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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Alder \Al"der\ ([add]l"d[~e]r), n. [OE. aldir, aller, fr. AS. alr, aler, alor, akin to D. els, G. erle, Icel. erlir, erli, Swed. al, Dan. elle, el, L. alnus, and E. elm.] (Bot.) A tree, usually growing in moist land, and belonging to the genus Alnus. The wood is used by turners, etc.; the bark by dyers and tanners. In the U. S. the species of alder are usually shrubs or small trees. Black alder.

  1. A European shrub ( Rhamnus frangula); Alder buckthorn.

  2. An American species of holly ( Ilex verticillata), bearing red berries.


Alder \Al"der\ ([add]l"d[~e]r), Aller \Al"ler\ ([add]l"l[~e]r), a. [From ealra, alra, gen. pl. of AS. eal. The d is excrescent.] Of all; -- used in composition; as, alderbest, best of all, alderwisest, wisest of all. [Obs.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

tree related to the birch, Old English alor "alder" (with intrusive -d- added 14c.; the historical form aller survived until 18c. in literary English and persists in dialects, such as Lancashire owler, which is partly from Norse), from Proto-Germanic *aliso (cognates: Old Norse ölr, Danish elle, Swedish al, Dutch els, German erle), from *el-, the ancient PIE name of the tree (cognates: Russian olicha, Polish olcha, Latin alnus, Lithuanian alksnis).


n. Any of several trees or shrubs of the genus ''Alnus'', belonging to the birch family.

  1. n. wood of any of various alder trees; resistant to underwater rot; used for bridges etc

  2. north temperate shrubs or trees having toothed leaves and conelike fruit; bark is used in tanning and dyeing and the rot-resistant wood [syn: alder tree]

Alder, MT -- U.S. Census Designated Place in Montana
Population (2000): 116
Housing Units (2000): 69
Land area (2000): 2.013323 sq. miles (5.214482 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 0.000000 sq. miles (0.000000 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 2.013323 sq. miles (5.214482 sq. km)
FIPS code: 00850
Located within: Montana (MT), FIPS 30
Location: 45.324531 N, 112.108035 W
ZIP Codes (1990):
Note: some ZIP codes may be omitted esp. for suburbs.
Alder, MT

Alder is the common name of a genus of flowering plants (Alnus) belonging to the birch family Betulaceae. The genus comprises about 35 species of monoecious trees and shrubs, a few reaching a large size, distributed throughout the north temperate zone with a few species extending into Central America, as well as the northern and southern Andes.

Alder (crater)

Alder is a lunar impact crater that is located in the southern hemisphere on the far side of the Moon. It is located in the South Pole-Aitken basin, and lies to the southeast of the crater Von Kármán. Southeast of Alder is Bose, and to the south-southwest lies Boyle.

The inner wall of Alder is rough and slightly terraced, with the material scattered across the edges of the otherwise relatively flat interior floor. There are several low central ridges lying along a band from the midpoint toward the eastern rim. A small crater lies on the eastern inner slopes. The crater is otherwise free of significant impacts within the rim.

Alder is associated with the only area in the basin not dominated by the pyroxene rocks typical of lunar lowlands. This alder ejecta area is on spectrographic evidence instead principally anorthosite rock, typical of the lunar highlands.

Alder (disambiguation)

Alder is the common name of Alnus, a genus of shrubs and small trees. It may also refer to:

Alder (surname)

Alder is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Alan Alder (born 1937), Australian ballet dancer
  • Berni Alder (born 1925), German-born American physicist
  • Christian Alder (born 1978), German footballer
  • Christopher Alder (196098), British former soldier who died in police custody; see Death of Christopher Alder
  • Danny Alder (born before 2007), Australian actor
  • Don Alder (born before 1985), Canadian fingerstyle guitarist
  • Douglas D. Alder (born 1932), American historian and academic administrator
  • Esther Alder (born 1958), Swiss politician
  • Fred Alder (18891960), Australian rules footballer
  • Henry Alder (18741949), Australian rules footballer
  • Janine Alder (born 1995), Swiss ice hockey goaltender
  • Jim Alder (born 1940), British distance runner who competed in the 1968 Summer Olympics
  • John C. Alder (born 1944), English musician better known as "Twink"
  • Jonathan Alder (17731849), American pioneer
  • Joshua Alder (17921867), British zoologist and malacologist
  • Kurt Alder (190258), German chemist, co-winner of the 1950 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
    • Alder (crater), a lunar crater named after Kurt Alder
    • Diels-Alder reaction, a chemical reaction named after Otto Diels and Kurt Alder
  • Mike Alder (born before 2004), Australian mathematician and writer
  • Ray Alder (born 1967), American singer with the band Fates Warning
  • Roger Alder (born before 2005), British organic chemist
  • Thomas Alder (193268), German actor
  • Vera Stanley Alder (18981984), English portrait painter and mystic
Other people named Alder
  • George Alder Blumer (18571940), British-born American physician, mental hospital administrator and journal editor
  • Rhondda Alder Kelly (19262014), Australian beauty queen
  • William Alder Strange (181374), English headmaster and author
  • Charles Romley Alder Wright (184494), English chemist and physicist

Usage examples of "alder".

Sterren was not absolutely certain that he had understood Alder correctly.

Sterren had to admit that it looked like a big castle, as Alder had said.

Sterren a moment to realize that Alder and DogaLwere still waiting in the hall.

Ethshar, he was quite sure that Alder or Dogal or both would follow him and probably stop him before he got out of the village.

Not that he had been anything like Alder or Dogal, but he surely had the advantage of a few inches over his great-nephew, both in height and circumference.

Lady Kalira, when informed of the expedition, had insisted on bringing the two soldiers she most trusted, Alder and Dogal, and had gotten royal backing for this demand.

Would Alder and Dogal and all the soldiers he had diced with get themselves killed in a futile defense?

The warlock sat between Alder and Lady Kalira, the wizard between Dogal and Lady Kalira.

Dogal and Alder as his aides and lieutenants, but did not replace his captains.

A clearing appeared around me, and Alder stood beside me with a big grin on his face.

I concentrated on keeping the trail intact so that Alder could find it.

I fought with all my might to hold it back as Alder knelt and sniffed at the path.

Overjoyed to have a new friend, Gleep romped around Alder, then helped him follow the tracks.

I felt bad about the people, though Alder has assured me that Dreamlanders were not easily hurt or killed.

For a moment he shook like a alder leaf in an autumn gale and then the sinister half-recollection faded and was gone before he could grasp its import.