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Aero \A"["e]r*o\, n. An a["e]roplane, airship, or the like. [Colloq. in 1900, now obsolescent.]


Aero \Aer"*o\, adj. of or pertaining to aeronautics or aircraft.


a. 1 Of or pertaining to aviation 2 aerodynamic, or having an aerodynamic appearance n. (context slang uncountable auto racing English) aerodynamics


AERO (Anthology of Electronic Revisited Originals) is a 2004 album of electronic music by Jean-Michel Jarre. It is composed of previously released tracks re-recorded in 5.1 surround sound plus three new tracks (one of which, the title track "Aero", is actually a rework of "Je Me Souviens", from Jarre's 2000 album Métamorphoses, using the same main melody but with no vocals) and a bonus live track. All tracks are sewn together through surround-sound "Scenes".

The album includes a CD and a DVD; the DVD-Video features Dolby Digital and DTS audio, whereas the CD is in stereo, mixed to give a more spacious impression than usual.

On the release of AERO, Jarre commented that he had always envisioned his music in surround; with the advent of the DVD, he could finally release his music the way he wanted. He incorrectly claimed this to be the first recording specifically designed for 5.1 listening. Rings Around The World by the Super Furry Animals was released in 5.1 surround in 2001.

Jarre chose the DVD-Video format instead of the higher-quality DVD-Audio or SACD because he claimed that DVD-Video was the most widespread format, with the generalization of home cinema setups. However, DVD-Audio discs are normally authored to provide surround sound compatible with DVD-Video players.

The sleeve notes contain an introductory message by Jarre explaining how the included photos, sent in by fans from around the world, inspired his work. An extended 48-page version was sold exclusively through the Carrefour chain in France.

The images accompanying the music on the DVD show the eyes of Jarre's then girlfriend, French actress Anne Parillaud, listening to the music for the full length of the album. The eyes on the album cover are Jarre's own.1

Aero (automobile)

The Aero was a Czechoslovak automobile, manufactured between 1929 and 1947 by a well-known aircraft and car-body company owned by Dr. Kabes in Praha-Vysocany. Now Aero Vodochody produces aircraft only.

Aero (chocolate)

Aero is a chocolate product originally introduced to the North of England as the "new chocolate" by Rowntree's in 1935. By the end of the year, it had proved so popular with consumers that sales were extended throughout the UK. By 1936, sales of the chocolate had spread to New York City, and has since spread to many other countries including Canada, Australia, South Africa and Japan. Aero has been manufactured by Nestlé since 1988 when they absorbed Rowntrees.

Known for its unique "bubbly" texture that collapses as the bar melts, it is available in many different forms including Aero Bars and Aero Biscuits, and originally had a mint flavour.

Aero (comics)
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Aero (Polish airline)

The Society of Air Transportation Aero SA was a Polish airline founded in Poznań in February 1925 by the members of the Association of Polish Pilots and based entirely on the Polish seed capital. It operated until 1928 and on 1 January 1929 it was merged with its main competitor Aerolot to form the newly founded Polish flag carrier LOT Polish Airlines.

Category:Defunct airlines of Poland Category:LOT Polish Airlines Category:Airlines established in 1925 Category:Airlines disestablished in 1928

Aero (motorcycle)

The Aero was the creation of Narazo Shamazu, who had built motorcycles under the NS name prior to World War I. The Aero was manufactured between 1925 and 1927, and featured 250cc and 633cc single-cylinder engines.

Usage examples of "aero".

Roy instructed a class of young seamen in the management of the Prescott type of aeroplane, which has become the official aero scout of the United States Navy.

The final visa approval had come through only the day before, the fifth of June, and just hours later Mondschein had boarded the Aero Alvarado flight that would take him in a single soaring supersonic arc nonstop from Zurich to his long-lost homeland on the west coast of South America.

But now the name of the country was Tierra Alvarado and its airline was Aero Alvarado and its capital was Ciudad Alvarado, Alvarado this and Alvarado that wherever you looked.

National Aero Space Plane, the Russians have Scramjet, the Brits have HOTOL.

It was a Puss Moth, a small sky-blue high-winged monoplane, powered by the versatile De Havilland four-cylinder aero engine.

The ship had been set down with even greater care than he’d first realized, set down by entities obsessed as much with decorum and pomp as with aero and astrodynamics.

It might naturally have been expected that a Frenchman who thought it worth his while to take any precautions against the extinction of the human race would, when it became a question of a flood, have turned to the aero, for from the commencement of aerial navigation French engineers had maintained an unquestionable superiority in the construction and perfection of that kind of machine.

I did include an aeronautical engineer in the Ring of Fire, along with a professional Air Force pilot with an aero background, as well as thousands of flying hours (as I have).

And then, above the deep, steady roar of the flames, Nicolson heard another, more deadly sound, the high-pitched, snarling howl of an aero engine under maximum boost, caught a momentary glimpse of a Zero arrowing in off the starboard beam, at mast-top height, flung himself convulsively backward through the open door behind him as cannon-shells struck and exploded where he had been only two seconds before.

Started off looking for a dragon-scale thief and finished off in the Maze of Aero.

But, in the midst of it, the heavens opened their flood-gates, as they had done in the New World, and then the aeros, flooded with rain, and hurled about by contending blasts of wind, drooped, fluttered, and fell by hundreds into the fast mounting waves.

He climbed, swooped, spiraled, volplaned, and rose again, executing a series of evolutions that would have won him fame at any aero meet.

Bud had a nice new pair of blades with a top speed of anywhere from a hundred to a hundred and fifty kilometers, depending on how fat you were and whether or not you wore aero.