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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ the arcane language of lawyers
▪ Anecdotes of legal excess reflect the world we see around us and add a human dimension to an otherwise arcane issue.
▪ It is not exactly arcane knowledge.
▪ Merely reading what some one has written is less commendable than saying the same thing for arcane reasons.
▪ The arcane language of the Treaty of Tlatelolco needs a little clarification.
▪ They evoke romantic images of humming orchard hives and summer sweetness, presided over by veiled eccentrics steeped in arcane lore.
▪ They noted that he was a master of arcane tax jargon, not an area that gets the blood racing.
▪ They wore helmets suggestive of the heads of flies, and their black silks were embroidered with arcane silver hieroglyphics.
▪ Written on the boxes is all manner of strange titles, fantastic claims and arcane technical terms.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Arcane \Ar*cane"\, a. [L. arcanus.] Hidden; secret. [Obs.] ``The arcane part of divine wisdom.''
--Berkeley. [1913 Webster] ||

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1540s, from Latin arcanus "secret, hidden, private, concealed," from arcere "close up, enclose, contain," from arca "chest, box, place for safe-keeping," from PIE *ark- "to hold, contain, guard" (cognates: Greek arkos "defense," arkein "to ward off;" Armenian argel "obstacle;" Lithuanian raktas "key," rakinti "to shut, lock").


a. understand by only a few; obscure; requiring secret or mysterious knowledge.


adj. requiring secret or mysterious knowledge; "the arcane science of dowsing"

Arcane (disambiguation)

Arcane may refer to:

  • Esoteric
  • Mystic

Popular culture

  • Arcane literature, such as in Cthulhu Mythos
  • Arcane, a DC Comics character
  • Arcane Jill Watson, a character in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
  • Arcane magic (Dungeons & Dragons), in the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game
    • Complete Arcane, a supplement rulebook for the above game
    • Arcane Archer, character classes in the above game
    • Arcane Trickster, character classes in the above game


  • Arcane (group), the signature group of English electronic musician Paul Lawler
  • Arcane Device, the recording name of musician David Myers
  • Arcane Rain Fell, a 2005 doom metal album by Draconian
  • "The Arcane", a song by Dead Can Dance from the album Dead Can Dance
  • Garden of the Arcane Delights, a 1984 album by Dead Can Dance

Usage examples of "arcane".

I had allowed Bobtail and his Crew to make free with the labs at all hours of the morning, disturbing and imperiling experiments on matters so arcane there was no point in identifying them.

The Drome is a single narrow space with a bar down one side and tables along the other, thick with pimps and handlers and an arcane array of dealers.

And here was an arcane basement - broad steps and a massive wall into which was set an impressive geomantic gateway.

William Harrison Gracile had joined the Royal Academy of the Arcane Arts and Sciences as Development Officer, he had insisted on an office overlooking the campus.

Only the gentlemanly amateur can view these arcane arts in a judgmatical spirit.

It was Japanese portable with a keyboard the length of a cricket bat, a complex mess of ASCII, kanji, katakana, hiragana and arcane function keys.

As patent applications proliferated and grew ever more arcane, the definition of what constitutes a patentable invention had to be revised.

It was a nerve-racking sound, like a stone being scraped across glass very hard and slowly, yet it had its own arcane rhythm, like the invisible stage musician pounding his tabla to a frenzied climax.

Preece had studied Waniand lore and understood the arcane ways of his race.

Scall, the brewhouse held an air of arcane mystery, with the brewers bustling about between barrel, vat, and still, performing their strange alchemical arts.

Carl Sagan of Cornell, who has written brilliantly on this arcane subject.

As the crowd muttered and shifted uneasily, Vishwamitra chanted aloud a mantra too arcane and complex for any brahmin to decipher.

Vishwamitra chanted aloud a mantra too arcane and complex for any brahmin to decipher.

Now, the cracked stone planters were planked over as tables, or else spell-sealed as vault space to preserve rare scrolls on arcane practice.

It was a time of extreme fragility and suspicion in international relations, and the United States of America had poured limitless squillions of dollars into the ultrasecret Totality Project, which explored arcane and esoteric possibilities for future warfare.