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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ About half the electorate were party supporters in 1986, and half uncommitted, by this definition.
▪ Brown polled 23 percent, Harkin 14 percent, Tsongas 12 percent, and a further 22 percent of votes were uncommitted.
▪ But amongst uncommitted voters, it increased by 28 percent amongst Express/Mail readers and 50 percent amongst Sun/Star readers.
▪ He liked women, and before his marriage had enjoyed a succession of casual, satisfactory and uncommitted affairs.
▪ In contrast, there was no drift to the Conservatives amongst uncommitted Mirror readers.
▪ Other entries are given an uncommitted status.
▪ The book is certainly authoritative but may well daunt the uncommitted reader by its relentlessly hard-nosed factuality.
▪ The influence of the tabloid press was particularly strong on the uncommitted.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., "not delegated," from un- (1) "not" + committed. Meaning "not pledged to any particular course or party" is attested from 1814.


a. 1 Not inclined toward either side in a matter under dispute. 2 Not bound or pledged to a cause, party etc. 3 (context computing of an update to a database etc. English) Not yet written to disk and logged.

  1. adj. not bound or pledged [ant: committed]

  2. not associated in an exclusive sexual relationship [syn: unattached] [ant: attached]

  3. not busy; not otherwise committed; "he was not available for comment"; "he was available and willing to accompany her" [syn: available]


Uncommitted is XIA's first single. It consists of title track "Uncommitted" and an oriental version of the title song of his first Korean studio album Tarantallegra, which was released earlier in 2012. Both songs on this single are sung in English. The R&B track "Uncommitted" was composed by Bruce 'Automatic' Vanderveer. The oriental version of "Tarantallegra" added some Korean touch to the original song by using the traditional Korean instrument called kkwaenggwari and Xia also sang in Korean style towards the end of the song. The music video for "Uncommitted" was directed by Marc Klasfeld, featuring actress/model Stefanie Uncles and was shot in Los Angeles.

The single peaked at number 1 on South Korea's Gaon albums chart and 'Uncommitted" peaked at number 38 on the digital songs chart.

Usage examples of "uncommitted".

That way lay destruction, slow or speedy--with England unconverted and France uncommitted.

He knew what Grinnel had meant by saying he was uncommitted, and he knew now that it was no longer true.

I placed the mortarboard on my head and walked back and forth in front of the mirror, watching the way it sat foolishly uncommitted to my skull, the way it called cruel attention to my plump cheeks, the hopeless wobble of my concentric chins.

The whole purpose of getting yourself elected as an Uncommitted delegate is to be able to arrive at the Convention with bargaining power.

Louis, for instance, and you manage to get yourself elected as an Uncommitted delegate for Missouri, you will hustle down to Miami and start scouting around for somebody to make a deal with.

Your price just went down to zero, and you are no longer an Uncommitted delegate.

By now, Captain Guhsz Helluh should be ensconced in Salzburk recruiting every uncommitted Freefighter within sight or hearing distance.

The sky show would have helped himunnerved the opposition, won the support of the uncommitted desert tribes, loosened the purse strings of the rich fence sitters.

Moreover, there is firm support from many of the Burgundian bishops, both lay and ecclesiastical authorities of the Empire and its allies, as well as interested observers from a number of other as yet uncommitted states.

When the uncommitted hand glided over her flat belly, she moaned, then softly gasped as his hard but tender fingers continued on into the damp tangle beyond.

My husband said that, by the end of the year, he expected to have a large account of uncommitted capital for investment.

Between these opposed factions, the uncommitted ranks of the Everliving maintained the wisely flexible Balance.

Rule 9(c) went out the window once the first ballot was cast and floor managers were promising uncommitted delegates the moon.

But I would say to my fellows, once for all, As long as possible live free and uncommitted.

They try to remain nonjudgmental and uncommitted to any specific moral, legal, or philosophical system beyond the basic tenets of the druidic order.