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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ammi may refer to:

  • Ammi (genus), a plant genus in the family Apiaceae
  • Ahmed Ammi (born 1981), Moroccan footballer
  • Rabbi Ammi, a sage mentioned in the Mishnah and Talmud
  • 1-Aminomethyl-5-methoxyindane, a drug
  • Association of Medical Microbiology and Infectious Disease Canada, known as AMMI Canada
Ammi (plant)

Ammi is a genus of 3 to 6 species of plants in the Apiaceae family. They are native to southern Europe, northern Africa and Southwest Asia. Ammi spp. (Bishops weed) is prohibited by the Australian New Zealand Food Standards code under standard 1.4.4 due to active constituents:

Usage examples of "ammi".

That was the illusion conjured up by the ARS Dov had invoked to veil his angry conversation with Ammi.

That is, he'd been enjoying it up until that very moment when he saw that Ammi was not joking: There was Peez, as big as life and twice as condescending.

Accordingly he jerked Ammi out of the coffee and dried the amulet off on a paper napkin.

He grabbed the silver chain around his neck and fished Ammi out into the sunlight.

He had no fear that his fellow breakfasters would think him insane for talking to jewelry: He'd wrapped Ammi in an A.

He popped Ammi back down inside his shirt and declared: "I'll find Mr.

Bones would be easy to find," Ammi said as he and Dov walked around Jackson Square for the third time that night.

Dov pulled Ammi out of his shirt and draped the amulet's chain around the fake voodoo doll's neck.

He fastened Ammi back around his neck and added: "You can stay, but there's going to be a few conditions.

Dov frowned, trying to drum up some evidence to the contrary, but he was a truthful man at heart and he couldn't honestly say that there was any mortal soul with whom he'd traded as many words as he had with Ammi.

The chain that usually suspended Ammi from the front of the fax machine made a tinkling sound when the amulet trembled with rage in Dov's hand.

As he turned to go he said, "Sorry, Ammi, but there's really no good reason for me to take you with me.

He tapped Ammi's nose lightly, making the amulet swing at the end of its chain.

The one that laughed the loudest was a silver mask with the perfect features of a Greek god: Ammi.

He was about to give up and go back inside to locate Ammi (and see if the little amulet had an alternate contact number for the witch-queen) when there was a click and a woman's voice, very low and sweet, saying: "Ye Cat and Cauldron, why not drop by for a spell?