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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
arc welding
▪ The foods which we are advised to eat in greater quantities arc those supplying dietary fibre.
▪ Unlike on Earth, most of the visible features on the Moon are circles or great arcs constituting parts of circles.
▪ Upon a network of metals, lighted by great arc lamps, the workers here deal not with packages but with trucks.
▪ And so they are: a valley view looking across and up at - a great arc of high peaks.
▪ A dizzyingly long way below lay a long, deep arc of white-powder sand.
▪ At 7: 30 the choppers banked in a long arc and approached the hamlet of Thuan Yen from the southwest.
▪ I found myself wanting longer and longer times of quiet, longer arcs of contemplation.
▪ In a long, flat arc, he descended toward the surface of Japetus.
▪ Gliding in long arcs, she swings below the moon and the guy wires before landing in the grass.
▪ She lets the ball go in a long arc, pushing from the wrist.
▪ Volcanicity and magma emplacement, largely in the form of large granite intrusions, characterize the volcanic arc.
▪ Between the outer-arc ridge and the volcanic arc a forearc basin may be formed.
▪ A complicated pattern of basins and ridges hind the volcanic arc.
▪ Convergent boundaries between oceanic lithosphere are marked by an oceanic trench, a volcanic island arc and a Wadati-Benioff zone.
▪ Back-arc spreading may be initiated within the volcanic arc because the high heat flux from below weakens the lithosphere.
▪ This maintains a shallow angle of subduction beneath the outer arc but steepens below the main volcanic arc to about 60°.
▪ Huge semi-circular feathers in dazzling hues sprang vertically before sweeping in wide arcs to the ground.
▪ One very obvious form is the volcanism of island arcs and continental-margin orogens associated with plate convergence.
▪ The second category is closely related to oceanic trenches and their associated island arcs or mountain belts.
▪ Where oceanic lithosphere is subducted beneath another oceanic part of a plate the associated volcanic activity and produce an intra-oceanic island arc.
▪ In most island arcs only a relatively small proportion of the individual volcanoes actually rise above sea level.
▪ Such back-arc spreading is analogous to that encountered behind some intra-oceanic island arcs.
▪ Unless the island arc is subducted it will be accreted to the continental-margin orogen previously formed along the edge of the continent.
▪ Convergent boundaries between oceanic lithosphere are marked by an oceanic trench, a volcanic island arc and a Wadati-Benioff zone.
▪ And the projector's arc lamps were not so much set as sunset, through a fog.
▪ The light from the launderette had shone upon him like an arc lamp.
▪ Chen saw the knife describe an arc through the air and felt himself flinch.
▪ Rekindled and re-leased with a shove, the chandelier began to swing again, describing a larger arc this time.
▪ Though the tarmac takes a smooth U-turn on to the next straight, rider and machine will not describe such a graceful arc.
describe a circle/an arc etc
▪ Chen saw the knife describe an arc through the air and felt himself flinch.
▪ The islands lie in an arc in the eastern Caribbean.
▪ One often meets graphs in which the arcs have names too.
▪ Out past the northern arc of the perimeter highway, comfortable subdivisions have been carved under a leafy canopy.
▪ They may also be decorated with dots, arcs, circles, triangles, stamped, notched or bear incised lines.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Arc \Arc\, n. [F. arc, L. arcus bow, arc. See Arch, n.]

  1. (Geom.) A portion of a curved line; as, the arc of a circle or of an ellipse.

  2. A curvature in the shape of a circular arc or an arch; as, the colored arc (the rainbow); the arc of Hadley's quadrant.

  3. An arch. [Obs.]

    Statues and trophies, and triumphal arcs.

  4. The apparent arc described, above or below the horizon, by the sun or other celestial body. The diurnal arc is described during the daytime, the nocturnal arc during the night.

    Electric arc, Voltaic arc. See under Voltaic.


Arc \Arc\ ([aum]rk), v. i. [imp. & p. p. Arcked ([aum]rkt); p. pr. & vb. n. Arcking.] (Elec.) To form a voltaic arc, as an electrical current in a broken or disconnected circuit.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., originally in reference to the sun's apparent motion in the sky, from Old French arc "bow, arch, vault" (12c.), from Latin arcus "a bow, arch," from PIE root *arku- "bowed, curved" (cognates: Gothic arhvazna "arrow," Old English earh, Old Norse ör; also, via notion of "supple, flexible," Greek arkeuthos, Latvian ercis "juniper," Russian rakita, Czech rokyta, Serbo-Croatian rakita "brittle willow"). Electrical sense is from 1821.


1893, in the electrical sense, from arc (n.). Meaning "to move in an arc" attested by 1954. Related: Arced; arcing.


acr. 1 Advanced Reader's Copy, a copy of a book given to a reviewer free in advance so that (s)he should review the book 2 (context pathology English) AIDS-related complex 3 American Red Cross

  1. n. electrical conduction through a gas in an applied electric field [syn: discharge, spark, electric arc, electric discharge]

  2. a continuous portion of a circle

  3. something curved in shape [syn: bow]

  4. [also: arcking, arcked]

  1. v. form an arch or curve; "her back arches"; "her hips curve nicely" [syn: arch, curve]

  2. [also: arcking, arcked]


ARC may refer to:

Arc (programming language)

Arc is a dialect of the Lisp programming language developed by Paul Graham and Robert Morris.

