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Te'udat Bagrut is a certificate which attests that a student has successfully passed Israel's high school matriculation examination. Bagrut is a prerequisite for higher education in Israel. A Bagrut certificate is awarded to students who pass the required written (and in some cases oral) subject-matter examinations with a passing mark (56% or higher) in each exam. The Bagrut certificate however should not be confused with a high school diploma (te'udat g'mar tichon, ), which is a certificate awarded by the Ministry of Education attesting that a student has completed 12 years of study.

65.5% of Israeli high school 2014 graduates or other individuals studying for the 2014 exam (usually post- compulsory military service persons completing Bagrut requirements later in life in order to apply for higher education) had passed the requirements to be eligible to receive a Bagrut certificate. Of the overall population who was of high school graduation age in 2014, 52.7% were eligible to receive a Bagrut certificate.