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AGF may refer to:

  • AGF (company), a French insurance company
  • AGF (light infantry vehicle), an armoured car used by the German army
  • AGF Management Limited, a Canadian investment management company
  • Aarhus Gymnastikforening, a football club in the city of Århus, Denmark
  • A Good Fight, American music band
  • American General Finance, an American financial services company
  • Antye Greie, German artist
  • Arguni language
  • Army Ground Forces, one of three components of the Army of the United States during World War II
  • Auxiliary command ship (United States Navy hull classification symbol: AGF)
  • Avanguardia Giovanile Fascista, a former Italian fascist student organization
  • Silver(I) fluoride (chemical formula AgF)
AGF (company)

Allianz France is a French insurance company, headquartered in Rue de Richelieu, Paris.

Assurances Générales de France (the company only refers to itself as AGF) is a majority-owned subsidiary of the German multinational Allianz SE. The company provides insurance and financial services in France and internationally.

AGF (motorcycle)

The AGF was a small motorcycle manufactured in France between 1948 and 1956 by Andre and George Faizant, who amalgamated their initials to form the company name. The AGF used Ydral engines of 123cc and 173cc.