Arc (Neil Young & Crazy Horse album)

Arc is a live album of feedback, guitar noise, and vocal fragments that was realized from various shows on the 1991 Neil Young and Crazy Horse US tour, which was originally released with Weld in a special-edition 3-CD set called Arc-Weld.

According to an interview with Steve Martin of Agnostic Front that appeared in the December 1991 issue of Pulse! magazine, Arc had its genesis in a film that Young made called Muddy Track (referred to in an interview with David Fricke in the November 28, 1991, issue of Rolling Stone), which consisted of the beginnings and endings of various songs from his 1987 European tour. Young placed a video camera on his amplifier during the 1987 tour and recorded the beginnings and endings of various songs, and later edited them down into the film's soundtrack. "It was the sound of the entire band being sucked into this little limiter, being compressed and fuckin' distorted to hell," Young said to Martin, referring to the soundtrack of Muddy Track. Young then showed the video to Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore, who suggested that he record an entire album in a similar manner. However, Arc was not recorded through video camera microphones, as was the case with Muddy Track, but instead was compiled from various professional multi-track recordings made throughout the tour.

ARC (file format)

ARC is a lossless data compression and archival format by System Enhancement Associates (SEA). It was very popular during the early days of networked dial-up BBS. The file format and the program were both called ARC. The ARC program made obsolete the previous use of a combination of the SQ program to compress files and the LU program to create .LBR archives, by combining both compression and archiving functions into a single program. Unlike ZIP, ARC is incapable of compressing entire directory trees. The format was subject to controversy in the 1980s—an important event in debates over what would later be known as open formats.

The .arc file extension is often used for several file archive-like file types. For example, the Internet Archive uses its own ARC format to store multiple web resources into a single file. The FreeArc archiver also uses .arc extension, but uses a completely different file format.

Nintendo uses an unrelated 'ARC' format for resources, such as MIDI, voice samples, or text, in GameCube and Wii games. Several unofficial extractors exist for this type of ARC file.

Arc (Bahá'í)

The Arc is a number of Bahá'í administrative buildings at the Bahá'í World Centre on Mount Carmel located at Haifa, Israel. They include the Seat of the Universal House of Justice, the Seat of the International Teaching Centre, the International Archives, and the Centre for the Study of the Sacred Texts. A fifth building, the International Bahá'í Library, has yet to be built.

Arc (Savoie)

The Arc is a river in the Savoie département of south-eastern France. It is a left tributary of the Isère River, which it joins at Chamousset, approximately downstream from Albertville. Its source is near the border with Italy, in the Graian Alps, northeast of Bonneval-sur-Arc. The valley of the Arc, the Maurienne, is an important transport artery between France and Italy.

Arc (projective geometry)

An (simple) arc in finite projective geometry is a set of points which satisfies, in an intuitive way, a feature of curved figures in continuous geometries. Loosely speaking, they are sets of points that are far from "line-like" in a plane or far from "plane-like" in a three-dimensional space. In this finite setting it is typical to include the number of points in the set in the name, so these simple arcs are called -arcs. An important generalization of the -arc concept, also referred to as arcs in the literature, are the -arcs.

Arc (Provence)

The Arc is an long river in the south of France. It arises at an elevation of , close to the village of Pourcieux. It then passes through Aix-en-Provence before flowing into the Étang de Berre, a lagoon connected with the Mediterranean Sea to the west of Marseille. Its drainage basin, with a surface area of , is divided between two départments, Var and Bouches-du-Rhône. The Bayeux, the Cause and the Torse are its tributaries.

ARC (language)
ARC (football club)

ARC (Alphense Racing Club) is a Dutch association football club from Alphen aan den Rijn. The club, established in 1927, is in the Topklasse, the third tier of football in the Netherlands. ARC won the title in the Saturday Hoofdklasse A division in the 1997–98 season.

Arc (geometry)

In Euclidean geometry, an arc (symbol: ) is a closed segment of a differentiable curve. A common example in the plane (a two-dimensional manifold), is a segment of a circle called a circular arc. In space, if the arc is part of a great circle (or great ellipse), it is called a great arc.

Every pair of distinct points on a circle determines two arcs. If the two points are not directly opposite each other, one of these arcs, the minor arc, will subtend an angle at the centre of the circle that is less than radians (180 degrees), and the other arc, the major arc, will subtend an angle greater than radians.

Arc (protein)

Arc, for activity-regulated cytoskeleton-associated protein (also known as Arg3.1), is a plasticity protein first characterized in 1995. Arc is a member of the immediate-early gene (IEG) family, a rapidly activated class of genes functionally defined by their ability to be transcribed in the presence of protein synthesis inhibitors. Arc mRNA is localized to activated synaptic sites in an NMDA receptor-dependent manner, where the newly translated protein is believed to play a critical role in learning and memory-related molecular processes. Arc is widely considered to be an important protein in neurobiology because of its activity regulation, localization, and utility as a marker for plastic changes in the brain. Dysfunctions in the production of Arc protein has been implicated as an important factor in understanding of various neurological conditions including: Amnesia; Alzheimer's disease; Autism spectrum disorders; and, Fragile X syndrome. Along with other IEGs such as zif268 and Homer 1a, Arc is also a significant tool for systems neuroscience as illustrated by the development of the cellular compartment analysis of temporal activity by fluorescence in situ hybridization, or catFISH technique (see fluorescent in situ hybridization).

