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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Anoxic \An*ox"ic\ ([a^]n*[o^]ks"[i^]k), adj. [NL.; Gr. 'an priv. + oxygen.]

  1. (Med.) of, pertaining to, or suffering from, anoxia.

  2. greatly deficient in, or totally lacking, oxygen. [PJC] ||

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1920, Modern Latin, from Greek an-, privative prefix, "not, without" (see an- (1)) + first two letters of oxygen + -ic. Anoxia "oxygen deficiency" is attested from 1931.


a. 1 Suffering from a reduced supply of oxygen. 2 Lacking oxygen.


adj. relating to or marked by a severe deficiency of oxygen in tissues or organs

Usage examples of "anoxic".

Malenfant felt lifted, exhilarated -- even giddy, he thought, anoxic perhaps, and he made sure he kept his breathing deep and even, making the most of the thin air.

So Maia drifted in and out of anoxic slumber, vibrations along the shovel blade telling her how slow the progress of the rescuers remained.

In 2000 the team that pinpointed the ancient shoreline near Sinope found a shipwreck from late antiquity in 320 metres of water, its wonderfully preserved hull an indication of the archaeological marvels that may lie elsewhere in the anoxic depths of the sea.

He passed neatly stacked piles of logs, probably fir, aspen and juniper ancestral to the forests that still shrouded north-eastern Turkey, all perfectly preserved in the anoxic environment.

For the first time Wednesday was glad of her survival sensor, which would scream if she was in danger of wandering into an anoxic gas trap.

Her heart, trained to endure on near anoxic blood, continued to beat, her brain to think.

Stout's stories are always great mysteries – whodunits, howdunits, whydunits – and they zip along at a pace that would leave the Great Man anoxic.