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The Collaborative International Dictionary

committed \committed\ adj.

  1. Bound or obligated, as under a pledge to a particular cause, action, or attitude. Opposite of uncommitted.

    Note: [Narrower terms: bound up, involved, wrapped up; dedicated, devoted; pledged, sworn]

  2. Associated in an exclusive sexual relationship; also called attached. Opposite of unattached.

    Note: [Narrower terms: affianced, bespoken, betrothed, engaged, pledged, promised(predicate); married]

    Syn: attached.

  3. Consigned involuntarily to custody, as in a prison or mental institution.


affiance \af*fi"ance\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. affianced ([a^]f*f[imac]"anst); p. pr. & vb. n. affiancing ([a^]f*f[imac]"an*s[i^]ng).] [Cf. OF. afiancier, fr. afiance.]

  1. To betroth; to pledge one's faith to for marriage, or solemnly promise (one's self or another) in marriage.

    To me, sad maid, he was affianced.

  2. To assure by promise. [Obs.]


vb. (en-past of: affiance)


adj. pledged to be married; "the engaged couple" [syn: bespoken, betrothed, engaged, pledged]

Usage examples of "affianced".

Dame Elianor Butteler, daughter of the Earl of Shrewsbury, to whom he was affianced, and transferred the royal affections to her own daughter.

Truth is, Phips was anxious that Gering should have no chance of objecting to the scoundrel who had, years before, tried to kidnap his now affianced wife--who had escaped a deserved death on the gallows.

Kulan Tith, Jeddak of Kaol, to whom she was affianced, commanded her respect and admiration.

Why Ivy and Grey were affianced, while Dolph, Nada, and Electra were betrothed, was a question none of them had ever quite worked out.

He was one afternoon parading between showers on the stately garden terrace of the Hall, in company with his affianced, the beautiful and dashing Constantia Durham, followed by knots of ladies and gentlemen vowed to fresh air before dinner, while it was to be had.

Bride is bride, and wife is wife, and affianced is, in honour, wedded.

But the point of the cogitation was, that similarly were Clara to see her affianced shining, as shine he could when lighted up by admirers, there was the probability that the sensation of her littleness would animate her to take aim at him once more.

It is not that I am affianced, for I believe that was severed with my separation from my home plane.

I thought I loved him completely, but after we were affianced and gave each other to each other completely, there turned out to be a reservation in my feeling.

Among those affianced to her own specialty, this would enhance her opportunities for advancement.

She and her betrothed, followed by the whole family, were to repair to Janville station in the morning to meet the other affianced pair, Ambroise and Andree, who were to be conducted in triumph to the farm where they would all lunch together.

A couple of hours previously Rose had already begun a battle with the object of prevailing upon the whole family to repair to the railway station to meet the affianced pair.

CHAPTER XVII CLEM MAKES A DISCLOSURE When Miss Peckover suggested to her affianced that their wedding might as well take place at the registry-office, seeing that there would then be no need to go to expense in the article of costume, Mr.

Marie affianced herself--or perhaps she will answer with her own lips?

At any rate, we were acknowledged to be affianced by the little society in which we lived, including her father, and allowed to be as much alone together as we liked.