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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Argillite \Ar"gil*lite\, n. [Gr. ? clay + -lite.] (Min.) Argillaceous schist or slate; clay slate. Its colors is bluish or blackish gray, sometimes greenish gray, brownish red, etc. -- Ar`gil*lit"ic, a.


n. (context geology English) A fine-grained sedimentary rock, intermediate between shale and slate, sometimes used as a building material


n. a sedimentary rock differing from shale in being bound by silica and from slate in having no slate cleavages

"Argillite" may also refer to Argillite, Kentucky.

An argillite is a fine-grained sedimentary rock composed predominantly of indurated clay particles. Argillaceous rocks are basically lithified muds and oozes. They contain variable amounts of silt-sized particles. The argillites grade into shale when the fissile layering typical of shale is developed. Another name for poorly lithified argillites is mudstone. These rocks, although variable in composition, are typically high in aluminium and silica with variable alkali and alkaline earth cations. The term pelitic or pelite is often applied to these sediments and rocks. Metamorphism of argillites produces slate, phyllite, and pelitic schist.

Usage examples of "argillite".

To the east, the argillite cliffs of Mount Kipp in the Lewis Range rose over alpine meadows.

Given the amounts of both moth-wing powder and the grayish-green Joan guessed were traces of argillite remaining on the fabric, the bag had not traveled too far or too long between its dust collecting days and its incarnation as a receptacle for human flesh.

Tracking over a stone surface, even soft argillite, was not a promising prospect.

It was too dark to climb safely down the treacherous wall of argillite.

Surely it would be infinitely easier to smash her skull with a chunk of argillite while she slept than to poison water and leave it for her to find.

The crevice she'd squished herself into was no more than a shallow vertical chink in the rocky drop where a rectangular piece of argillite had fallen away.

Little they knew of cultivation or of craft, but they possessed strange knowledge of curious architecture and from the Nameless Tribe had they learned to make implements of polished obsidian and jade and argillite.