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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Frequency \Fre"quen*cy\, n.; pl. Frequencies. [L. frequentia numerous attendance, multitude: cf. F. fr['e]quence. See Frequent.]

  1. The condition of returning frequently; occurrence often repeated; common occurence; as, the frequency of crimes; the frequency of miracles.

    The reasons that moved her to remove were, because Rome was a place of riot and luxury, her soul being almost stifled with, the frequencies of ladies' visits.

  2. A crowd; a throng. [Obs.]
    --B. Jonson.


n. (plural of frequency English)

Frequencies (album)

Frequencies is the debut studio album by British techno duo LFO, released 22 July 1991 by Warp Records in the UK and by Tommy Boy in the US.

The American version of the album alters the track listing slightly, inserting "Track 14", which concludes the UK version, in between "We Are Back" and "Tan Ta Ra"; the rest of the tracks then proceed in the same order as the UK edition.

"LFO", "We Are Back", and "What Is House? (LFO Remix)" (an expanded version of "Intro") were released as singles.

In 2009 the Warp20 (Recreated) compilation featured covers of "LFO" and "What Is House? (LFO Remix)" by Luke Vibert and Autechre, respectively.

Frequencies (film)

Frequencies also known as OXV: The Manual is a 2013 independent British science fiction romance film directed and written by Darren Paul Fisher. The film stars Daniel Fraser, Eleanor Wyld, and Owen Pugh. The film takes place in a world where human worth and emotional connections are determined by set "frequencies".

The film was produced by Darren Paul Fisher and Alice Hazel Henley, and was released on 24 July 2013.