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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Amit \A*mit"\, v. t. [L. amittere, amissum, to lose; a (ab) + mittere to send. See Missile.] To lose. [Obs.]

A lodestone fired doth presently amit its proper virtue.
--Sir T. Browne. [1913 Webster] ||


vb. (context obsolete English) To lose.


AMIT ( Hebrew acronym for Organization for Volunteers for Judaism and Torah and a homonym in Hebrew for friend) is an American Jewish religious Zionist volunteer organization, dedicated to education in Israel. AMIT operates more than 110 schools and programs providing a religious Jewish education while incorporating academic and technological studies.

AMIT maintains a balance of 70% of its schools in the periphery and 30% in the more affluent center of Israel. When new schools are admitted to the network, this balance is maintained.

AMIT's current focus is on raising bagrut scores across the reshet ("network"), maintaining high levels of military service among graduates, and training the next generation of its teachers. There is also an ongoing campaign to renovate the physical buildings at Kfar Blatt and Beit Hayeled which were last updated in the early eighties.

Usage examples of "amit".

That night, June 20, 1963, Issar Harel had a long talk with his close friend, General Meir Amit, then the head of Military Intelligence.

General Amit could remember the conversation clearly, the taut, angry face of the Russian-born fighter, nicknamed Issar the Terrible.

Perhaps it felt that Meir Amit was a general more likely to obey orders than the choleric Harel, who had become a legend in his own lifetime among the Israeli people and relished it.

To get at them, Meir Amit used his top agent inside Egypt, the riding-school-owner Wolfgang Lutz, who found himself from September 1963 onward forced to take suicidal risks, which sixteen months later would lead to his undoing.

Meir Amit took his place at the head of the table, and the dis112 THE ODESSA FILE cussion began.

Of the secret-service men in the story, General Amit remained Controller until September 1968, and on his shoulders fell the massive responsibility of ensuring that his country was provided with pinpoint information in time for the Six-Day War.

For Amit, the greatest tools of spy craft are imagination and creativity, and both marked his tenure.

Moshe Dayan, Amit was tapped to run the Mossad in 1963 while studying business administration at Columbia University in New York City.

Tamir was taken aback by the two other men with Eshkol-Meir Amit, the head of Mossad, and Moshe Dayan, the minister of defense.

The culprit was one Amit Chaudhry, the owner of the hotel on Kovalam Beach, near Trivandrum, on the southwestern coast of India.