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The Collaborative International Dictionary

aby \aby\ v. 1. atone for, make amends for


vb. 1 (context transitive obsolete English) To pay for; to buy. (12th-16th c.) 2 (context transitive archaic English) To pay the penalty for; to atone for, to make amends. (from 12th c.) 3 (context intransitive obsolete English) To pay the penalty; atone. (12th-16th c.) 4 (context transitive archaic English) To pay as penalty, to suffer. (from 12th c.) 5 (context intransitive obsolete English) Endure; remain. (14th-16th c.) 6 (context transitive obsolete now limited to Scotland English) Endure; experience; tolerate. (from 16th c.)

  1. v. make amends for; "expiate one's sins" [syn: expiate, abye, atone]

  2. [also: abye, abought]


Aby is a village in the East Lindsey district of Lincolnshire, England. It is situated approximately east from the city and county town of Lincoln, and south-east from Louth. Aby is part of the civil parish of Aby with Greenfield (where the population is included).

Åby (river)

The Åby (Swedish: Åbyälven) is a river in Sweden.

Usage examples of "aby".

Lead truck following Aby, rolling down to the fatal turn, where the woods came near the road.

Kill the rogue that had killed Aby and haunted the convoy down the mountain.

What had killed Aby and Moon had no relation to anything, no grudge, no personal reason.

Jonas and Luke Westman and Hawley Antrim, who was somehow a cousin of theirs and related to Aby Dale.

He wished to God Aby had agreed to the MacFarlane with him this year, which would have put Aby far to the south instead of on that road.

Which she could do: better to convoy with riders you knew than ones the truckers picked, and Aby was an experienced senior guide whose recommendation counted.

He remembered Aby living, Aby on Moon, blithe and beautiful, coming down the road in the safe lowlands.

Burn into thinking Aby might be waiting there, when Burn knew Aby was dead, and what was Burn to think?

Behind that door was evidently the place of moneyed secrets and decisions, and Guil told himself that Aby had been right and this banking thing evidently did work.

The rogue showed up and spooked the convoy, sent Aby and Moon right off the mountain.

You got yourself down that mountain and you left Moon on her own, the way you left Aby lying there for the spooks!

The enlarged flyby surveillance photograph hanging on the wall showed in grainy black and white the cabin and its grounds, including the wide, elevated back porch on which Glenn Abies could be seen standing, small but unmistakable, giving the helicopter the finger.

The one who walked away from the Red Cross group and met Abies before the shootout.

He hoped it dropped into their fireplace, freaking out the kids, and Abies heard it rattling down and fucking choked on whatever White Power bullshit he was preaching in there.

That Abies had taken a knife or whatever was handiest and had already massacred the entire family.