and Yiming Liu in March 2012. Prior to founding Ark, the team worked at Google, AOL, Symantec, Lithium and Yahoo! Research. Ark is based in San Francisco, California.

Ark (web series)

Ark is a web series set on mysterious bio-dome spaceship – the Ark. The two main characters, Connie and Daryl, explore the vacant ship trying to learn their fate. The show's episodes run from 3 to 9 minutes in length. Liz Shannon Miller of GigaOM said that Ark has the rare combination of a sci-fi series with great production values and great writing.

All nine episodes are now available on Hulu. In a 2009 interview, Gabe Sachs and Trey Stokes stated that they would like the opportunity to continue this as a web series.

Ark (We Are the Ocean album)

ARK is the fourth studio album by English rock band We Are The Ocean. It was released on 11 May 2015 in the United Kingdom. So far, the album has spawned three singles: "Ark", "Do It Together" and "Holy Fire".

Usage examples of "ark".

Perhaps descendants of coyotes or raccoons, creatures too adaptable ever to need refuge in arks.

I met him later in a bar and made a gay remArk Anent an ancient miner and an option on the Ark.

Another theory, based on one of the apocryphal books of the Bible, is that to prevent the Babylonians from finding the Ark, the Prophet Jeremiah hid it in a cave on Mount Nebo in Jordan.

And it was ancient: assuming it was the same age as the Bookmark layer, the ark was millions of kilodays old.

The Emperor tipped his head up, up, past layer after layer of rock, past the vast blue ark, past the Bookmark layer, past it all, all the way to the sky, far overhead.

In the ceremonies was represented the death of the youngest of the Cabiri, slain by his brothers, who fled into Etruria, carrying with them the chest or ark that contained his genitals: and there the Phallus and the sacred ark were adored.

Ark or chest containing genitals of youngest Cabiri in Mysteries, 427-m.

The dilaceration of Zagreus into fragments, the mangling of Osiris and scattering of his limbs abroad, they say, refer to the throwing open of the ark and the going forth of the inmates to populate the earth.

Next comes Doctor Bemie Feinerman to sprite up her nose so it matches her name, and after that comes the Bible and the Book of Febre and in the Ark there will be nothing that looks like a gnu, only clean-cut-looking animals named Melody or Tab, all WASPs from Dubuque.

FONTANELLE The shadows were beginning to lengthen across the valley as the Ark rounded a bend in the stream and the little church spire of Fontanelle came into view.

There are junk-shops in Golosh Street that seem to have got hold of all the old nails in the Ark and all the old brass of Corinth.

But upon the walls of Medoenet Habu I observed, more than once repeated, the Ark borne in triumph.

He believed the deluge to have been universal, and he thought that, before that great cataclysm, men lived a thousand years and conversed with God, that Noah took one hundred years to build the ark, and that the earth, suspended in the air, is firmly held in the very centre of the universe which God had created from nothing.

He wore shoes with silver buckles, knee-breeches, a snuff-colored frock coat, a lace jabot, and an outlandish gray hat with wide brim and longhaired surface that might have come out of the ark.

When the sun grew so high this morning that it struck the top of the great gateway opposite my window, the high spot which it touched seemed to me as if the dove from the ark had lighted there.