Arc (Everything Everything album)

Arc is the second studio album by British indie pop band Everything Everything. It was released in the United Kingdom on 14 January 2013, having been preceded by the singles " Cough Cough" and " Kemosabe".

ARC (processor)

ARC ( Argonaut RISC Core) embedded processors are a family of 32-bit CPUs originally designed by ARC International, with roots in the Super FX chip for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. They are widely used in SoC devices for storage, home, mobile, automotive, and Internet of Things applications. ARC processors have been licensed by more than 200 organizations and are shipped in more than 1.5 Billion products per year.

ARC processors are now part of the Synopsys DesignWare series, and can be optimized for a wide range of uses. Designers can differentiate their products by using patented configuration technology to tailor each ARC processor instance to meet specific performance, power and area requirements. The ARC processors are also extendable, allowing designers to add their own custom instructions that can significantly increase performance or reduce power consumption.

ARC processors are RISC processors, and employ the 16-/32-bit ARCompact instruction set architecture that provides good performance and code density for embedded and host SoC applications. The processors are synthesizable and can be implemented in any foundry or process, and are supported by a complete suite of development tools.

Configuration of the ARC processors occurs at design time, using the ARChitect processor configurator. The core was designed to be extensible. Unlike most embedded microprocessors, extra instructions, registers and functionality can be added, in a Lego-block kind of manner. Customers analyse the task, break down the operations, and then choose the appropriate extensions, or develop their own to create their own custom microprocessor. They might optimise for speed, energy efficiency or code density. Extensions can include for example, an MMU, a fast multiplier–accumulator, a USB Host, a viterbi path decoder, or a user's proprietary RTL functions.

Arc (greyhounds)

The Arc is a greyhound competition held at Swindon Stadium. It was inaugurated in 1964 at Walthamstow Stadium but when the track closed in 2008 the event switched to Swindon.

Arc (EP)

Arc is an EP by Agoraphobic Nosebleed's vocalist Kat Katz, which was released on January 22, 2016 via Relapse Records. It is the first in a 4 part series of their EPs representing each individual member of the band's vision and influence.

Usage examples of "arc".

Fireworks, a rocket in a silver arc, white actinic fire in high parabola, its origin somewhere to the left, its terminus twenty yards behind Johan Schmidt.

The Deck Officer, now crouched low on the deck, his forward leg bent, his aft leg ruler straight, quickly waved his wand forward in a big arc, the wand finally touching the deck, then coming up to point straight ahead down the deck into the wind.

On the outside, induction cables lashed round in anarchic hundred-kilometre arcs, preventing even the most agile void-hawks from rendezvousing.

The cannon-fire was not followed by the alarum bells, so they knew Bluto was just sending a few balls arcing through the night to remind the Turks he was there.

The final visa approval had come through only the day before, the fifth of June, and just hours later Mondschein had boarded the Aero Alvarado flight that would take him in a single soaring supersonic arc nonstop from Zurich to his long-lost homeland on the west coast of South America.

They could clearly see the Sagittarian arm, the companion spiral arm to their Aquarian home, arcing off to one side, and there in Leo lay the center of the galaxy, hidden by clouds of stars, with somewhere beating in its midst the great black hole round which the whole thing spins.

Chainer was sure no one noticed the arachnid as it scuttled to the edge of the pit and began making a wide arc toward the white-robed mage.

Owner Ramsey Osborn yesterday hedged his Arc bets by selling a half-share in his four-year-old colt to arbitrageur Malcolm Pembroke, who launched into bloodstock only this week with a two million guineas yearling at the Premium Sales.

He had to try something because without Arra, it was up to him, and unless it turned out that a 6,000 watt carbon arc lamp was all it took, the world was fucking doomed.

It hesitated at the peak of its arc for an instant, quivering, and I held my breath, as the eyes of Asteria, the guard and myself all converged on its tip, each of us willing it with all the strength of our being in a direction to be ultimately decided only by Tissaphernes and the gods themselves.

It was expecting too much of coincidence to believe that the Baguette disturbance and the arc were unrelated.

When he comes to the console end of his arc, he lifts his bandaged hand meaningfully and steps past Baram to get a clear view of the board.

The animal was almost beyond effective range now, but the next bullet fired with the rear sight at maximum elevation fell in a long arcing trajectory and they heard the thump of the strike, long after the beisa had collapsed abruptly and disappeared below the line of grey scrub.

The boy let the bolas fly, yelling with adrenalin intoxication, and it caught the sayce on its forelegs, stones twisting in ever-shorter arcs with incredible speed.

He circled the CARM, then arced off toward the green doughnut that Booce had made his target.