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The Collaborative International Dictionary

differentiable \differentiable\ adj.

  1. (Math.) possessing a differential coefficient or derivative; -- of a mathematical expression.

  2. capable of being perceived as different; as, differentiable species.


a. 1 (context calculus not comparable English) Having a derivative, said of a function whose domain and codomain are manifolds. 2 (context comparable of multiple items English) able to be differentiated, e.g. because they appear different

  1. adj. possessing a differential coefficient or derivative

  2. capable of being perceived as different; "differentiable species"

Usage examples of "differentiable".

The dispersion in the Romulan shuttle’s navigational deflector would not be differentiable from the background noise of the universe at too high a level of granularity.

That same capability advantage remains statistically differentiable even today, although the capabilities of increasingly advanced psychotronic circuitry and software have improved to a point at which the speed with which Bolos process information, even linearly, has very largely overtaken the human ability to process it intuitively.